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10 Amazing Abdominal Core Workouts By Darebee

If you’ve been looking to add some amazing abdominal workouts to your routine, you’ve got to check out these exercises by darebee.com. Darebee & NeilaRay is an amazing fitness resource where you can get all sorts of workouts to implement into your daily routine. I highly recommend checking them out as well as her 100 No-Equipment Workout Routines on Amazon.com!

One thing I love about Neila Ray’s workouts are the never-ending variety she’s able to implement into every workout. Her workouts are in a way, like having my own personal trainer right besides me. It’s hard to believe how she comes up with each one being completely unique and distinct from one another.

Here are 10 of my absolute favorite abdominal workouts by them!


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Boxer Abs Workout

This boxer abs workout adds such unique variety to your typical sit-up, which will really guarantee you a great workout. My favorite one is the sit-up punches, where you lift your abdominals off the ground and throw a quick punch. The 30-count raised leg plank is especially effective at building an immensely strong core. The thing I love about this boxer abs workout is how easy it is to implement and the fact it can be done from just about anywhere!

Boxer Abs From Darebee


Master Pack

The Master Pack workout adds another nice touch to the occasional sit-up. This workout recommends doing 3 sets of each exercise, while resting up to 2 minutes in between each set. This will make for an especially tough workout that should help you get those abs sore in no time. The best part about the Master Pack is that it details a diagram of each workout showing you exactly what part of your abs your working out!

Master Pack Workout


2-Minute Abs

Looking to get in a quick abs workout under 2-minutes? This the perfect way of doing that. With this Darebee workout, go through each exercise and do them for 20 seconds each. The key here is to make sure you don’t rest between any of the workouts. Great way of working out the entire abdominal area in just 2-minutes!



Armor Abs

With the armor abs workout, you’re given 3 different levels. Level 1 requires that you do 3 sets of each workout, while resting up to 2 minutes in between each set. The first half focuses on using legs and a lot of lower body movement to work your abs, while the second half places more emphasis on bridges, planks, and crunches.

Armor Abs By Darebee.com


Abs On Fire Workout

Want to make your abs feel like their on fire? Check out this awesome routine by NeilaRay. Just like the Armor Abs workout, you are given three different levels to choose from. First try out Level 1 and see how you do with that requiring three sets of each workout before moving onto the next. Just like the Armor Ab workout, you are given room to rest up to 2 minutes between each set.

Abs On Fire By Darebee.com


Super Plank

Next up, we’ve got the Super Plank by Darebee.com. The Super Plank workout is a nice way of working out our core and abs by having our body faced towards the ground. The key when doing the planks is to properly hold your position in place for the allotted set amount of time. With the last two planks, make sure to do one set of planks for each side or arm.

Super Plank by Darebee.com


Standing Abs

Who said abs can only be worked out by sitting or laying down? These Standing Ab workouts by Neila Ray are perfect for exercising your core on the go. For each exercise, make sure to repeat 3 times and take a 2 minute rest between each set.


Bruce Lee Abs

Need to get abs like Bruce Lee? Then try this. Separated into three different levels, you’re given the allotted number of sets and repetitions that go with each workout. The toughest level of all is the “Bruce Lee” level where you’re required to do 90 reps of each exercise. Wow!

Bruce Lee Abs by Darebee.com

Total Abs

The Total Abs Workout is another favorite of mine that is great for working out the entire mid-section. With this one, you’ll be focusing on crunches, leg raises, flutter kicks, heel touches, elbow planks, and more. Just like the other workouts, make sure to choose your level of sets and take a 2-minute rest between each.

Total Abs Workout

No-Equipment Ab Exercises

Looking for an entire diagram of ab exercises and the muscles they’re associated with working out? Then no check out this No-Equipment Ab Exercise diagram distinguishing each workout as Upper, Lower, Six-Pack, Obliques, Complete, and Core. Extremely useful!

Ab Exercises By Darebee.com


For more great techniques on building strong abs, check out darebee.com. Also, check out these 5 rules to follow when building abs of steel! 🙂


  • Great post thanks. I have a very demanding job so hitting the gym is not always an option for me. I could do with a little tightening up around the midsection and these are convenient as I can do them at home.

    Thanks again.

  • No problem at all Jean. Darebee definitely offers some of the finest mid-section ab workouts I have seen around. Glad you like them!

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