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10 Best Outdoor Workouts and Fitness Activities

10 Best Outdoor Workouts and Fitness

Working out outdoors can be a wonderfully refreshing break from working out at the gym. Simply getting in that fresh air and incorporating an entirely new scenery can be very motivating and have a change on our perception.

But, it doesn’t always seem that feasible and working out in front of our house, may not seem like the best idea. There a host of other ideas that we can take into consideration however, and if you plan it right, working out outside might just become your next favorite go to option.

Be careful though, because you might prefer these activities over the gym, which is perfectly fine. As long as your implementing things like cardio, bodyweight exercises, and some form of resistance training, then working outdoors can be a perfectly suitable alternative to hitting the gym.


Find a Fitness Park

The first most appropriate idea it would seem like is finding a fitness park. Now some may have more substance than others, but in the end, having that open park where you can perform all types of activities will be great for outdoor fitness. While some fitness parks have actual gym equipment like pull-up bars and even outdoor fitness classes, others will be more of the recreational type containing things like a basketball court, baseball field, or volleyball net.

When looking for the next fitness park, make sure to look for the absolute best one in the area that you can. Don’t just stick to your town, but look at surrounding places as well. You’ll be much more likely to find a park, in which you’ll have an absolute blast visiting to from time to time. Check out this link to find local fitness parks near you!


Perform Bodyweight Exercises

Let’s say you’re not the biggest fan of the fitness parks around you or live in a densely populated area where they simply aren’t available. In that case, you could perform outdoor bodyweight exercises and the best and easiest way to do that is by simply getting a power tower; an extremely popular piece of gym equipment that allows you to perform pull-ups, incline push-ups, tricep and chest dips, vertical knee raises and more, all with a single piece of equipment.

Keep in mind that these things can get to be pretty tall (almost over 7 feet), so you should have a good amount of space before trying to fit these into your home. The idea here is to simply have one in your backyard, which would be especially fitting if you already had a playground back there to go with it. If not, these things are perfectly capable of standing on their own two feet and look great standing alone. Check out our top 10 recommended power towers!


Do Outdoor Yoga

Performing outdoor yoga is the most relaxing way to take your fitness activities outside. But what’s the best way of going about this? One easy way of going about this is by finding outdoor yoga classes offered in your city or town. I know where I live, which is Boston, you can easily find offered classes available in local public parks, river fronts, and even on hotel rooftops.

The deeper you search, the more interesting things you’re going to find and the more motivated you’re going to feel when going into these sessions. One more tip, is to always make sure you go in prepared with these yoga tools and accessories.

You’ll be a lot better off than having to forgo a certain pose or asking the person nearest you to borrow their yoga block. My all-time favorite bundle of yoga tools is the one made by Sivan Health & Fitness including every yoga accessory you could possible need (with the exception of a balance mat).


Outdoor Yoga On Rooftop


Cross Train

I can’t think of a better way to take your fitness outdoors than by cross training. Otherwise known as circuit training, cross training consists of activities like swimming, bicycling, and other forms of exercise that work to supplement your running routine. There are a ton of ways to cross train and is a near perfect way to start working out by doing various outdoor fitness activities. As you’ll, many are actually incorporated into this list.


Go Swimming

One of the first cross training activities that comes to mind is swimming. There really is no better way to work out both your muscles and cardio into one. It doesn’t just workout your muscles, but your entire body. The resistance of the water adds 12 times the amount of resistance provided by air making it one of the best all around workouts.

If your gym has a swimming or you have one in your backyard, make sure to make good use of it. It won’t only make you feel better, healthier, and more in shape, but can be a privilege and a treat that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Best Outdoor Fitness Activities


Go Hiking

Another cross-training favorite, hiking is a great alternative to running and can allow you to become one with nature. Soothing for the mind and soul, using hiking as a fitness activity will allow you to change up your routine, keep you motivated, and on the lookout for the next hill to climb.

Eventually, you may start to find yourself going backpacking, allowing you to lose even more calories and really build up that lower body you’ve been dreaming of. But this time, you’ll have new scenery to enjoy, sense of freedom, a fitness activity you’ll love, and a fresher perspective on a life as a whole.


Play Tennis

There is a very good chance you’ll find a tennis court right near where you live. Tennis is a great way to get those arms swinging and to get your legs jumping and running. Great for toning the muscles, tennis is a great alternative to hitting the gym and an enjoyable outdoor activity like golf you can do with a friend or partner.


Ride a Bike

This goes back to cross-training. If you’re beginning to love those outdoor fitness activities and are looking for something to do on the days you’re not out on a run, take your bike out. This is a perfect complement to your everyday running routine to help strengthen those legs.


Best Outdoor Fitness Activities


Start Gardening

Once you’ve owned your first home, starting your own garden simply makes sense. It won’t only give you a new activity you can enjoy and take advantage of, but will really add a refreshing look to your home, while keeping both you and your home in shape. Gardening involves lots of bending and twisting that is bound to put you into better shape and will even boost the strength in your grip and your hands.

In fact there are host of wellness benefits to gardening that you can see here. But to sum it up, gardening will help you get into shape, potentially improve your diet and the way you eat, inspire creativity, and give you a sense of better well-being and productivity.


Go Shopping

Who said fitness shouldn’t be fun? By simply shopping, by going to a nearby plaza or mall will inevitably help you lose more calories. The simple process of walking through each store, carrying your items, and standing in line, all help in your weight loss efforts. Okay, so it might not be an “outdoor fitness activity” per se, but is likely the activity of choice.

 How To Get Ripped


In this list, we’ve covered everything from starting your own outdoor garden to doing yoga on rooftops. Let your imagination run wild for a better and more fulfilling exercise routine. Going to the gym every single day can start to feel repetitive and a bit of bore.

Yes, I know we all love lifting those weights, but it’s possible that going after other activities in life can help you get into better shape too, by giving you even more reason to be active. After awhile, you probably won’t even realize how active you’re being giving better shape to your body and life as a whole. Last you’ll be thinking of is the next show to start up on Netflix!


Have any input or ideas you’d like to add to this post? Please do so in the comments section below!



  • Biking, hiking, swimming – these are some of the best workouts and activities that you can do outdoors. They are the best of the best because of the different forms of happiness and fun that you experience as you do them. Do more of these activities and you will surely be amazed of how fit you become.

  • Thanks for the comment Max. I agree, that those are some of the best outdoor activities you can get involved in for getting fit. I’ve recently taken up swimming and I can’t stop, just because of how good and healthy it makes me feel afterwards! 🙂

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