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20 Amazingly Convenient Workout Accessories

convenient gym accessories

#1. Kettlebells

The kettlebell is possibly one of the most popular, underutilized, and versatile pieces of training equipment to have in your home. They’re cheap, effective, and act as the perfect training substitute to a set of dumbbells. Kettlebells can offer us a nearly infinite number of workouts for their size, while taking up a very minimal amount of space.

The one kettlebell I own is actually lying under my bed as we speak. If those aren’t enough reasons to consider a kettlebell, then consider the fact that the kettlebell provides for an extremely effective core workout, working out both the lower and upper body together.

They are capable of improving not just our core, our posture, and entire body, but improves the way we co-ordinate our everyday movements. This is because kettlebell movements greatly resemble the way we move our bodies. From twisting at the hip to the bending of our knees, the kettlebell greatly strengthens the way we execute our everyday moves.

CAP Barbell Kettlebell

Recommended: CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell


#2. Stability Balls

You can find a stability ball in just about any gym within the United States and for good reason. Just like the kettlebell, these amazingly inflatable tools, offer us a whole set of exercises to choose from.

But more importantly, allow us to execute our exercises with nothing but our bodyweight. Working with a stability ball has been associated with a stronger core, improved posture, and increased range of motion.

They can even increase awareness in how you use your muscles. This not only helps reduce risk of everyday injury, but improves balance and co-ordination. Also known as an exercise or swiss ball, the stability ball is a lot of fun to use that is great for building overall body and core strength. Always give your stability ball 24 hours to inflate and make sure it includes a pump. The one made by Black Mountain is one you can’t go wrong with.

Stability Ball With Pump

Recommended: 2000 IBs. Static Strength Stability Ball With Pump


#3. Medicine Balls

Take the weight of a dumbbell, put it in a ball, and you’ve now got yourself a medicine ball. Medicine balls are often associated with rehabilitation and strength training. The medicine ball, great for building up both core and explosive power, is often used with plyometrics or jump training.

These amazingly convenient tools may be a bit less versatile than the stability ball and kettlebell, but nevertheless, allow for easy storage, portability, and are wonderfully effective at building up our core.

Empower Fingertip Grip Medicine Ball

Recommended: Empower Fingertip Grip Medicine Ball With DVD –

Includes special fingertips for a much better grip & a DVD so you know exactly which exercises you should be doing!


#4. Yoga Accessories

Yoga accessories could be considered as the perfect work at home tool for people who love to work on their everyday yoga poses. To make the most out of your yoga sessions, it’s always great to have a yoga mat or block nearby so you can start to do your workouts right away.

The 5 must-have yoga tools:
  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Block
  • Balance Pad
  • Hot Yoga Towel (if you love hot yoga) 🙂
  • Yoga Straps

Sivan Health & Fitness 6-piece Yoga Set

Recommended: Sivan Health & Fitness Yoga Set 6-Piece Bundle –

Amazing yoga bundle containing all the tools you need in one awesome 6-piece set. 


#5. Resistance Bands

Our next most convenient and portable workout accessory is the resistance band. This is a great alternative for those reluctant to invest into a kettlebell or dumbbell. Resistant bands are extremely versatile and can easily allow you to workout your entire body at home.

Resistance bands increases strength, flexibility, and range of motion. They are some of the most compact and easy to use tools of any equipment in this list and is a great idea having some of these lying around your home. For anyone looking for a full-body workout in the easiest way possible, resistance bands are the next best thing to a gym!

Black Mountain Resistance Bands

Recommended: Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

(with door anchor, ankle strap, exercise chart, & carrying case) 🙂


#6. Foam Rollers

If you still don’t have a foam roller at home, what are you waiting for? Foam rollers are too essential to not have. They keep your muscles loose, flexible, and greatly improve your recovery time. They even send more blood flow to your muscles, allowing for an increased uptake in nutrients and oxygen. Using a foam roller can literally breathe the life right back into your muscles and if you’ve been overlooking this tool for awhile, now is the time to get one!

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

Recommended: TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Best foam roller, by far including special lining in the grid for greater effectiveness.


#7. Dumbbells

If you love working out with dumbbells like I do, it only makes sense to have a pair at home. But with dumbbells being so expensive these days, it’s important to find out what’s the best and most versatile dumbbell equipment out there. Dumbbell sets can easily go into the thousands, but if you’re smart about it, there are some awesome alternatives to consider.

The first is an adjustable set of dumbbells. These amazingly innovative tools can often allow you to change the weight of your dumbbells by simply adding on or removing weights. One set that stands out in particular is the Bowflex model allowing you to change the weight of your dumbbell by a simple turn of the dial. For those looking to invest into a lighter set, we highly suggest getting a pair of neoprene dumbbells giving you the necessary secure grip, while looking great in your home.

Bowflex Selecttech 552

A. Recommended: Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Expensive, but totally worth it if you’re into lifting heavy weights or love using dumbbells and if you’re looking to put the final touch, check out this really sleek stand!

AmazonBasic 20 Pound Set

B. Recommended: AmazonBasics 20-Pound Dumbbell Set With Stand

Basic, but a great and affordable dumbbell set that comes with an included stand. The neoprene surface will also help in further improving your grip. 

#8. Pull-Up Bars

Some pull-up bars can be considered to be a little less convenient to have in your home, as some require you have some kind of permanent support or bracket in your doorway. Other pull-up bars can simply extend to rest on your doorframe. While that doesn’t necessarily make them better, it definitely helps to add to the convenience factor.

Pull-up bars are a great way to increase upper body strength, but may not be the most convenient tool and aren’t as portable as other pieces of workout equipment. Pull-ups are nevertheless, a core compound movement effective at building up upper body strength!

Iron Gym Workout Bar

A. Recommended: Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Favorite pull-up bar by far, but if you need something simpler or easier to install then definitely check out the Doorway Chin-Up By Sunny Health & Fitness.


#9. Rotating Push-Up Bars

Push-Up Bars can provide for a very challenging upper body workout. Innovation has since led to the invention of some highly unique tools, such as the Power Press Push-Up board. This tool allows you to workout your chests, back, shoulders, and arms all in one.. can you imagine?

Push-Up bars can be highly efficient tools at building up strength and easily allow you to get a set in or two at your own leisure. Other push-up bars, like the perfect fitness elite, include some kind of motion when doing your push-ups, making them more challenging. The push-up bar is the perfect tool to put away for storage and can be taken with you anywhere, which is great, or should I say, perfect!

Perfect V2 Pushup

A. Recommended: Perfect Fitness Elite V2

Great tool for supplementing your push-ups and getting in that perfect chest and tricep workout.

B. Recommended: Power Press Push-Up Board – Check out the review!

#10. Exercise Trampolines

Ok, you got me. Trampolines certainly are not the most convenient tool by any means. An exercise trampoline on the other hand is a whole different ball game and isn’t only effective for working out, but is very enjoyable. Many exercise trampolines weigh in the range of only 13 to 15 pounds, making them extremely convenient.

They’re not only great for toning your lower body, but can even give you a cardio workout in your own home. Many also come with their own set of resistance bands, allowing you to incorporate upper body strength while on the trampoline. Very cool, I know 🙂

Stamina 38 inch intone rebounder trampoline

Recommended: Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder


#11. Jump Ropes

It doesn’t get much better than a jump rope when looking for the smallest and most portable piece of equipment. Jump ropes are very beneficial by the way and are an excellent warm-up tool. They elevate heart rate and metabolism, work on lower body strength, and help you sweat. They’re also great for improving co-ordination, balance, and can even help you remain mentally calm.

There’s a reason why boxers are known to jump rope before jumping into the ring. It isn’t just for cardio. Jump roping keeps their body and mind synchronized and helps them to improve bodily reflexes. I think it’s safe to say that, jump roping can actually make you smarter. Never mistake size for effectiveness!

Crossfit Jump Rope

Recommended: Cross fitness Jump Rope by Survival and Cross


#12. Boxing Equipment

Speaking of boxing, boxing equipment in general is a great idea to building a home gym. While they might not be the best solutions in terms of convenience or portability, they may just help you become the next Muhammad Ali.

Check out our post on home gym boxing equipment for some great ideas.


#13. Elliptical Trainers

Now I know the elliptical isn’t the best solution either, but hear me out. Today, we have what they call the elliptical trainer, which is fantastic for anyone who’s already a fan of our good old elliptical. These trainers work in a very similar fashion to the elliptical machine, requiring the same kind of foot motion with the pedals.

Only difference is, the elliptical trainer can actually be carried around. The trainer is so lightweight and so portable you can begin pedaling right in front of your own t.v.. While I’m not the biggest fan of the elliptical, this is one innovative tool, elliptical fans shouldn’t overlook.

Recommended: Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer – Check out the review here!


#14. Vibration Fitness Machines

Another interesting (and possibly debated tool) in todays world of innovation is the vibration fitness machine. Only recently introduced into the world of fitness, the vibration machine claims to workout the entire body. Basically you stand on the vibration machine and let it go to work, while you work out with a set of resistance bands. Just don’t ask me about its true effectiveness since this is one machine I have yet to try.


#16. Theracanes

Theracanes can be another great tool to have lying in your house. Yes, they can hurt quite a bit, but they are so effective at relieving those pressure points and in eliminating a lot of those knots and tension. I recently misplaced my theracane and would do just about anything to get it back. It’s good to take a nice quick break and release a lot of the tension and stress in your back and other areas.

Theracanes are also useful because of they’re design allowing you to get to just about any point in your body and any hard to reach areas. Trying to massage your back otherwise, would be very hard. I personally enjoy the foam roller more-so than the theracane but have their uses. A theracane is great to focus on a single point in your body, especially if you don’t feel like having to get on the ground every time you need to do so.

Here’s a list of our top self-massage tools!


#17. Grip Strengtheners

Last item on our list, but not always the most essential is the grip strengthener, which number in many. Grip strength is actually a very good indicator of overall health and are even sometimes used by health practitioners to predict certain health outcomes. Just having a stronger grip can sometimes make you feel like you’re more in control and make your body feel stronger as a whole. We use our hands everyday for so many thing, so working on our grip strength can make a lot of sense. Plus, you won’t get stuck the next time you’re trying to open that bottle of tomato sauce 🙂

Check out our post on the top 10 grip strengtheners to see what’s right for you.


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Questions for thought:

What’s your favorite item on this list and which kind of equipment do you see yourself enjoy using the most? Please leave all thoughts and comments down below!


  • Wow this is an awesome list! I’m especially loving the idea of the grip strengthener. I’m a power-lifter and I found this post to be extremely useful, as I’m always looking for new workout accessories to add to my routine. Every time I need something, I’ll be coming back to this post. Everything from the kettlebells, foam rollers, adjustable dumbbells, and resistance bands all look great and so useful for what I’m trying to achieve. Thanks 🙂

  • Hello there,

    I am glad that I passed through your post, I was searching for workout accessories so I can exercise at home while I am busy these days & don’t have time to go to the gym.

    I liked the pull-up bars but I want to know it will fit in any doors?, also I liked the foam rollers this the first time I hear about it but it seems worth the try.

    Thanks for sharing & keep up the good posts.

  • Hi Ehab,

    If you’re referring to the Iron Gym pull-up bar, it should be able to fit into any doorway that is 24″ to 32″ wide. The doorway trim should also be about 3.5″ wide so that the door frame isn’t too narrow for the bar. While many pull-up bars can fit most doors, it’s always very important to check the doors dimensions beforehand to make sure they fit. Great question!

  • Thanks Martina. I’m glad you enjoyed this list of 2017’s best workout accessories and glad to see this list could help 🙂

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