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5 Rules To Follow When Building a Six Pack


Rule #1. Strength Train + Workout Often

The abdominal section of your body is just like any other muscle in your body, functioning in the very same way. In order to build a six pack, you need to consistently train this section of your body using progressive overload and high intensity weight training.

What is progressive overload? Progressive overload is where you’re gradually increasing the amount of resistance used to lift weights from week to week. Let’s say for the first week your resistance for cable crunches is at 20 pounds. The next week you should try doing 22.5 or 25 pounds. This will allow your body to gradually adapt to a higher set of weights.

You also want to implement variety and focus on more than doing just crunches. A stronger core and muscles at the hip will put you in a much better position for building that six pack. Work on your lower body compound exercises to gain the most amount of muscle in the fastest time possible. Make sure to always take a couple days off every week, use proper form, and to never overdo it!


Rule #2. Focus On Losing Weight + Cutting Calories

Guess what? You already have a six pack and you didn’t even know it. It’s simply buried under that stomach. By reducing your calories through out the day, you’ll be able to shred your body fat a lot more quickly. One easy way I was able to lose ten pounds in a month was by simply cutting down on calories. All this meant was I avoided eating that late night snack each night, which accelerated my weight loss efforts.

For me, focusing on simply cutting 100 to 200 calories per day instead of focusing on how much fat or carbs were in each meal made it so much easier for me to lose weight. I don’t want to interfere with your diet or anything (if you’re on one), but this method has always worked out well for me. Nevertheless, one of the most important rules for building a six-pack is to focus on losing weight, which the next rule will definitely help out with!

Need to focus on healthier eating habits? Check out these 25 tips by Fit Girls Diary!


Rule #3. Implement HIIT Training

HIIT Training! There’s a reason why HIIT training became 2015’s biggest fad. This recently new method of weight training and/or cardio has helped people speed up their metabolism to new heights. If you’re really looking to shed off some (or a lot) of that fat, HIIT training is one thing you definitely need to be doing.

Great for building up stamina, endurance, and metabolic energy, HIIT training totally rules out any other form of cardio in my book. Here’s an easy HIIT workout schedule you can implement either running on the treadmill, outside, or wherever. The beauty of HIIT training is how easy it is to implement this into your routine. But, it’s a hard workout for sure, so make sure to be patient with it and gradually work up your pace daily.


Rule #4. Work With a Stability Ball

Many of you already know how big of a fan I am when it comes to stability balls. These things are literally the perfect tool to build up your core, posture, and all those small neglected muscles that don’t get worked out as often. They are great for developing balance, endurance, and allows you to perform exercises that no other fitness tool can provide.

The reason is simply because the stability ball demands you remained balanced, resulting in a much stronger body as a whole. When it comes to getting a six pack, working out with a stability ball is one of my favorite tools for doing so and blows crunches out the water. I recommend going with the stability ball made by Gaiam or Live Infinitely and to make sure to always give your stability ball 24 hours to inflate before using!


Rule #5. Don’t Rush!

Last but not least, don’t rush your six pack! Focus on perfecting one or two of these rules at a time and take it from there. Great eating habits mixed with some HIIT training routines, compound and stability ball exercises will all go such a long way in developing that six pack. Once you start doing that, you’ll begin to notice a lot of your ab workouts taking much more effect.

Use HIIT training to build up endurance, stamina, and an overall amazing level of fitness. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, while trying to cut out those late midnight snacks. Save that hunger for a nice hearty breakfast in the morning if you can. Use your stability ball to develop your core, posture, and balance. Last but not least, work on your compound exercises to develop muscle in the quickest time frame possible.

Remember that a lot of those exercises don’t always require weights. There are plenty of exercises that allow you to work on squats, lunges, and other core compound movements using just your bodyweight. Always use proper form when using weights. Did I forget to mention protein? Oh right, you’ll also need a lot of that if you’re looking to build more muscle! 🙂

How To Build a Six Pack

Hope this post helped in one way or another. The best way to build a six pack is to proceed in an organized fashion. Don’t just go at it thinking that 100 crunches a day is going to get you there. You really need to focus on a few different factors and try and perfect those in order for you to get that 6-pack. Remember weight loss plays a very important role here too. Have anything you’d like to add? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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