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7 Reasons To Start Cycling In 2017

7 Reasons To Start Cycling


My First Cycling Class

Cycling is one of the most beneficial aerobic techniques to getting into shape that I’ve ever come across. I remember the first time I took a cycling class and it had to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. So much so, that I couldn’t finish an entire class and had to walk out early!

I was surprised to say the least, at how incredibly fit each of these cyclers were. The main thing I can attribute that to today is the fact they cycled on a weekly basis and had an immensely fit lower body. Just like individuals who are always biking out on the street and are constantly building their lower body strength.

In you’re cycling class you’ll more than likely be given instructions on when to increase your pedal speed, intensity, and pace and when to lower it.


Its Similarities To HIIT Training

It’s like HIIT training in a sense, where you’d go extremely hard one minute and then take it easy the next. To be honest, that was the hardest twenty minutes of my life because my legs simply weren’t as in shape as they should’ve been. It was because of the exhaustion in my legs I had to call it quits more-so than not being able to catch my breath. Keep in mind, this was back when I was high school before I knew of the amazing benefits associated with compound exercises like squats and lunges.

In a sense, I was still a rookie in the world of fitness and kind of just “freestyle’d” it when it came to the way I was lifting. Focusing much of my time on isolation exercises was definitely a big mistake. But that was then and this is now. Today I can finish a cycling class with so much more ease then I ever used to.

One thing I truly love about cycling is how amazing it is at toning the entirety of your legs. Trust me when I say that no leg muscle is left unturned. You’ll feel the burn in your calves, quads, and hamstrings long after you’ve taken your first cycling class.

But that’s not all you’ll feel. Having an increased sense of energy and mental clarity are all benefits of pedaling on a daily basis, which I believe is due to the amount of momentum, focus, and exerted energy it takes to cycle. You’ll find huge jumps in your metabolic and heart rate as well. There are times I actually prefer to hop on a bike over the treadmill simply because of how great it is at strengthening those legs and glutes.


7 Reasons To Start Cycling! 🙂

#1. Strengthens & Tones Lower Body – If you’ve been struggling trying to build up or tone those leg muscles, my suggestion would be to definitely take up cycling. That constant peddling with your lower body will give you this feeling like it’s your leg muscles that are in control, which will lead to inevitable lower body growth and tone.

#2. Weight Loss – Not only will cycling strengthen your lower body, but will clearly become a great weight loss strategy. As you improve overtime, you’ll only notice these weight loss affects become more apparent. More importantly is the fact that many cycling classes take this HIIT approach, where you’re cycling extremely hard one minute to raise that metabolism and then resting the next. You really go head on when it comes to cycling.

#3. Easy To Start – Unlike running, cycling can be so much easier to implement into any new fitness regime. Whether you’re in the worst or best shape of your life, cycling can be a lot easier on your cardio system than running for example, where you’re constantly trying to catch your breath. For example, instead of having to speed really fast, you may prefer on increasing the resistance instead while cycling at a lower speed.

#4. Great For Sweating – If you’re looking to work up a great sweat, cycling can definitely guarantee you that helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

#5. Easy On The Joints – My brother, who’s a huge fan of running, had to stop after having a problem with his knee. Instead of having to stop his cardio altogether, he’s taken up swimming and cycling as a couple beneficial alternatives. This is just one example, where a low impact cardio exercise can really come into play.

#6. Increased Productivity – This might sound like a far-fetched claim, but one thing I tend to notice from cycling is a heightened sense of motivation and mental clarity and a decrease in stress. I do however believe that this can apply to any hard aerobic activity you take apart of.

#7. Improve Overall Fitness Levels – Cycling is a great way to improve your overall level of fitness because of its effectiveness in building lower body strength, improving cardiovascular health, and even in improving the mobility of your joints.

So those are 7 great reasons you should start a cycling class. If you’re tired of running, this is only more reason why you should look into cycling as an effective alternative, especially if you want to increase lower body strength. You could also start by getting your own stationary bike to work with for your home, which tend to be much more compact than the average treadmill.

7 Benefits Of Cycling

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