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7 Ways to Lose Weight When You Do Not Get Enough Sleep

7 to 9 hours of night sleep are bloody important for weight loss. While you rest, your hormones stabilize, and a stress level decreases. But we have to admit that not everyone can afford an 8-hour sleep. Here are the ways of weight loss in extreme conditions. 

So, your task is to introduce a few amendments in your life, which will help you remain active and reduce the negative effects of lack of sleep. It should be a temporary lack of sleep, otherwise, it is not approved. 

According to this blog, try these tricks and lose your weight no matter how much you sleep.

1. Refuse From High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

You surely now these workouts can help burn many calories, but it works totally different if you do not get enough sleep. ‘HIIT can prevent weight loss. They increase the level of the stress hormone cortisol. 

And your awake body has enough of it,’ – Erica Suter says. She is a certified strength and conditioning coach. To manage these workouts, you need a lot of energy. The result will be doubtful if you do not have it.

Instead, choose less tiring exercises and not too heavy weights. Do not forget about breaks during training. ’Even while less intensive training, concentrate on exercises for several groups of muscles. Squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, push-ups, dips, rows, and lunges will speed up your metabolism and burn many calories,’ – says Albert Matheny, a licensed RD with a MS in Human Performance, co-founder of SoHo Strength and Promix Nutrition adviser.

2. Drink a Cup of Coffee Before Your Workout.

But let’s agree on the following. If you exercise in the evening and know that caffeine will affect your sleep, it is better to ignore this point. ‘In other cases, some coffee before your workout is also a good way to lose weight. Caffeine will give you strength and endurance,’ – says Matheny. ‘You will find it easier to exercise, and you will be able to do it longer and more intensively,’- agrees dietician Karen Ansel, the author of the book ‘Healing Superfoods for Anti-Aging: Stay Younger, Live Longer’.

A cup of strong coffee contains enough caffeine to enliven you before physical load. But the same quantity of tea will not help you in any way. But avoid milk and sugar as you will consume more calories than burn. Ansel suggests experimenting with the dope taking time. Try to start with a cup of coffee half an hour before your workout and gradually reach 5 minutes before exercising. Listen to your feelings to figure out what is the best timing for you.

3. Exercise 10 Minutes With Low to Medium Intensity.

Though some experts state that you may lose weight without exercising, a dietician Alex Caspero recommends her clients to work out at least 10 minutes a day with moderate intensity. It is when you are able to make conversation while exercising.

A walk, a run or some yoga will help you burn calories, improve your mood, and increase your self-esteem. Caspero believes you will not even notice how your workouts become longer just because they are easy and enjoyable. So promise yourself 10 minutes of easy sports daily.

4. Buy Frozen Vegetables, Meat, and Whole Grains.

When you cook for yourself, you can control every bit of food. And if you approach product purchase wisely, the cooking will not be so tiring as it may seem. ‘Fill your fridge with healthy and durable food: frozen vegetables and meat, easy-to-cook whole grains like brown rice or quinoa,’ – suggests Caspero. You will easily turn these ingredients into a tasty dish.

5. Choose Snacks with Protein, Fat, and Fiber.

The studies persistently prove that we risk overeating when we do not get enough sleep. That is why correctly chosen snacks are very extremely important. ‘Feeling a hunger attach, grab a mixture of high-quality protein, fat, and fiber. It will slow down your digestion and boost your energy,’ – recommends dietician Isabel Smith. ‘A perfect option is almonds, walnuts, hard boiled eggs, and vegetables with hummus.’

Do you feel like eating something sweet? Opt for fruits. ‘Their fiber will slow down the release of their sugar.’- says Ansel.

6. Eat every 2-4 hours.

‘Distributing meals in this way, you will keep your appetite and calories under control,’- recommends Ansel. ‘Otherwise, you will become really hungry, and next time you will eat more than you need. 

But remember if you eat too often, it would be more difficult to monitor the consumed calories.’

7. Drink at least 2 liters of water.

Dehydration affects your mood and energy level. You feel more tired and cannot resist a bit of something tasty,’ – warns Ansel. ‘Another argument: the studies show that a few glasses of water before a meal will help you eat less. So drink at least 2 liters of water a day and add 250ml more for every 30 minutes of your workout.