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Benefits Of Foam Rolling For Lower Back Pain

Foam Rolling Benefits For Lower back
Written by Pete G.

Allows For Self-Myofascial Release

In this post I’d like to talk to you about foam rolling and why it is so beneficial not just for your lower back, but for your entire body. It reminds your muscles of how they should co-ordinate, it improves your posture, and does an amazing job at getting each one of those muscle kinks out.

In other words, foam rolling allows for self-myosfascial release allowing you to release muscle tightness from head to toe.  If you find yourself suffering from a lot of lower back pain and tightness, then I believe that foam rolling is possibly one of the best and most beneficial things you could do for your body.

From the moment I get out of bed, foam rolling my back is one of the very first things I do. I make sure to do it right after I get out of the shower, as my muscles are nice and warm. Over the years, I’ve found foam rolling to be a tremendous help in melting a lot of the tension and pain I’ve carried.

I do it for 20 minutes every morning and night before I go to bed and it has become one of my most effective methods to keeping my back nice and supple. Without it, I’d have a lot of trouble taking on my day. Since using it, I believe foam rolling has accounted for getting rid of at-least 70% of the pain caused by my lower back.


Allows For More Pain-Free Movement & Sense Of Well-Being

Despite the pain you’ll more than likely feel just from foam rolling your muscles, you’ll begin to feel a decrease in pain in your body as you begin to take on your day and the reason is because you’re releasing your trigger points.

foam rolling for lower back

Unlike stretching where it is almost impossible to get out those kinks, foam rolling allows you to self massage each part of your body and literally break up whatever muscle knots you might have. Another way in which foam rolling allows you to move with less pain is by increasing blood flow to that particular area, thus softening and restoring healthy tissue.

It is literally the result from applying direct pressure to your muscles and is highly comparable to the benefits achieved by an over-priced deep tissue massage. Imagine being able to really massage those muscles everyday and the type of pain-free life you could possibly accomplish with a foam roller.


Foam Rolling Feels Good!

I know the effects back pain can have on your body as a whole and even on your energy. I would go from one day to the next, living sluggishly and without much energy to complete even the simplest of tasks. But using a foam roller was one of the key aspects that helped me to get back my life. Using it everyday has made my muscles feel stronger and almost re-coordinated them as I was breathing life back into them.

Foam Rolling For Back Pain

My whole life I thought that stretching was one of the only ways to release a lot of the pain my body was feeling, but I was so wrong. More disappointing was the fact that not a single one of the physical therapists or doctors I saw recommended this as a way to fix my back pain and as a result is something I ended up living with for almost a decade. Instead they would prescribe medications like muscle relaxers that did absolutely nothing but put me to sleep.


Might Even Give You More Energy!

As soon as I began foam rolling my back, I began to feel so much more energy. In-fact the first time I did it, I remember that I had so much energy I couldn’t even fall asleep that night. I really believe it had to do with a sudden increase in blood flow to my back and more energy as a result of decreased pain.

I’m positive that no matter how you might be suffering from back pain (whether it be in your joints or the muscles themselves) that foam rolling can be highly beneficial in one way or another.

It re-educates your muscles and perfects your posture. It helps to stabilize and strengthen your entire core as well as your hips, which believe it or not, are actually the most important and relied on muscles by your lower back. By foam rolling your body consistently I believe you will find your back and spine to get back into its proper alignment, while working to get rid of all the past damage that might have been done to your muscles and body in the past.

So if foam rolling is something you have yet to try for stronger and more flexible muscles, then I’d definitely recommend giving it a go.


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