Best Ashwagandha Supplements & Powders

Ashwagandha is also known as Indian Ginseng, as it is one of the strongest powerful herbs you can take to enhance your health. Taken to remediate high stress levels, ashwagandha is great for helping you feel calmer. This nervine tonic, meaning to calm the nerves, is also used to prevent a wide range of ailments and diseases.

Often used in Ayurveda and other traditional health practices, this natural, go-to supplement is able to promote both mental and physical health. It not only promotes a more youthful being, but can increase lifespan as well. One of its primary purposes is in making your body adapt to stress.

Hence, ashwagandha root is is known as an “adaptogen.” It can be taken topically on the skin for muscle aches or wound treatment or taken orally for so many reasons. From being used as a workout supplement, study tonic, and to alleviate illness, it also induces better and clearer thinking.

It is good for fertility problems in both men and women and can even slow-down aging. Like many adaptogens, it works as an anti-inflammatory, therefore assisting with a number of health issues. Ashwagandha can often be used for ADHD, brain fog, anxiety, acne, muscle aches, arthritis, digestion, hormonal balancing, high cortisol, chronic pain & fatigue, depression, and more.

It can help with serious ailments – such as fibromyalgia, bronchitis, liver disease, thyroid problems, memory loss, tumors and cancer, sleeping disorders, and Parkinson’s. It can also assist with weight loss, muscle gain, making it the perfect addition to your workouts.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress levels at work or in the home, enhance your athleticism on the field, or improve your thinking in the classroom, it’s clear that ashwagandha has a place for you. In this post, we’ll go over the best ashwagandha powders and capsules you can take in order to achieve a better and healthier you. Let’s take a look!



Feel Good Organics Ashwagandha Supplement offers a great alternative to capsules – that is, with its non-GMO, USDA organic ashwagandha powder. Imported completely raw and fresh from India, this powder is healthy and delicious, while offering numerous restorative benefits.

This includes the alleviation of insomnia, sleeplessness, stress, mood, anxiety, focus, and fatigue. Every bag comes with a 1-year or longer expiration date, so it stays fresh in your cabinet. Its packaging is done carefully in the state of California in a NSF & GMP certified facility.

The product therefore, has zero additives and is perfect for coffee, tea, smoothies, and/or whatever health tonic you may have in mind. If you want to feel and ingest the healthy taste of ashwagandha, give it a try. It can be added to oatmeal and yogurt as well, or in your favorite latte or cup of cocoa.

Its high-quality, resealable bags have a five layer structure with foil lining to preserve freshness. One suggested ashwagandha recipe includes an energizing cocoa drink. This can be made with cardamom, cocoa, dairy or nut-based milk, vanilla extra, and some raw honey.

You could also make an ashwagandha and dandelion latte. This can be made with milk, some raw cacao butter, dandelion root, and delicious cinnamon. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to find a healthy recipe that you can use this ashwagandha powder with. A 16-ounce bag contains 226 servings with a 1/2 teaspoon serving size!

Feel Good Organics Ashwagandha Powder

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Nutririse’s Ashwagandha supplement is made with both organic ashwagandha and black pepper for better absorption. Certified organic by UDAF, it is also made in the USA and is free from fillers, binders, heavy metals, and common allergens. This organic certification further ensures that the product is absent of mercury, toxins, adulterants, residues, and other pathogens.

It also ensures higher adaptogenic activity by containing more beneficial withanolides. Thus, this natural, organic product is often used for – improving thyroid function, stamina, sleep, mood, immunity, energy, cognitive function, memory, endurance, sexual function, and stamina.

It can also be used to fight or decrease levels of cortisol, anxiety, stress, blood sugar levels, adrenal fatigue, joint pain, inflammation, and lastly supporting hormonal and endocrine health.

Support of your adrenals are what helps in your body’s “fight or flight” response, making it also good for brain fog, cholesterol, blood pressure, and losing or gaining weight. Highly potent, the supplement contains 1300 mg of ashwagandha and 10 mg of organic black pepper extract. Nutririse Ashwagandha Supplement

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Physician’s Choice Ashwagandha supplement is just as potent, if not more. USDA certified organic, each bottle contains nothing but pure ashwagandha root with a bit of black pepper extract. Thus, this 3rd part tested supplement is also non-GMO and vegan, without any fillers, toxins, or binders.

Made from organic, Indian, ayurvedic herbs, this supplement is great for promoting peacefulness, while providing thyroidal and adrenal support. Made in a FDA & GMP certified facility in the USA, it is also good for reducing inflammation, joint pain, anxiety, stress, and irritability caused by cortisol.

It can be used to promote cognitive function, memory, strength, stamina, mood, sleep, fertility, and libido. The product is also absent of antibiotics, pesticides, and other bad toxins and is highly potent. One serving has 1950 mg of organic ashwagandha root powder from healthy, grown Withania Somnifera plants and 15 mg of organic black pepper extract.

Physician's Choice Ashwagandha Root

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NaturaLife Labs Ashwagandha supplement is another highly potent supplement to consider. It is also made in a FDA & GMP certified facility, providing you a non-GMO, ashwagandha product without fillers, soy, gluten, yeast, sugar, dioxides, magnesium stearate, or starch.

Made with quickly, dissolvable capsules, the product is used to promote anxiety relief, stress reduction, relaxation, better immunity, and a healthy nervous system response. Each product is third-party tested to ensure the absence of heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, and residue.

Keeping both purity and potency in mind, each serving contains a total of 2100 mg of ashwagandha root. This can be broken down into 1,050 mg of organic ashwagandha powder from the Withania Somnifera root and 1,050 mg of ashwagandha root extract standardized to 2.5% withanolides. It further contains 8 mg of black pepper extract to enhance both bioavailability and ultimate results.

NaturaLife Labs Ashwagandha Supplement

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Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha Root supplement is the perfect plant-based tonic for professionals, students, athletes, and more. Used with only non-GMO ingredients, each product is tested for purity and thus, absent of gluten, eggs, soy, yeast, shellfish, dairy, peanuts, meat, and sesame.

Each is made at a Gaia certified organic farm and works as a great nourishing tonic, helping your body adapt to any stress. Restorative in many ways, the product is harvested each Fall, when its withanolides are at its peak. The company’s unmatchable transparancy can be seen on their meetyourherbs website. Here you can see how each bottle’s herbs were grown, their origins, and purity and potency validation.

Their ashwagandha root is often used to support daily energy levels, immune function, and mood. It is good for supporting cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine system health. Each capsule of their proprietary extract blend contains 350 mg of organic ashwagandha standardized to 2.5 mg of withanolides.

Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha Supplement

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NaturaHerbals Ashwagandha Supplement contains black pepper extract for superior absorption and is absent of chemicals and toxins. It is vegan, non-GMO, and free of fillers and binders. Every bottle is made in a FDA & GMP certified USA facility.

This product is great for supporting vitality, calmness, and relaxation. Thus, it can help with panic attacks, stress relief, fatigue syndrome, sadness, and mood swings. Its high antioxidant activity also promotes better and stronger physical immunity.

Additional benefits allow for better thyroid hormonal balancing, cholesterol reduction, strength enhancements, blood sugar stabilization, reductions to cortisol, and more. Every batch and bottle is potency and purity tested, ensuring you get nothing but the best.

Great for improving overall well-being, you’ll also feel better nervous system support. Every serving contains 1200 mg of organic ashwagandha root powder and 5 mg of organic black pepper extract.

NaturaHerbals Ashwagandha Supplement

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Just Jaivik’s Ashwagandha Supplement is another organic powder that you can take with your coffee or health tonic. Used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, this restorative (or rasayana) powder can help your body defend against all kinds of stresses – both physical and mental.

Great for nourishing the body, you can use this in daily recipes to keep your energy up through out the day. It can do this even while promoting restful sleep, thanks to its adaptogenic nature. This product is further made using only USDA certified organic ashwagandha, which is both fair trade and sourced sustainably.

It is made in an FDA registered facility, where it also goes through third party testing, ensuring maximum quality. Made from Withania Somnifera, the Indian Ginseng can also be taken on its own or with water. Each bag has 8-ounces of ashwagandha powder.

Just Jaivik Ashwagandha Powder

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Terrasoul Superfoods Ashwagandha supplement is another great non-GMO, USDA organic ashwagandha powder you can take. It is completely raw, gluten free, vegan, and a great addition to a healthy recipe.

The adaptogenic super root can be used to boost brain and cognitive function, while promoting sleep, vitality, and great stress relief. The taste of this Indian Ginseng is earthy and bitter and often goes great with a favorite sweetener!

This nutrient-packed ashwagandha powder lastly comes in a 16-ounce resealable bag and can be stored in a cool, dry place. There are 454 servings in total with a serving size of 1/3 teaspoon each.

Terrasoul Superfoods Ashwagandha Powder

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