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Best Raw Organic Cacao Butter

Cold-pressed cacao butter is one of the purest and rawest derivatives of ground cacao beans. The difference between cacao butter and cocoa butter is that cacao is hardly heated at high temperatures, staying true to its raw form. We recently described many great benefits of cacao and cacao powder in particular and also showed you some healthy cacao powders to try at home. But today, we will be shifting gears to cacao butter.

The healthy, dairy-free form of cacao butter is an excellent substitute to the butter we use on a daily basis. Its taste and health benefits can be ‘mouth-watering’ to many. Loaded with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and magnesium, cacao butter is an excellent choice for cooking and an easy way to improve health. This is certainly true given its rawer nature, which preserves its natural form, and its many vitamins and minerals. Raw cacao butter’s many health benefits only make you wonder why they don’t offer it in every store.

This nature’s gift can help with your health in many ways, but more importantly can fill you with the kind of nutrients that aren’t easily found. In the following section, I’ll be covering eight of the best cacao butters you can try when starting on your healthy quest for nutrition.

Terrasoul Superfoods – Organic Cacao Butter

Terrasoul Superfoods is one of today’s amazing natural health brands. They sell all kinds of natural health foods made to optimize your health. Its organic cacao butter is no exception to this. Their cacao butter is cold-pressed, organic, nutrient-dense, and non-GMO verified. It smells and tastes great too and is neither heated or processed, making it a purer form and derivative of cacao beans than cocoa butter.

Whether you are looking to add it to your morning coffee, to bake your next chocolate, or as a skin moisturizer, the organic cacao butter is sure to help in many ways. The butter is also considered organic, gluten free, kosher, raw, and vegan. The cacao butter comes from the esteemed Peruvian Criollo cacao bean and is available in many sizes.

Terrasoul Superfood Cacao Butter

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Navitas Organics – Cacao Butter

Another popular name in the superfood industry is Navitas Organics. Their plant-based, non-GMO cacao butter is completely derived and cold-pressed from the cacao bean. The cacao’s butter alkaline nature is accompanied by healthy fats, theobromine, and a number of nutrients. The butter is organic and fair trade certified and goes great when baking any kind of dessert or when added in a nice warm drink.

It has even been used as a skin moisturizer giving the skin a nice glow. Cacao butter is the perfect way to support a healthy diet, especially when used in moderation. Navitas Organics is sure to deliver the right amount of omega fatty acids and antioxidants from the cacao bean. It is available in an 8-ounce package, which is enough for 17 servings.

Navitas Organics Cacao Butter

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 Healthworks – Organic Cacao Butter

Another excellent name in the superfood industry is Healthworks. In addition to the wonderful organic cacao butter they offer, make sure to check out their cacao powder as well. Their cacao butter on the other hand can be used both topically, in foods, and for cooking. The all natural, vegan friendly cacao butter will provide you with many great omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids and many antioxidants.

It is a product that also comes from the healthy cacao beans of Peru. Hand-harvested and cold-pressed, the organic cacao butter only comes from small reliable farmers. Healthworks white, raw cacao butter is not only filled with nutrients, but rich in both taste and appearance. Its cacao production never exceeds 115-degrees, ensuring only good quality cacao butter for the win.

Healthworks Cacao Butter

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Wildly Organic – Raw Cacao Butter

Wildly Organic offers many great natural products out there. They also have a number of great cacao-derived products including our favorite cacao butter, cacao powder, and fermented cacao nibs. Used to enhance recipes and for luxurious skin care, Wildly Organic’s cold-pressed cacao butter remains completely raw through out its production.

This helps keep its entire nutritious profile in-tact. The product is also sometimes used to make handmade bath and body products. The Fair-trade certified cacao butter is vegan, kosher, organic, and non-GMO and great for anybody looking for a healthy and unrefined cacao product.

Wildly Organic Cacao Butter

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Divine Organics – Raw Cacao Butter

Simply divine, must be Divine Organics raw cacao butter. Used for edible, culinary, and skin-moisturizing purposes, this cacao butter is certified organic, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, dairy, and soy free. Most importantly, the cacao butter is raw giving way to a wonderfully nutritious profile. Full of antioxidants and magnesium, Divine Organics cacao butter is described as having a strong and amazing aroma.

The quality of the white raw cacao butter is excellent and used for so many different purposes. Best of all, the cacao butter has a very long shelf-life thanks to its high-quality production. Made from Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela, Divine Organics makes some of the best raw cacao butter around.

Divine Organics Cacao Butter

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Sunfood – Organic Cacao Butter

The 1-pound organic cacao bag of butter by Sunfood is a perfect way to start your meal. Whether you are using it to cook or to revitalize your skin, Sunfood makes it easy by separating its cacao butter into separable circular wafers. This makes measuring, melting, and cooking with your cacao butter quick and easy.

In no time at all, you can begin using your own cacao butter wafers into your own favorite recipes. The minimally processed, raw organic cacao butter is the product’s one and only ingredient. It is gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, certified organic, and offers a wonderfully sensible taste and aroma.

Sunfood Cacao Butter

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