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The Best Calf Stretching Equipment

Did you know that stretching your feet and calves can alleviate symptoms of stress and depression? It’s not unusual for us to experience tight calves time to time. After all, they are some of the most used muscles in our body, used to carry us around from one place to the next. Yet we don’t always take the time to fully alleviate the problem.

Stretching and massaging the external parts of our body, like our hands and feet, is important for the alleviation of physical stress. The regular massaging of these areas many times can simply melt and ease any tension and pain, through the stimulation of these very important muscles.

Those with cold hands and feet in the winter time will also find great benefits provided by the regular stretching and massaging of these areas. Many calf stretching tools and equipment, can be a sure way to aid any tensions regularly experienced in your lower body.

That’s why we thought ahead and decided to share our favorite calf stretching equipment for 2018. So if you’re here, as curious as we were, wondering what the best calf stretching devices are, then you’ve come to the right place!


You may have seen similar device like this once or twice before. Its unsurpassed effectiveness ensures you’re never walking around with tightened calves or feet. This multi-purpose wooden slant board is one of the best stretching devices you can have in the home, as it allows you to gradually increase and decrease the stretching of your calves.

It is a tool that is most ideal for enhancing both strength and flexibility, while giving comfort to those in need of lower body rehab. The device itself utilizes anti-slip safety treads, allowing you to keep your feet firmly in place when using any one of its 5 incline positions. The professional wooden slant board measures 16″ x 12.5″, making it ideal to have anywhere in the home and can hold up to 350-pounds in user weight capacity.

Wooden Slant Board Review


One of the simplest, but most effective calf-stretching devices you can use is with the OPTP Stretch Out Strap. Popular among gymnasts, dancers, and athletes, the stretch out strap allows you to stretch practically any part of your body, but are especially useful for your calves and lower feet.

That’s because the strap can be used to loop around the soles of your feet, giving you a feel-good stretch and leverage to your legs. This particular strap, the OPTP Stretch Out Strap is effective because of its 10 individual loop holes, allowing you to choose the very resistance and tightness of the stretch. Each loophole will also allow you to progressively improve your lower body’s flexibility.

Stretch Out Strap Review


Sometimes the best stretching tools are the simplest stretching tools, which is evident in this particular device. But for a tool that can stretch both the feet and calves in sync, it’s a device that most-certainly shouldn’t be passed up. After all, who doesn’t want the totally feel-good stretch and comfort provided by a device that literally rocks you back and forth.

Otherwise known as the original calf-stretcher, this specific device is used to provide you with one of the deepest and most full-filling lower body stretches. Its a device that is also used widely in physical therapy and in the rehabilitation of those with lower body problems, making it excellent for everyday casual use as well. It’s a device that should hopefully ‘rock away’ any lower body tightness you might be experiencing.

ProStretch Footrocker Review


Another easy and effective way to stretch out and massage those calves is with a massage roller stick. These tools are ideal for the calves and lower body as it gives your hands something to work with. With a massage roller stick, you’ll be able to pin-point the knots within your calves and your feet, you want to work on. Some even allow you to stand on top, with the soles of your feet to get a nice foot massage.

One very effective muscle roller stick we recommend for this purpose is the one made by Idson. Its 9 independent rollers are specifically designed to help reduce soreness, cramping, and tightening and are perfect to use before and after your workouts. The roller is about a foot and a half and very convenient to take with you anywhere. It can also be used on other areas of the body, but if you need a really good calf muscle massage, try this!

Idson Muscle Roller Stick Review


Similar to the wooden slant board, you can also buy a non-adjustable stretch wedge to use for your calves. Its dense foam material should hold up well and can ideally be used anywhere. The foam slant measures at a moderate 14.5 degree angle, so you get a nice, deep incline there and can even be stacked among other wedges to increase the angle.

This specific foam wedge by Sports Safely actually comes in a pair, so you have two wedges that give a 29-degree angle, allowing for a very deep calf stretch. Anyone looking for an alternative to the bulkier wooden slant board, will definitely want to try one of these easy, portable foam wedges. They’re also great for hand and wrist exercises as well and as a great yoga tool!

Foam Wedge For Calf Stretch


One excellent calf massage tool is the foam roller. But if you’re looking to specifically massage the calves, you don’t want just any foam roller. Instead you’ll want one that is half rounded in shape so it stays flat on the floor. This allows you to roll your calves back and forth along the high-density foam roller.

One foam roller we recommend is this one, which uses stimulating bumps for more effective trigger point therapy. The fact they also offer a half-rounded shape is great, allowing you to perform all sorts of foot, ankle, and calf rehabilitation and stretching exercises. The foam roller is also available in a 12-inch, 15-inch, and 18-inch length. Those looking to perform entire body massages will want to look into a full-rounded roller. Just keep in mind that this won’t be as effective for the calf area.

Half-Rounded Foam Roller Review

Thanks for checking out the best calf stretchers and massage tools for 2018. If you have any questions regarding any of these tools, leave them in the comment section down below. The more consistent you are in stretching out those calves, the better and more loose your body will feel, so stick with it and make sure to have the necessary tools and equipment on hand!

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