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Best Fish Oil Omega-3 Chewables

Best Fish Oil Chewable Supplements

Nothing can be more important or more overlooked than having the proper amount of fish oil in your diet. But there are many of us who simply don’t like taking fish oil pills. Either they can be unpleasant to swallow, or the inevitable burping afterwards causes us not to enjoy the unfortunate pill-taking experience. After all, taking pills isn’t for everyone.

Well fret not my friends, because thanks to these following brands, we have many awesome chewable fish oil supplements to take advantage of. Excited? Me too, because even though I don’t mind the actual fish oil pill, chewables are always better. What better way to get your small in-take of sugar, than doing so in a healthy manner.

Omega-3’s are an important part to everyday general health. Their benefits range from improving joint pain, better heart health, aiding in energy, and reducing hypertension. Whether you’re looking to buy fish oil chewables for your family, loved ones, or self, you’ll be sure to find the most trusted brands to choose from in this list. Thanks and we hope you enjoy!


Looking for a great way to support your heart health? Try VitaFusion’s popular-selling fish oil gummy’s. Their tag-line “We make nutrition taste good,” almost makes you want to chew on these nutritional gummy’s already. The best thing about these chews is that they are completely absent of any fish taste or odor. Isn’t that what these gummy’s are for after-all? If you’re looking to side-step, those pretty annoying fish burps as we might like to call, than VitaFushion is sure to give you your fish oil omega 3’s in the most satisfactory way possible. Try VitaFusion today!

VitaFusion Fish Oil Chews

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Improved cognitive function, better bone support, and a healthier heart.. What’s not to like? Nature Made’s fish oil gummy’s (for adults) are the perfect solution to swallowing those large, oval-rounded fish oil pills, making it easier than ever to get your daily requirement. Nature Made’s fish oil is offered in a naturally-flavored, delicious lemon, orange, and strawberry banana chewy. If good tasting fish oil is a must, then so is Nature Made’s fish healthy, natural, delicious fish oil. Their fish oil which is never caught from farm raised fish, ensures the best oil by catching wild caught ocean fish. With only 10-calories per gummy, you’ll enjoy the many health benefits offered by the 57 mg of omega-3’s!

Nature Made Fish Oil Supplement

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If you love gum-drop style candies and are looking to get your dose of fish oil and omega-3’s, then you’ll love Nordics single-flavored gummy’s. Available in a 30, 60, or 120-count, Nordics has become a popular go-to choice for chewable fish oils. These “omega-licious” gummy’s are free from artificial and natural flavoring, from yeast, gluten, and milk. They are also non-GMO, ensuring a safer and better daily fish oil supplement. Each serving provides up to 82 mg of omega-3’s, which are derived from anchovies and sardines. If you’re a fan of natural tangerine flavor, you might just like what the Nordic brand has to offer!

Nordics Omega-3 Fish Oil

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Carlson’s finest fish oil is considered to be nothing, but an excellent quality supplement. It’s one that many people love because of its orange, citrusy taste and because it can be both chewed or swallowed. With 700 mg of omega-3’s, you’ll most surely get your daily requirement. Per capsule, there is 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA. The fish oil, which is derived from the upper North Atlantic area offers a near odor-less experience. Fish oil soft gels and liquid are also offered by the Carlson brand!

Carlsons Chewable Fish Oil Capsules

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Said to support stronger mental focus, Coromegas omega-3 gummies for adults come in a nicely packed container of 60. It comes in three delicious flavors to overcome any fish odor – orange, lemon, and strawberry banana. Every gummy comes with 50 mg of DHA, making it the perfect fish oil soft-gel or pill substitute. Serving size is equal to two gummies per day with its 30 servings per container. Each Coromega gummy is only 10 calories and has 225 mg of fish oil, 50 mg of DHA, and 10 mg of EPA. Their fish oil is further obtained from small, deep cold water fish.

Coromega Fish Oil

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Botanica Research offers an excellent chewable gummy supplement that contains more than just Omega 3’s. In order to promote a healthy balance, it also contains Omega 6’s and 9’s as well. Use of unprocessed fatty acids keeps the ingredient list healthy and in-check. The bottle contains two flavors – lemon and orange, while taking on the shape of a gumdrop. It does really well at hiding any fishy flavors. Great for cardiovascular, immune system, and cognitive brain support, Botanica Research offers a great combination of all three omega’s in a single serving.

Botanica Research Omega 3, 6, 9

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If you’re looking for something more complete, such as a multi-vitamin with the included Omega 3, then try these One-A-Day VitaCraves. Its fruit punch-packed flavor gives off a taste that can’t go unnoticed. This Omega-3 DHA vitamin also reduces the need of having to take different supplements through out the day. Its Omega-3 DHA is derived from algal oil, while the multivitamin as a whole can support better immune and heart health. It can also improve muscle functioning, eye health, skin health, and general well-being. Vitamins in this multi omega 3 chewy include A, C, D, E, B6, B12, and Folic Acid. Try One-a-Day, today!

One-a-Day Omega 3

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