Best Lavender Essential Oils

Lavender is one of today’s most popular essential oils. It is produced by the distillation of lavender flower spikes, which bloom every year in June. These annually harvested flowers are then used for their floral aroma, often found in perfumes and cosmetics. As one of the most gentle, versatile, and beneficial oils, lavender is one to keep in the cabinet.

It is a relaxing oil used as a remedy for many conditions. It is one of the many essential oils that is often referenced to in the Bible and perhaps one of the oils that was used to anoint Jesus! It was also used in ancient history by the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians.

Today, lavender is still widely used for its many health properties and benefits. Some of lavenders most-prized essential oil benefits include improved mood, better cognitive functioning, anti-oxidative protection, healthier hair and skin, muscle pain relief, relaxation, and anti-inflammation.

It can also be used as a natural diabetic treatment, to heal burns and cuts, and as a therapy for cancer. Some of its natural in-home uses as an essential oil also include use as a natural perfume, air freshener, lip balm, and remedy for nausea.

Due to the many lavender essential oil benefits and established medicinal uses through out history, here are ten excellent essential oils you can try. Some of the most recommended oils are those that are USDA certified organic, since each batch is tested for purity. They are often times pricier for carrying the label and doesn’t mean other oils should be discounted.

Testing done on other oils might include a MS/GC test, ensuring higher quality. Oils made in a GMP and FDA registered lab may ensure more stringency in the production process. In order to reap the most benefits, lavender essential oils should be pure, undiluted, and therapeutic grade.

In this list, I’ve done my best to present you with some of the best lavender essential oils you can use topically, in your home, or diffuser to reap its wonderful and amazing health benefits.



Naturenics Lavender Essential Oil is 100% pure and USDA certified organic. This lavender oil is free from all sulfates, parabens, gluten, and chemicals. This genuine Bulgarian lavender essential oil provides you with a wonderfully relaxing effect.

It is also great for improving levels of stress, anxiety, and sleep. This mind-clearing, mood-lifting oil is calming, relieving, relaxing, and soothing. It is a wonderful remedy for insomnia and fatigue that works great when added to your pillow.

You may also add it to an aromatherapy diffuser for its therapeutic benefits. It can also be added to your laundry as a cleaning agent and to give your clothes a fresh scent. Some of its medicinal benefits include stronger brain support, better hair and skin, and pain relief. This steam-distilled lavender essential oil comes in a 1-fluid ounce bottle.

Naturenics Lavender Essential Oil

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Zongle Therapeutics Lavender Essential Oil is another USDA certified organic essential oil. It is both naturally and ethically produced without pesticides, irradiation, sewage, synthetics, or genetic engineering. Their practices help promote ecological balance, resources, and biodiversity.

This lavender essential oil goes through GSMC and Microbial testing. The oil is free from GMO, preservatives, parabens, gluten, pesticides, and artificial ingredients. The steam-distilled, therapeutic grade oil also has no fillers, bases, or additives and comes from the Lavandula Angustifolia plant.

The lavender oil can be used to promote calmness and peaceful rest. You may use it on the bottom of your feet or to your pillows and sheets at bed-time. It can also be used with water in a spray bottle to freshen the air or in your aromatherapy diffuser.

One drop of this oil may be taken internally with a 4-ounce glass of water. Two drops can be added to food or cooking for improved flavor. It can also be used topically with a carrier oil like coconut or red palm oil to promote better hair and skin.

Zongle Lavender Essential Oil

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Plant Therapy’s Lavender Essential Oil is USDA certified organic. They also have a less pricier version without the organic seal. Nonetheless, this certified organic oil is 100% pure, undiluted, and therapeutic grade. It is easy to use and can always be diffused to create a relaxing atmosphere and to prepare for bed.

The oil uses no additives, carriers, fillers, or bases. Its therapeutic properties include calmness, tension relief, and relaxation. Steam distilled from flowering tops of lavender, the oil is versatile and has a complex floral, herbaceous scent.

You can use it with a carrier oil on irritated skin, insect bites, bumps, or bruises. Another idea is adding a couple drops to a skin moisturizer, as well as onto your pillow before bed. The botanical name is Lavandula angustifolia and comes available in a number of great sizes.

Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil

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US Organic’s Lavender Essential Oil is a highly concentrated, 100% purely certified organic lavender oil. It comes from northeastern Bulgaria near-by the beautiful Kamchia river. It is harvested at the foot of the Balkan mountain at a 240 meter altitude.

The lavender essential oil is safe for topical use, but should always be diluted in a carrier oil. It is all-natural, undiluted, and unfiltered. Packaged in the USA, it is also free from toxins, preservatives, and additives. The oil is also naturally high in Linalool and Linanyl acetate – both known to have very therapeutic attributes.

Thus, the oil can be used for anti-inflammation, immune support, skin health, headache relief, and peacefulness. Some of its DIY uses include the making of perfumes, balms, salves, and cosmetics. It goes by the botanical name, Lavandula angustifolia and is available in a number of great sizes.

US Organic Lavender Essential Oil

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Sky Organics Lavender Essential Oil is 100% pure and certified organic. It is steam-distilled by artisanal farmers in Southern France and is a wonderful therapeutic oil. While perfect for aromatherapy, the oil has many other uses. This includes DIY projects like the creation of wonderful hair serums, body scrubs, facial scrubs, perfumes, bath salts, massage oils, salves, and candles.

You can also rub a few drops (preferably diluted) to the skin or hair to ease any physical, mental, or emotional ailments. The same can be said when adding it to your diffuser. Benefits of this lavender oil include relief from anxiety, tension, stress, and depression. It is also great for sleep and can be added to your pillow.

It can be used as a natural mosquito repellant by adding to a carrier oil like castor, coconut, or argan oil. It can be used to relieve you from headaches and menstrual cramps by inhalation. You can use it to restore hormonal balance, reduce cramps and irritations, and stimulate urine production. You can use it to facilitate digestive issues like vomiting, colic, diarrhea, and stomach pain.

It can be used to promote healthy hair, reduce hair loss, and get rid of lice. It can be used to treat respiratory conditions including congestion, asthma, flu, infections, and bronchitis. Lastly, it can be used as an effective face cream to cleanse the skin and clear acne with carrier oils like argan and almond oil.

Sky Organics Essential Oil

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Healing Solutions Lavender Essential Oil is 100% pure and therapeutic grade. This oil goes through strong quality testing and controls. It is made in a FDA registered distillation facility that is also GMP and ISO9001 certified.

The oil is distilled from the Lavandula angustifolia plant and comes in an amber-colored glass bottle. The oil should not be taken internally to ensure safety. The lavender essential oil is available in a number of great sizes.

Healing Solutions Lavender Essential Oil

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Radha Beauty’s Lavender Essential Oil is therapeutic grade and of French Lavender origin. This versatile oil is great for promoting feelings of peace, relaxation, and reduced stress. It can be used for massage, aromatherapy, home care, spa, and DIY blends and body oils.

The oil should be diluted when used topically for skin-care. This therapeutic lavender oil is said to have a rich and soothing scent, which is also good for purifying the air. Thus, it can be used to calm the surrounding environment and is a great oil to add to your daily healthcare regimen.

Other uses include reducing anxiety, relieving pain, disinfecting the skin, and relieving circulatory and respiratory conditions. The oil is available in a 4-ounce bottle.

Radha Beauty Lavender Oil

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Handcraft Blends Lavender Essential Oil is a premium therapeutic grade oil. Each oil is tested by an independent lab testing for purity, ensuring there are no additives or fillers.

The Handcraft Blends brand sources oils from across the world. Each oil not only goes through vigorous testing, but is also bottled in a cGMP, FDA approved facility to ensure high standards.

This particular oil blends well with essentials like clary sage, bergamot, rosemary, vetiver, sandalwood, and more. The oil can be used for aromatherapy or diluted and used on the skin, thanks to its relaxing effects on the body and mind.

Handcraft Blends Lavender Essential Oil

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NOW Solutions Lavender Essential Oil is derived from Lavindula angustifolia. It is 100% pure, non-GMO certified, and has a wonderful floral aroma. It has attributes that are soothing, balancing, and normalizing to the body.

The oil uses a steam-distilled extraction method from flowering lavender plant tops. Purity tested and quality assured, the oil works great with aromatherapy diffusers. This lavender also mixes well with oils like peppermint and chamomile. Use 3 drops of each to get the best effects.

The oil also has a light and clean scent that also makes it good for skin care. Some good carrier oils you can use it with include olive, jojoba, grapeseed, and almond oil. This highly concentrated oil is available in a number of great sizes.

NOW Solutions Lavender Essential Oil

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Naturopathy’s Lavender Essential Oil is 100% pure, premium quality, and undiluted. The oil is steam distilled and harvested from France. It is great for relaxation and aromatherapy, mood, sore muscles, insomnia, fatigue, eczema, acne, and sinusitis.

This is due to its high anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Thus, the oil is also beneficial for headaches, stress, and depression. The oil comes in a UV colored bottle, providing protection from degradation and sunlight.

Some of the ways in which the oil can be used or applied include to the skin (for skin care), a warm foot bath (for fatigue), to a bowl of steaming water (or diffuser), combined with lemon balm (as an anti-bacterial), on your pillow (for insomnia), to dry and itchy skin (for eczema), to your lower abdomen (for menstrual cramps). The Naturopathy lavender oil is available in a 10 mL and 4-ounce bottle.

Naturopathy Lavender Essential Oil

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