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Best Magnesium Sprays For Muscle Relief

Magnesium sprays are a supplement I have used many time to relieves muscle aches and pains. They certainly help in loosening and calming the body as a whole. They really are one of the most calming oils and supplements you can find and makes the body feel very good. Using a magnesium spray is therefore, a great stress-reliever as well and can even help with your athletic performance.

In order to maximize your benefits with magnesium however, using a spray is an excellent way to maximize absorption allowing for an intake and uptake of nutrients that you would not get otherwise. When using a magnesium spray, you will really feel the magnesium and its benefits going to work in your body.

There a couple of different ways of ensuring you have a magnesium oil spray on hand. The first is by making your own DIY magnesium spray, which is easy to do or you may buy it prepared from a reputable brand or company. In this post, we’ll be looking at eight of the best magnesium sprays you can use for better health, stress relief, and muscle tension relief.

Just remember that magnesium, which is present in ever single part of the human body, comes with many other awesome health benefits as well. This includes better workout recovery, relief from headaches, skin irritation relief, less hypertension, and better sleep. There is no better way to experience the benefits of magnesium, then through your own topical oil spray.

ASUTRA – Pure Zechstein Magnesium Oil Spray

The topical grade, ultra pure, 100-percent natural magnesium spray by Asutra comes from the ancient Zechstein Sea Well in the Netherlands. It is a pure and natural magnesium chloride 1,500 meters underwater, where it is untouched by pollution. Asutra’s magnesium oil will easily help you fight any magnesium deficiency, while offering many health benefits in return.

This includes improved skin, better sleep, joint pain relief, better energy levels, stress relief, and anti-aging benefits. The oil spray is said to be non-greasy, odorless, and similar to a skin moisturizer. The effective Asutra magnesium oil spray can be bought in a single or double 4-ounce bottle spray, both of which comes with a 30-page e-book, showing you how to improve your life with the wonderful mineral of magnesium.

Asutra Magnesium Spray

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Magnum Solace – Magnesium Oil Spray

Another unique magnesium oil spray product is by Magnum Solace. The magnesium is sourced from the Dead Sea, which is located near the West Bank and Jordan. Otherwise known as the “Salt Sea,” there is perhaps no better place to get your magnesium. Made of purified water, magnesium chloride, and natural trace minerals, Magnum Solace’s magnesium spray uses a six-stage purification process and reverse osmosis technology for one of the most high-quality magnesium supplements.

Benefits of their oil might include improved sleep, deeper sleep, better energy levels, stress and tension relief, skin hydration and strengthening, and better muscle functioning. It may also help with relief muscle tensions and strains. One 8-ounce magnesium spray bottle contains 27,000 mg of magnesium, showing you just how strong this supplement is. A single spray contains 18 mg of elemental magnesium. It can be purchased as a 2-ounce or 8-ounce bottle.

Magnum Solace Magnesium Spray

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Essentially Based – Pure Magnesium Oil Spray

Made of magnesium chloride, purified water, and natural trace minerals, the pure magnesium spray by Essentially Based comes with many benefits. Like many magnesium sprays, the spray is used to reduce body aches, muscle spasms, headaches, and even restless leg syndrome. Known to calm the body, the spray can be used to improve sleep or boost energy levels. Magnesium is clearly a mineral with many great bodily benefits, which is why the Essentially Based spray is admired.

With their spray you can ensure that you will no longer be deficient in magnesium. The Essentially Based spray contains 3,575 mg of magnesium per ounce. Their magnesium is also sourced from the Dead Sea or “Salt Sea,” ensuring only a high-quality magnesium supplement. The odorless magnesium spray can be used anytime of the day and is available in a convenient 8-ounce spray bottle.

Essentially Based Magnesium Spray

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Ancient Minerals – Magnesium Oil Spray

The natural magnesium spray comes from one of the most desirable seas in the world. Derived from the Zechstein Sea Bed, the spray is made with nothing other than water and genuine Zechstein magnesium chloride. Protected at 2,000 meters below the water, the magnesium spray purely sourced, potent, clean, naturally occurring, and readily-absorbable. At 100 mg of elemental magnesium per ml, the organic spray offers many health benefits.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium spray is commonly used to relaxed the mind and body, maintain healthy joints and muscles, maintain health of the nervous system, and for promoting strong bones and teeth. Manufactured in Austin, TX, the Ancient Minerals Magnesium spray is available in wonderful 4-ounce, 8-ounce, and 33-ounce bottle for lasting use.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium

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ArtNaturals – Pure Magnesium Oil Spray

Used to relieve all kinds of persistent pains, ArtNaturals pure magnesium oil has become a hit among many. Commonly used to relieve headaches, chronic pains, fibromyalgia, muscle tension, inflammation, and sore joint, ArtNaturals magnesium oil can help in your process of healing. Whether you are looking to use it as a stress aid or even a natural deodorant, you’ll find the oil to be efficient and effective at what it does.

At 100 mg of elemental magnesium per ml, you’ll be sure to get all the transdermal benefits of the spray magnesium. Essential for bodily detoxification, natural energy production, and nerve impulses, ArtNaturals magnesium can help in many ways. It is available in a sleek-looking 12-ounce spray bottle for lasting use.

ArtNaturals Magnesium Spray

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Pure Vitality Minerals – Magnesium Oil Spray

Sourced from an ancient brine well in the American Mid West, here we see a whole new source of magnesium that is pure and completely natural. Often used to control stress, relieve anxiety, reduce pain, and regulate sleep, the spray by Pure Vitality Minerals is a great way to supplement your body with a transdermal magnesium solution. The odorless, undiluted, and easily absorbable magnesium spray is so pure that it it is food grade.

This means you can also take it by adding 3 to 5 sprays in your water daily. It can also be sprayed on the body, below the feet, or under your armpits as an effective deodorant. Each spray contains 115 mg of magnesium chloride and is also used to support hair, skin, and nails. The product is available in an 8-ounce spray bottle.

Pure Vitality Minerals Magnesium Spray

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Seven Minerals – Pure Magnesium Oil Spray

The highly concentrated Seven Minerals, magnesium oil spray is derived from an ancient Permian Seabed in the Southern United States. It can offer relief from conditions that range from depression, hypertension, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, and more. Tested to USP-grade standards, the Seven Minerals spray is considered to be high-quality.

The elemental magnesium is completely absorbable and offers 538 mg of elemental magnesium per teaspoon and 3,182 of elemental magnesium per ounce. Applied to the bottom of the feet or to other parts of the body, Seven Minerals recommends leaving the oil on for 20 minutes before rinsing for maximum benefits. The magnesium oil spray solution is available in a 4-ounce, 12-ounce, or 60 ML bottle.

Seven Minerals Magnesium Spray

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Kaiame Naturals – Pure Magnesium Oil Spray

Sourced and derived from the ancient Zechstein Seabed, Kaiame Naturals magnesium oil spray doesn’t get any better. Mined in the Netherlands, the magnesium spray is pure, undiluted, and effective. The unprocessed magnesium spray solution is easily absorbable and great for relieving sore muscles and cramps. Also used to improve sleep and relieve joint pain, Kaiame Naturals gives way to a pure and unfiltered magnesium chloride solution.

Sourced from two miles beneath the surface, the magnesium spray is free of impurities and heavy metals. Used as an ideal spray for pain, Kaiame Naturals spray can offer a positive impact on your health. The magnesium oil is available in a 12-ounce spray bottle and includes a free travel size spray bottle also.

Kaiame Naturals Magnesium Oil

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