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Best Manuka Honeys You Can Buy

Grown exclusively through out New Zealand , Manuka honey is a food and honey produced from the nectars of the Manuka tree. It is one of the most distinct and rarest honeys in the world that provides a number of notable health benefits. We’ve talked about the many benefits of raw, unfiltered honey and its excellent nutritive benefits that they provide. Now imagine Manuka honey, which is even more nutritious than raw honey, thanks to its very unique MGO enzyme.

In this post, I’ll be going through eight or so excellent Manuka honey products for you to try, while discussing each ones unique Manuka factor. The Manuka factor can simply be described as a formula that describes the purity of the Manuka honey product. This factor, also known as the UMF, indicates the antibacterial strength and medicinal quality of each Manuka honey.

UMF ratings of 10 and above typically indicate very healthy balance of antibacterial properties, giving way to natural healing. A UMF rating over 15 typically consists of very strong phenol levels, which can provide great therapeutic health to the body. Ratings over 20 are considered to be superior in their health benefits. Ratings below 10 usually indicate a honey with the benefits of general honey. That is why we’ll be going over and recommending eight Manuka honeys with highly therapeutic ratings.

Kiva – UMF Certified, Raw Manuka Honey

If you’re looking for an excellent UMF certified, raw Manuka honey, try Kiva. This great brand has come out with a honey that has a UMF rating over 15, giving way to some excellent therapeutical health benefits. Each batch is harvested from the forest-like hills of New Zealand and independently tested, assuring purity and quality. Kiva also offers a superior raw UMF 20+ rated honey as well. 

Kiva’s Manuka honey is great for cold and flu prevention, wound and skin care, digestive health, daily energy, and for general health and well-being. Licensed by the UMF, Kiva is sure to give you only the best honey that the Manuka trees of New Zealand have to offer. The product comes in an 8.8-ounce jar and should be taken one tablespoon at a time.

Manuka Honey (15+ UMF)

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Mercier Kitchen – New Zealand Manuka Honey

The completely natural, pure, and UMF Certified honey from Mercier Kitchen offers many great anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory health properties. Each independently-tested honey by Mercier Kitchen ensures nothing but the highest-grade quality honey.

Pollinated by New Zealand’s Manuka bush, the honey is minimally processed, avoiding heat and pasteurization in the process. The honey, described as dark in color and aromatic offers highly concentrated levels of Manuka with its 15+ UMF rating. Offering one of the purest and most authentic honeys of New Zealand, the 8.8-ounce jar of Mercier Kitchen’s Manuka honey is wonderfully made.

Mercier Kitchen Manuka Honey

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Wild Cape – East Cape Manuka Honey

The UMF 15+ certified-Manuka honey is derived from a huge Manuka forest in the East Cape, North Island of New Zealand. It is a place where many authentic Manuka honey’s are derived. The UMF-verifiable Manuka honey is a lightly colored, deliciously flavored honey with many therapeutic benefits and antibacterial properties.

Its highly pure nature, indicated by its genuine UMF mark, is ethically harvested each summer and does not use any preservatives or additives. It comes in either a 250 gram or 500 gram BPA-free jar that offers 25 to 50 servings. It can also be found in a UMF 10+ verified honey as well.

Wild Cape Manuka Honey

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Happy Valley – Manuka Honey

The naturally and purely derived Manuka honey from Happy Valley comes from the wonderful forests of New Zealand. Certified as UMF 15+, the Manuka honey is harvested and made using only the highest standards. It can also be found in a UMF 18+ version, as well as in a UMF 5+ and UMF 10+ Manuka honey.

Happy Valley’s honey is characterized as having a golden brown color and as distinctively rich in taste and appearance. Its hints of caramel and malt allow for a deliciously healthy honey. Happy Valley’s Manuka honey is available in a 250 gram and 500 gram plastic jar with 12.5 to 25 servings.

Happy Valley Manuka Honey

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Steens – Raw Manuka Honey

Steens offers a number of excellent raw Manuka honeys, all of which are available at different UMF ratings. Available in a UMF rating of 5, 15, 20, and 24, you can decide from some of the best-rated Manuka honeys around. One of the unique aspects to Steens is their filtering process, allowing its honey to retain their Bee Bread, which is rich in many enzymes and amino acids.

The Manuka honey superfood they offer is completely unpasteurized, raw, and cold-pressed to give you the best UMF verifiable honey from New Zealand. Some of their raw Manuka honey uses include digestive and respiratory support, skin care, cold remedy, and as a natural source of energy. Their Manuka honey is available in a 250 gram and 500 gram bottle.

Steens Raw Honey

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Tahi – Manuka Honey

Harvested from the native bush of New Zealand, Tahi’s Manuka honey is minimally processed, giving way to a UMF 15+ verifiable honey and many other UMF rated honeys as well. It includes no extra sugar, water, or preservatives, ensuring freshness and purity. Used to clean wounds and for better general health, Tahi’s Manuka honey offers a wonderful taste with a great aroma and creamy texture.

Tahi is a brand that not only abides by strict guidelines but fair business practices, having planted over 250,000 trees in their habitat. If you need a deliciously smooth, raw, and genuine honey, try Tahi. It is available in a 250 gram and 400 gram bottle.

Tahi Manuka Honey

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Bee’s Inn – New Zealand Manuka Honey

Bee’s Inn honey is a highly admired honey, which comes in three different UMF ratings. They include UMF 5, 10, and 15. For health and therapeutic purposes, we will be focusing on their UMF 15+ raw honey, which is independently verified and tested. The honey is harvested by authentic beekeepers located in North Island of New Zealand.

Grown only from the best nectar of the Manuka tree, Bee’s Inn honey has gained many fans. It not only offers high antibacterial properties and great health properties, but offers a tasty and genuine Manuka honey taste. Its UMF 15+ honey is gluten free, preservative free, and available in a 250 gram jar.

Bees Inn Manuka Honey

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Onuku – Manuka Honey 

If you want a very high-quality Manuka honey with great healing properties, try Onuku’s UMF verified honey from New Zealand. Derived from the indigenous Manuka bush, the Onuku Manuka honey comes in UMF 5, 10, 15, and 25+ ratings. The 100-percent pure and natural Manuka honey has so many uses and benefits containing up to 1200 mg of Natural Methylglyoxal.

It can be used as an ointment, oil, face washer, moisturizer, cream, lotion, as a health remedy, and much more. It can also be used on wounds, bandages, and to treat various skin conditions. The delicious Manuka honey can be bought in a 250 gram and 500 gram jar.

Onuku Manuka Honey

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