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Best Matcha Green Tea Powders

Matcha green tea powder is a great addition to any healthy diet because of its rich nutritional profile. Found in both powder form and tea bags, Matcha green tea is distinct and rich in taste, color, and appearance.

With some of the most potent antioxidant levels of any tea, it is certainly a tea that is worthwhile discussing. Among these antioxidants is EGCg, which is at-least 100 times more prevalent in matcha green tea, than most other teas.

Its rich amino acid profile contains L-Theanine, which pairs great with caffeine for a more relaxed, peaceful energy. Other prevalent traits and benefits of the enjoyable matcha green tea include natural detox, better metabolism, enhanced mood & calmness, and much more. A bit of raw honey or Manuka honey also gives a nice taste to the tea, while offering additional healthful benefits.

Now we’ll go over some of the best matcha green tea powders to incorporate into your daily diet and lifestyle. Used not only for drinking, these matcha green tea powders have excellent culinary use as well!

Jade Leaf Matcha – Green Tea Powder

The organic matcha green tea powder by Jade Leaf Matcha is an excellent culinary grade powder that can be used for many culinary purposes. Made completely of 100% organic matcha green tea, each serving of the powder contains 34 mg of caffeine.

This is also about a third of a cup of coffee. The complete gluten-free and vegan matcha green tea powder is further sourced from organic farms in Uji, Japan. Rich in antioxidants, the matcha green tea is said to have a number of benefits like boosting metabolism and providing you with natural energy.

Jade Leaf Matcha is furthermore, a brand that uses wonderful hand-picked techniques when harvesting their matcha. Shade grown for weeks at a time, the tea is picked in a way to only give you the highest-quality, most nutritional matcha tea available.

This includes removing the teas stems and veins, grounding them into a fine powder, and packing them into an airtight bag full of delightful matcha tea. The Classic Culinary Grade matcha tea is then lab-tested for purity, potency, integrity, and safety to give you only the best tea, Jade Leaf Matcha has to offer!

Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea

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Zen Spirit – Matcha Tea Organic

Zen Spirit’s matcha green tea is completely pure, organic, vegan certified, and gluten-free. Rich in its nutritional profile, this matcha tea is harvested from the southern mountains of Japan.

Considered to be premium culinary grade, the tea can be used in addition to any healthy diet. It can also be used in cooking, baking, and drinks to give you a boost of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.

The matcha tea powder is described as silky in texture, fresh in appearance, and wonderful in taste. Similar to many Matchas, Zen Spirit’s green tea further has naturally occurring EGCg and L-theanine to help you through out your day.

Their matcha tea organic powder is also said to boost your immunity, improve weight loss, metabolism, detoxify the body, lower cholesterol, increase energy, and naturally relieve tress!

Zen Spirit Matcha Powder

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Matchaccino – Starter Matcha Green Tea

 This culinary grade green tea matcha by Matchaccino is completely organic, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. The tea comes from shade-grown tea leaves from the country of China. The culinary grade tea has a fall green color, mild aroma, and a medium green tea flavor.

The superfood matcha green tea powder is rich in nutrients and said to provide long-lasting natural energy through out the day with nearly 137 times the amount of antioxidants found in regular green tea.

Finely grounded into powder, each tea leaf is first hygienically washed and dried under the sun to produce only the best matcha tea powder.  The powder is described as smooth, appealing, and very fine in texture. Used in many foods, beverages, and desserts, the matcha tea is refreshing in taste!

Matchaccino Green Tea

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Kenko Tea – Matcha Green Tea Powder

One of the best features of Kenko’s matcha green tea powder is that it’s premium grade. It’s a powder that only uses the most delicate, youngest, and freshest tea leaves available, giving way to a vibrant and high-quality matcha green tea.

The tea will have anywhere from 25 to 35 mg of caffeine per half teaspoon, plenty of L-theanine, and other antioxidants to keep you relaxed and at peace. Grown in the Nishio region of Japan, the matcha green tea is harvested in the months of April and May.

Their powder is described as being vibrant in color, without bitterness, and delicious in taste. Their growing and harvesting process includes growing the leaves in the shade, hand-picking the leaves, and then steaming and air-drying the leaves.

The process is followed by grading the leaves for taste and texture, removing tea leaf stems and veins, and then stone-grinding the leaves into an ultra-fine powder. The result is a super premium matcha tea powder!

Kenko Matcha Tea

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TEAki Hut – Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

TEAki Hut’s matcha green tea comes packaged in an airtight, non-BPA bag. It is a purely organic, additive-free green tea powder that is said to enhance mood, memory, and natural energy.

The organic matcha tea powder is also high in antioxidants, filled with catechin and EGCG, and great for strengthening the immune system. Its amazing flavor is further accompanied by enhancing calmness and detoxifying the body.

There is about 85 mg of caffeine per 8-ounce cup of TEAki Hut’s organic match green tea. The taste is described as earthy, woodsy, and bright. Its brewed color, said to be earthy green and its aroma as grassy.

TEAki Hut Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Kiss Me Organics – Matcha Green Tea Powder

Kiss Me Organics offers both a culinary grade and ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder. Both are vegan, non-GMO, and filled with naturally-occurring antioxidants, nutrients, ECGc, and vitamins.

Their culinary grade matcha is most optimal for use in smoothies, beverages, and lattes. Great for all-day energy, the powder is also said to improve metabolism, focus, and skin health.

The green tea powder is further harvested from Japan and great for all kinds of recipes. Lab-tested for quality and purity, Kiss Me Organics matcha powder is both top quality and organic.

Kiss Me Organics Matcha Powder

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 Matcha Wellness – Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha Wellness’ superior culinary matcha green tea powder will allow you to live your day in peace and with a clear mind. Its high-levels of chlorophyll gives the tea its beautifully vibrant green color. Its antioxidant, L-theanine helps memory, mood, and concentration.

The premium matcha tea is considered “tencha,” meaning it is shaded from sunlight for up to 4 weeks before harvest. This gives way to its vibrant green color and rich amino acid profile. Filled with “umami,” Matcha Wellness’ matcha offers a taste that is savory and elegant.

This taste is also accompanied by an initial earthy taste and followed by a mellowly-sweet after-taste. Each cup of their matcha green tea powder contains 30 to 35 grams of caffeine that will leave you relaxed but energized.

Used in lattes, smoothies, and cooking, the matcha isn’t only versatile, but authentic and great-tasting. It is further made and harvested in the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan.

Matcha Wellness Green Tea Powder

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