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Raw honey is one of the world’s most natural and powerful superfoods that can help you and your health in many ways. Its high antioxidant activity and richness in vitamins and minerals make it one of those foods that can benefit you daily.

Raw honey is further beneficial because it is minimally processed, keeping its nutritional profile in-tact. Next time you go to buy honey, go for raw since that is the honey you get right from the beehive itself. This keeps the enzyme activity high and beneficial to the body.

Regular honey on the other hand is less beneficial and has a much weaker nutritional profile because of the high heating process it has to go through, being heated up to 150 to 170-degrees fareinheit. The reason we have regular honey is because its what the supermarkets tend to prefer as it keeps the honey from not crystallizing as quickly (or solidifying).

Regular honey tends to remove many of the beneficial and healthy particles, air bubbles, and pollen grains typically found in raw honey, when taken out of the beehive. Although, honey has found its way into mainstream society, that’s not to say you can’t find that deliciously nutritious, raw honey. In this post, we go through 8 of the best raw honey products that you can buy for better health and energy!

Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey

Y.S. Eco Bee Farms offers a very specially harvested, natural wholesome source of honey. This raw liquid honey is completely non-pasteurized ensuring you get all its awesome nutrition. The honey is certified organic, pure, and taken straight from the beehive, carefully preserving all its enzymes, vitamins, and minerals alive.

If the honey tends to crystallize, simply place the container in warm water until it liquifies. Benefits may include greater antioxidant activity, better athletic performance, and improved digestion. The product comes in a 22-ounce jar of pure honey and can be bought individually or in packs (of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6). You’ll be sure to love its thick, creamy texture!

Y.S. Eco Farms Raw Honey

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Nature Nate’s Raw Honey and Comb

Nature Nate’s is a brand we want to bring to your attention because of how loved it is among individuals and the variation of honey products they offer. One product you might enjoy is their Raw Honeycomb. The honeycomb are the actual shells used to contain the honey, making it one of the purest and rawest forms of honey.

The wax of the honeycomb further has many nutritional and health benefits such as improving your metabolism, protecting the liver, lowering cholesterol, and boosting energy. The comb can also be chewed on for better gum health. In total, Nature Nate’s offers 5 different kinds of honey worth checking out. The honey and comb is available in a 16-ounce jar.

Nature Nate's Honey and Comb

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Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey

If you want a very nutritious and rich honey that comes from the unique habitat of New Zealand, try Wedderspoon’s ever popular raw Manuka honey. The honey is raw, non-GMO, and offers many naturally health-occurring properties. This is indicative by its KFactor, which is New Zealands government approved rating system, which guarantees a high-count of Manuka pollen carrying many health benefits.

A 16 KFactor for example, guarantees that 75% of the pollen in that honey contains Manuka flower pollen grains, helping to authenticate its true origin. They also offer their honey at a 12 KFactor and 22 KFactor rating. Wedderspoon’s raw honey can be enjoyed as a health remedy, workout supplement, or to assist with an active lifestyle. Try the unique Manuka honey today!

Wedderspoon Raw Honey

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 Honest Raw Honey 

Honest Raw Honey offers a product that is completely natural maintaining a very healthy and nutritious profile. Honest Raw Honey is able to maintain its pollens, propolis, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and natural texture and taste. The company even cools the honey after harvest in order to better preserve all its nutrients.

The raw honey is all made in the United States from their own beehives. You may also find bits of wax, honey foam, and propolis mixed through out the jar because of its raw authenticity. They also offer another honey with organic ceylon cinnamon for added taste, while also maintaining its pure form. The honey is available in a 22 ounce jar.

Honest Raw Honey

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 Sandt’s Raw Honey Varietal Bundles

If you want a variety pack of completely raw honey, try Sandt’s. It comes in a variety of wonderful flavors, so you can mix up the taste of your honey every once in a while. Sandt’s is nevertheless, a wonderful family-owned business that has been operating since 1918, gathering and harvesting nothing but some of the highest-quality raw and kosher honey around.

Sandt’s honey contains all the good stuff – pollen, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and enzymes. Their honey comes in a variety of flavors, taken from different parts of the flower. Their Clover Honey comes straight from the nectar. It is light golden and perfect for cooking, table use, or baking. Their all-purpose Golden Honey is taken from the nectar of the sweet clover and flower. Their floral and fruity Orange Blossom Honey is taken from the Florida orange groves and is especially great in tea or complementary with food.

Sandt's Raw Honey

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This isn’t Sandt’s only varietal bundle however. In addition to the Clover, Golden, and Orange Blossom flavored honeys that they offer, Sandt offers another different bundle for you to enjoy. Their other bundle consists of three more great honey flavors – Buckwheat, Wildflower, and Blueberry. Sandt’s Buckwheat Honey is a much stronger, darker, more distinct honey taken from the Buckwheat Bloom.

Their Wildflower Honey is taken from a number of different flowers and has a taste and aroma that varies with each bottle and season. Last but not least, is Sandt’s Blueberry Honey, which as you might guess comes from the flowers of the blueberry bush and is described as having a very well-balanced flavor. All of Sandt’s honey comes in a package of three, 16 ounce squeezable bottles!

Sandt's Raw Honey Bundle

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Maple Holistics Raw Organic Honey 

Maple Holistics that is very popular and enjoyed by many. It is pure, raw, and organic, being packaged right from the hive to the jar. The honey is further sourced from Brazil, where it never undergoes any processing. The raw honey by Maple Holistics has been said to have many uses.

It can be used to consume, for skin care, as a sweetener, and as a sugar alternative. The delicious honey by Maple Holistics work as a great dietary and health supplement. Enjoyed for its authentic taste, the honey is considered US Grade A, kosher, and comes in a convenient BPA-free squeezable bottle.

Maple Holistics Raw Organic Honey

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Crockett’s Raw Wildflower Honey

Based out of Tempe, Arizona, Crockett offers some of the best honey Arizona has to offer. Harvested from the Sonoran Desert, Crocketts delicious honey is raw, wild, pure, and natural. Honey from the Sonoran Desert can further be described as giving off a delicately mild flavor that is simply taken from the flower and then packaged.

Crockett’s sources of honey include Palo Verde, Cactus, Cat Claw, and Mesquite. If you’re looking for a honey with all its natural, nutritional elements, and are interested in one sourced from the southwestern, desert regions, then give Crockett’s healthy honey a try. Their raw honey is available in a 48 ounce or 3 pound jug for a long-lasting, honey tasting experience!

Crocketts Raw & Unfiltered Honey

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Desert Creek Honey’s Raw Texas Honey

Another southern U.S. brand or local farmer you should try is Desert Creek Honey, which also sells its raw honey in bulk, for anyone looking for a nice lasting supply. The honey is considered natural and comes from a local Texan beekeeper. From the hive to the bottle, Desert Creek Honey maintains its healthy, natural form.

Desert Creek Honey also has a wildflower flavor and is harvested from the Indian Blanket, Clover, and Scabiosa flowers. The honey can be described as dark and rich. The raw wild honey is available in an economical 1 gallon size (or 12 pounds), which you can pour into smaller jars or bottles for easier use and pour-age. Desert Creek Honey also comes in a 1 pound squeezable bottle, allowing for an initial taste test!

Desert Creek Honey's Raw Honey

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