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Best Sports For Building Muscle & Staying Lean



#1. Wrestling

wrestlingWrestling is a tough sport, which requires discipline, stamina, and a whole lot of endurance.

Most importantly, wrestling can help get you ripped like no other by pushing you to place cuts on your calorie intake.

In order to make that cut for that next wrestling match, you must be able to both shed pounds while adding as much muscle mass to your body as possible.

As a wrestler, you tend to activate a lot of your core muscles, which greatly helps with your overall physique. The more muscle you can maintain at your weight class, the stronger you’ll be within that class.

If you’re considering a sport to help you gain muscle while staying as lean as possible, then check out wrestling which tops our list for these reasons and for its ability to teach discipline.


#2. Gymnastics

gymnasticsYou didn’t think this list would only comprise of the “manliest” sports out there, did you?

If you’ve ever watched the Olympics, then you already know that most of these gymnasts are ripped like no other. But how are these gymnasts so strong?

Well for one, they’re constantly using their own body weight to get stronger and two, their training consistently requires them to perfect their balance, co-ordination, and agility that requires them to lift their own bodyweight.

Strength from becoming a gymnast is more of a secondary effect than anything else. It’s a result of the type of movements and activity they do that makes them strong, whereas wrestling, is more of a direct result from weight-lifting and with their phases of cutting down on calories.


#3. Sprinting

sprintingLets just say for hypothetical purposes, that what you’re looking to do is build the best lower body, core, and abdominal 8-pack you can get, then sprinting is your sport.

When we refer to sprinting, we’re not just referring to you making a few laps around the track.. We’re talking about you actually giving it your all for a certain time duration followed by some rest.

Take HIIT for example, a 20 to 30 minute workout, which has actually become one of the best ways out there to lose weight and progressively increase both strength and endurance.

The reason sprinting is so beneficial is because you push your body to its max. By working your body at full capacity even for just a small amount of time, your body then learns to adapt to these high stress situations resulting in a body fat killing machine for months and years to come, while also allowing you to pack on more core muscle.

It does this by elevating your metabolism to its peak long after you’ve done your sprints. Compare that to a steady state cardio workout, which does absolutely nothing when it comes to burning off considerable amounts of body fat and you have a winner.


#4. Swimming

swimmingIn a way, swimming is just like a resistant workout in itself.

The water is resisting you as you try and propel yourself forward, which is what makes swimming one of the best ways to tone your physique.

Unlike weight lifting, swimming actually causes much less stress on the body, which makes it a great way to drop the pounds and increase muscle mass, while preventing injury altogether.

Besides that, swimming provides a ton of secondary benefits like improving your endurance, cardiovascular system, and even in giving you a more healthier state of mind.

If you’ve ever challenged yourself in the pool by doing a few laps, you know that this workout is just as difficult, as tiring, and as demanding on your body as in a sprint.

But with swimming, you’re not only increasing your lung capacity, but are going against some heavy water resistance, which in the end, may just give you that chiseled body you’ve been looking for all along.


#5. Football

footballOf course, we’re not going to leave out one of the most important and favorited sports out there – football. It’s a grueling one for sure, but it’s also one that requires you put time in the gym day in and out.

More importantly, it’s a sport that will also introduce you to the proper ways and form that is required with lifting, allowing you to make your use of the time at the gym highly efficient.

For football players, one of the most important concepts to building mass is by focusing on your compound workouts, which is exactly what anyone and everyone should be doing when building muscle.

Its focus on the basic bench press, squat, deadlift, and clean and press, will certainly take you a long way in gaining plenty of muscle mass.

But similarly important is the physical contact involved and constant use of conditioning drills requiring totally explosive movements that all in-turn makes you stronger.. If you decide football is your sport, just don’t become the next high school jock.


#6. Boxing

boxingOne reason you should maybe consider incorporating boxing into your routine isn’t because of the actual sport itself, but because of the training regimen that comes with it.

Actively hitting the bag can help you build muscle, but when you begin to add weight training into the mix your muscles become faster, stronger, and more explosive.

Hitting the bag alone however only involves minimal resistance so we highly recommend that you also train with weights daily in order to make the most of this sport as a way for gaining a muscle.



Best Sports For Building Muscle

These are the top 6 sports that top our list, but just because a sport isn’t mentioned on here doesn’t mean it’s not an effective way to build muscle.

Its just that these are the ones we’ve found to have the most impact and change on your body. Other sports we wish we could add to the list are surfing, hockey, ballet, and lacrosse, which in their own rights, are all very demanding activities.

The important thing to take away here is that the more serious you take that sport and the less inclined you are to give up on it, the better success you’ll see with it.

It’s important when building up your own competitiveness that you never rush into it and understand that progress takes time. It’s always best when doing these sports in a competitive environment to pick one or two that complement each other and focusing on those during the season.

If you’re only trying to choose a sport to add some variety to your workout routines, that is also a great and highly recommended idea. It’s important to choose something that you know you won’t get bored with and that you can see yourself committing to as much as possible.

Taking a boxing class at the local gym for example, is a great way to add some variety into your normal everyday workout routines, which can help tone & build new muscle..

Throwing in your own HIIT exercise once or twice a week is another awesome idea, which studies have shown to actually be much more enjoyable (and beneficial) than a standard steady-state cardio routine.

You could even decide to go on a swim instead of doing another old resistant workout routine at your gym.. Now wouldn’t that be fun?

What do you think of our list? Have any other recommendations? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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