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Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review

Body Champ Olympic Bench Review

Product: Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

Type: Strength training, benching, lower body

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Overall Rating: 9.5/10


The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is an excellent choice for anyone looking to work on both and upper and lower body development from home. With included safety measures and all the accessories you could ask for, the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench satisfies on so many levels.

Its most standout feature however, has to be the ability to adjust the backrest in 7 different positions. The variety of ways in which you can bench and workout those pectoral muscles is just incredible. With the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench, you can expect to work on a large multiple and variety flat, decline, and incline military positions.


Specs & Dimensions

  • Measurements are 76″ L  x 56″ W x 55″H
  • Shipping Weight is 86.5 pounds.
  • Weight of actual bench is 78.5 pounds.
  • Compatible with most 6′, 7′, and 8′ Standard or Olympic Bars.


Included Accessories

Perhaps, another major standout feature of the Body Champ Weight Bench is the wide number of accessories that are included with this bench. While the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench, doesn’t include any barbells or weight plates, it does come with a variety of accessories and features that can be utilized with them.


These Include:

  • An Olympic Plate Adapter.
  • Spring Clip For Leg Developer.
  • Preacher Curl Pad.
  • Arm Curl Bar.
  • Ab Crunch with Foam Grip Handle Attachment.


The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is furthermore compatible with the majority of 6′ and 7′ olympic bars and weight sets. We recommend checking out our post on the best olympic weight sets here to see which set you might feel is best for you and your setup. In that post, you should be able to find some great weight sets you can buy on a budget, as well as some other more higher quality weight sets. Having a weight set of your own will allow you to make full use of the features with the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench.

The only condition when using the proper weight set is to ensure that the outer catch width is no less than 38.5″. This is otherwise known as the length between the collars of the bar, which we recommend you contact manufacturer beforehand to make sure of.

We would also recommend considering one of these floor mats as well to keep your floors safe and protected.

In regards to which weight set you choose, you have two options – a 300-pound olympic weight set such as this one offered by CAP Barbell or a lighter 110-pound weight set. Whichever one you choose or decide is right for you will depend on how much weight you plan on lifting. For more professional or heavy-weight lifters, we’d definitely recommend going with a standard 300-pound olympic set.


Features Of The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look at the features that makes this bench great.Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

  • Olympic Adapter – The olympic adapter might be a feature you weren’t previously aware of, but is such a key component in allowing you to use the weight bench a 300-pound olympic weight set. The adapter will thus, allow you to use & store either a standard or Olympic set of weights.
  • Adjustable Bench & Squat Rack – In addition to being able to bench, the Body Champ Olympic Bench can also be used as an adjustable squat rack.
  • 7 Adjustable Positions – With 7 adjustable backrest positions, this bench has plenty of versatility and positions to choose from, including multiple flat, incline, and decline positions.
  • Leg Developer – The adjustable dual action leg developer will also allow you to work on lower body movements, in addition to your daily squat routine. These will mainly allow you to work on your hamstrings and quads by doing leg curls and extensions.
  • Preacher Curl – On top of the dual leg action developer is a preacher curl that will allow you to exercise your biceps using your own set of weight plates. This is due to the included arm curl bar, which is an included attachable accessory with the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench.
  • Safety Features – Body Champ also made sure to include the necessary safety precautions like adding built-in safety hooks and a “no-pinch design” for enhanced safety protection.

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Summary

The one thing we love most about the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is its ability to appeal to consumers who are interested in using both the standard and/or Olympic Weight Sets. We further love the versatility of this bench and the fact that its backrest has 7 adjustable positions. The fact it can be used as a squat rest and a way to further enhance workouts of other body parts makes this a bench that we highly recommend.

Most importantly, we love that its affordable and doesn’t take up as much space as other benches and setups which are capable of doing the same thing. The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench really makes the best use of the space that it occupies. With a dual leg developer, preacher curl, squat, bench, and ability to work out your abs will allow you to really focus on a near full-body workout with as much safety and convenience as possible.


  • Hi Pete, I like this Olympic Weight Bench. I like the accessories that come with it such as a spring clip for leg developer and arm curl bar. And also it’s compatible with the weight sets and the price just seems like a bargain to me.

    Are there any cons with this bench? I’m fairly a beginner with gym equipment so I just wonder if it’s easy to start using. Also will I need to assemble it?

    Thanks for the great review, I think I’d really like to get this one.


  • It’s by far one of my personal favorites Ray. The bench just offers so much versatility. I think looking into one of these is a great first step forward for anyone looking to build a home gym. Yes, assembly is a must, but that can also be purchased separately if needed. Glad you liked the review and honestly, I haven’t many cons other than needing to carefully choose your Olympic bar & weights with this bench beforehand, to make sure it fits!

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