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Best Body Champ Weight Bench Reviews

One brand that has a great selection of weight benches to choose from is Body Champ. With their great range of home gym equipment to select from, it’s no surprise to see the popularity of their benches in store. Similar to Marcy, we can expect to see many of the same high-quality attributes with their benches.

One distinction however, is that Body Champ tends to include a number of attachments to just about all of their weight benches, whereas Marcy has its own line of flat utility benches as well. Body Champ is an especially good choice however, for individuals looking to utilize their own Olympic Weight Bench from home and need a curl bar and leg developer to go with it.

So without further or due here are Body Champs top of the line weight benches to choose from.


Body Champ WB125 Beginner Standard Weight Bench

If you’ve been recently introduced into the world of weight lifting or just need a bench that is simple, light, and efficient, then try Body Champs WB125 weight bench.

A great addition to any home gym, the WB125 is considered to be a compact bench that can carry up to 250-pounds at a time. The starter bench has 3 adjustable positions, 2 that incline, and 1 flattened position.

Its built-in leg attachment further allows its users to perform leg lifts and curls while using their own set of weights for resistance. Non-pinch catches on either side allow you to hold a bar up to 6 feet in length with an outer catch width of 25.5″.

If you’re looking for an easy to assemble, simple, light, and affordable bench, then give the Body Champ WB125 Standard Bench a try!

Body Champ WB125 Review


Body Champ Standard Weight Bench

If you need a bench that is wider and appropriate for beginners then check out the Body Champ Standard Weight Bench. The bench has a wider outer catch of about 29.75″, used in conjunction with a standard weight set and 5′ to 6′ bar.

Despite its width the Body Champ Standard Weight Bench is still considered compact and a great fit for any room in your home. It’s also a fairly light-weight bench, weighing only up to 43-pounds.

A dual action leg developer is also included, allowing you to comfortably perform leg lift curls and extensions from the bench itself. Its backrest can be adjusted to four different positions, three of which incline, and another in a flattened position.

Enhanced safety measures have also been considered in the construction of the standard weight bench, providing you with frame hooks and safety stabilizers for stability.

Those looking for a solid, beginner weight bench from home can consider trying the Body Champ Standard Weight Bench.

Body Champ Standard Bench Review


Body Champ 5 Position Adjustable Utility Bench

Those who love working with the best dumbbells, can also consider going with something like Body Champ’s 5 position adjustable utility weight bench.

One reason you’ll love this bench, is because of its easy to use gliding mechanism into any one of its flat, incline, or decline positions. One of those positions is considered to be military, one flat, one decline, and two that are incline.

Each position is further secured by a simple solid steel pin to be inserted. It also offers four foam rollers to secure your legs and body as you perform your workout. The utility bench is a great option when it comes to performing lifts in the many different positions it offers.

These may include dumbbell exercises, body-weight workouts, and typical weight lifting routines. The bench is also double wrapped in cushions and finished with its own unique leather giving to its durable nature.

Body Champ Utility Bench Review


Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench

Those who need a weight bench that is much more advance and capable of holding an Olympic bar and plates, will want to take a look at the Body Champ BCB3780. The width between each post is 41″ long, giving you plenty of room and space to lift.

A dual leg-action developer is also attached allowing you to workout the lower body, while its backrest can be adjusted in 6 different positions. This will allow you to perform lifts like the bench press and more in a incline, decline, military, and flat position.

Its locking safety hook and non-pinch grip works to ensure better safety measures as you work with the Olympic Weight Bench. Performing squats can also be completed by its freestanding upright capability.

Its locking leg lift pin further allows its users to perform abdominal workouts and sit-ups at a deep decline. The Body Champ Olympic Bench’s addition of deluxe cushions and foam rollers puts the final, finishing touch on this satisfying weight bench.

Body Champ BCB3780 Bench Review


Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench

Otherwise known as Body Champ’s best-selling bench, the BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench is the most-inclusive and has what you need to complete a full-body workout from home.

With Body Champ’s BCB5860, you’ll be able to perform awesome bicep lifts with its attached preacher curl, leg lifts & extensions with its leg developer, and ab crunching workouts with its incline and decline capabilities.

Not to mention, you’ll be able to perform the bench press in incline, decline, and flat positions, and squat given the adjustable and freestanding rack. In total, the BCB5860’s backrest can be adjusted into 7-different positions for the ultimate versatility on any bench.

The weight bench further comes with an Olympic Plate adapter (used for both standard & Olympic plates), spring clip for the leg developer, arm curl bar, preacher curl pad, and foam grip handle attachments.

The bench which also comes with safety measures in mind is by far Body Champs ultimate and most desirable bench, which will efficiently help you strengthen, work out, and tone your entire body.

Body Champ BCB5860 Bench Review

Thanks for checking out the top five weight benches offered by Body Champ. We hope you’ve found what you were looking for. If you have any comments or questions in regards to any one of their weight benches, please leave them below!

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