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BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym Review


The Xpress Pro Home Gym by BodyCraft is a beautifully looking, functional home gym that would make for one of today’s most idealistic home gyms. With plenty of upgrades and workout versatility, BodyCraft is a trustworthy manufacturer for everything home-gym related.

This revolutionary home gym might not be the smallest piece of machinery, but serves as an excellent gym substitute for any home with the right amount of room or space.  Total dimensions of the BodyCraft Xpress Pro is 56.6″ W x 83″ H x 82.5″ L with a total weight of 575-pounds.

Expert assembly for the Xpress Pro is highly recommended and will make life easier if this is one of the first gyms you intend on inquiring. Another model by BodyCraft to take into consideration would be the HFT Functional Trainer, which capitalizes more on a cable-pulley system.


Who’s It For?

The Xpress Pro Home Gym is a recommended substitute for families and individuals looking for an optimal gym membership replacement or for those who want to workout from home with as much versatility, convenience, and comfort as possible.

The gym’s primary focus on functional core training, sport-specific workouts, as well as rehabilitation exercises gives it a much wider attraction, appealing to people with different objectives in mind.

Whether you’re looking to simply maintain muscle mass or train harder for that next Olympic or athletic sport event, the Xpress Pro Home Gym and the exercises it offers serves a variety of purposes to a number of crowds and audiences. This is all due to its extremely robust strength-training system that allows individuals perform over 100 exercises with some that can even improve your golf swing.

More importantly, are the number of ways each of these exercises can be done. The BodyCraft Xpress Pro offers so much functionality that its features & available exercises are worth taking a much more in-depth look.

BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym

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Features & Exercises

Fully Adjustable Seat For Comfort – One of the most important aspects when buying any home gym is ensuring that a sufficient sense of comfort is provided; an aspect that the Xpress Pro gets right. Its fully adjustable seat makes it appropriate for individuals of any size.

The seats adjustment can be optimized with a single squeeze of a remote handle located underneath the seat, allowing you to adjust height of the seat. Further adjustment can also be done from front to back, which additionally features automatic cradling for improved support.

The ergonomically designed back pad is double-layered providing you with full back and lumbar support.

Increased Resistance Feature – One of the most stand-out features of the Xpress Pro is its ability to nearly double the resistance on demand. While the gym only incorporates a 200-pound weight stack, its one of a kind double-up feature allows users to increase resistance to a ratio of 1:2, ultimately providing up to 400-pounds of resistance on exercises like the press arm, bench press, and leg press.

Low Pulley With Foot Plate Station – Sufficient for working on exercises like hip abductors an adductors, arm curls, upright rows, low rows, and plenty more.

Mid Pulley & Ab Crunch Station – Used for working out the mid-section of your body like your abdominal and core, as well as arm exercises, like the triceps extension.

High Pulley Station – Used for performing lat pull-downs and tricep push-downs.

Adjustable Arm Press Station – One of the most important and versatile stations that offers 11 adjusting positions involving exercises related to core training, functional training, sports-related training, and dumbbell training.

Allows you to perform seated rows, shoulder & incline presses, and machine-style bench presses. Seat & seat back are further fully adjustable for proper support and performance of rows, presses, and inclines.

Functional Training/Cable Arm Station – Supporting over 100 exercises, the 180-degree adjustable cable arms will allow you to work on nearly every cable-related workout you can think of from your very own home gym.

Leg Extension & Curl Station – Allows you to perform lower body related exercises, such as seated leg extensions and standing leg curls, even without the optional leg press attachment.

Optional Leg Press – Optional leg press attachment allows for more fuller leg development with the leg press workout, handling up to 400-pounds in total resistance.

Designed For Space, Durability, and Performance – The Xpress Pro Gym is designed to be placed against the wall to help save as much precious space possible. Sealed and internally lubricated bearings allows for a much smoother workout experience.

Its nylon-coated aircraft cables are further rated at over 2,000 pounds of tensile strength. Perforated stack guards are further used to help dampen noise while weight lifting with use of a platinum gray and powder coat finish on the weights.

Included Accessories – The gym further comes with many desirable accessories such as a lat bar, ankle strap, curl bar, and two single handles. Additional accessories such as tricep rope, sports stick, 5-pound add on weight, and leg press option can be bought separately.

Check out this link for our most recommended home gym attachments. As with any home gym, we also highly recommend looking into some proper home gym flooring to keep the floors of your home, basement, or garage, safe and protected.

XPress Pro Gym With Leg Press

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BodyCraft’s Xpress Pro Home Gym is one of the most robust, durable, and well-crafted home gym we’ve reviewed thus far. It’s also one of the more expensive home gyms on the market. With that said, you’d get more versatility and options when working out with this gym than most out there.

Its incorporation of low, mid, and a high pulley station system can be seen in most home gyms today. But its the inclusion of its 180-degree cable pulley system, adjustable arm press station, and leg extensions and curl station that truly adds to the home gyms overall versatility.

If you’re looking for a home gym that is capable of nearly any exercise that can be done at the gym, with exceptions, than the Xpress Pro Gym is highly recommended. Things to consider are the fact you can’t workout using Olympic bars or weights needed for squats, deadlifts, and the traditional bench. But, that should be a given.

Xpress Pro is an excellent home gym with a fantastic choice of workout selections suited for all types of individuals, goals, and athletic-related objectives.


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