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Cubii Smart Under-Desk Elliptical Review – An Amazing New Concept!


Coming from the makers and desks of Arnav, Ryota, and Shivani, the Cubii Smart Under-desk Elliptical was a start-up concept designed to enforce a more active lifestyle in sedentary situations, like sitting down.

The Cubii Smart Elliptical works flawlessly in that respect, providing you with a very smooth and fluid workout as you sit at your desk, on the couch, patio or backyard. Designed to fit under your desk, the Cubii elliptical is an appealing option for exercise no matter who you are and one fantastic option for getting in a low-impact workout, while working at your desk.

Allowing you to hit two birds with one stone, the Cubbii Smart Under-Desk is time-saving, space-saving, efficient, effective, and discreet. This is the kind of machine we recommend to everyone, fitness enthusiasts included, because of its potential in allowing you to work off more calories and in keeping your body in an unconsciously active state.

The Cubii Smart Under-Desk has been know to increase energy expenditure by up to 84.5%, therefore counteracting many of the negative effects brought on by being to sedentary.

Cubii: Smart Under-Desk Elliptical

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One thing we love most about Cubii’s Elliptical is its inherently innovative design. It reminds us of today’s more prominent companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and of products like ZMG’s Foldable Ab Roller.

It’s the design of the Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical that makes you want to have and use this product even more. The design of the Cubii makes it look sleek, compact, durable, and beautiful. It speaks a lot to the Cubii brand and the effort and time they’ve put into producing and manufacturing a highly wanted and desired product.

Weighing only 27 pounds, the Cubii Elliptical can easily be carried, transported, and stored for later use. Its under-desk design further makes the Cubii feel like the equipment isn’t even there or intruding in your space. Exact product dimensions of the Cubii Elliptical is 23″ L x 11″ W  x 9″ H.



Cubii excels even more-so with some of its innovative features we simply have to mention. As one of today’s only blue-tooth enabled ellipticals, the Cubii Under-Desk allows you to keep track of your daily activity using Cubii’s exclusive mobile app. This activity is broken down into metrics, such as calories, miles, strides, and minutes you’ve been active.

The app further gives you options for challenges and goal settings, allowing you to see how many calories or distance you can walk off a day. These challenges can be done alone, by competing with other Cubii users, or by competing with family and friends, all of which can be done on the Cubii app.

In addition to Cubii’s bluetooth capabilities, progress with your under-desk elliptical can be synced directly to your FitBit, so you can surpass your FitBit goals and number of steps taken even further.

When it comes to features and design of the Cubii elliptical, you’ll find them to be very ergonomic, in the sense it allows you to maintain better posture and an unconscious motion. The Cubii’s use of a smaller range of motion further allows for more comfort as you take every step on the elliptical.

Everything done with the Cubii is also done manually, so there are no motors involved giving you control over both speed and rotations per minute or RPM. Working out with your Cubii can also be personalized and done to your liking giving you a selection of 8 different resistant levels to choose from, allowing you to work your way up to tougher and higher resistant workouts.

Cubii further claims that the continuous elliptical motion it provides can make you more productive in other areas of life, not limited to, but including better and improved productivity, a reduction in overall stress, and making you feel more active in your daily life.

Cubii Elliptical Mobile App & Bluetooth



We found the Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical to provide an excellent and new solution to an otherwise, common and prevalent problem. There’s no denying that life in general has become more sedentary over the years with more desk-filled jobs than ever before. The Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical is just one way to keep your body moving and in an active state.

It gives us all another chance and opportunity to integrate more movement and activity into our daily lives for better current and future health. It allows us to move at times, we can’t necessarily hit the gym or get the workout we so wanted to achieve for the day. Yes, the Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical helps us accomplish that and more.

Its portable, easy, convenient, and discreet nature further adds to the appeal. Integration of blue tooth capabilities with Cubii’s own exclusive mobile app and with awesome high-tech fitness gadgets like the FitBit only speaks to the innovation and technology used when making the Cubii Elliptical.

Its focus on smoother motion and movement, ergonomics, stature, and posture, further gives us all an opportunity to keep active and workout at practically any time of our awaken day. I highly recommend considering the Cubii Under-Desk as your next, at-home piece of fitness equipment, or work office for that matter. Who knows, maybe you find yourself performing better at every other area of life, just by being more active and keeping the blood flow going.

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  • I really like this idea – have never heard of it before! Any exercise I can do sitting down is a good one lol! But seriously- as someone who sits at a desk all day this would be good to use & I like that I could use the Fitbit with it,

  • Yeah the Fitbit and Cubii complement each other very nicely. There are so many things you can track while on the Cubii, not to mention strides and overall progress. They really do go hand-in-hand and I feel that having them really encourages you to want to workout more often!

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