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Does Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt Really Work?

Written by Pete G.

Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt Reviewed

Depending on your back condition, Dr. Ho’s decompression belt may provide you with some comfort. One of the first times I came across one of these decompression belts was inside a CVS aisle about two years ago. Given my back pain, I figured I’d give it a try.

One of the first things I noticed about the belt was its really good and durable design. I also liked how the belt could easily be pumped and inflated and the fact it worked offered than just a typical back brace. Instead, Dr. Ho’s belt would be used to offer more relief by offering your back a goal of alignment & decompression.

Given that my back pain was actually derived from my hips, the relief I got from the decompression belt was more temporary for me. But that doesn’t mean, that this decompression belt couldn’t be of help to you. If you’ve been prescribed a good, solid back brace or decompression belt by your healthcare professional, then you could certainly consider giving Dr. Ho’s belt a try.

Other options and alternatives for alleviating back pain might also include the use of a theracane and foam roller. It’s possible using all these various tools in conjunction could provide you with the back pain relief you’re looking for.


Decompression For Posture Support

One of the great ways Dr. Ho’s decompression belt can be used is for posture support. For example, I noticed when wearing the belt, I was always much more aware of how I was sitting or standing. Rather than slouching, I found myself with a desire to sit tall and upright.

This one reason alone may add additional value and worth to the decompression belt by Dr. Ho’s. Another potential benefit to the back brace is the fact it can be used as an alternative to more expensive and loftier inversion tables that require you to flip your body upside down. Both are used as a means for back decompression, but actual effectiveness will really depend on the kind of painful condition you are experiencing.

It’s important however, as an individual with back pain to keep trying different treatments until you find what works best for you as the individual. Keep the tools that work, and return the tools that don’t. That’s what I’ve always found helped me best. It’s also always important to first and foremost get the help and advice of a medical professional.

Nonetheless, Dr. Ho’s decompression belt is a tool that is available and potentially helpful to the many people who experience the affects of lumbar pain and sciatica.

Dr. Ho's Decompression Brace

Potential Benefits Of Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt

  • Could provide either temporary or permanent relief, depending on the condition of your back pain and what you’re experiencing.
  • Offers a more intricate solution than simple back braces that may not offer the goal of decompression.
  • The brace is well-constructed, durable, and made of good material.
  • Keeps you aware of posture, the way your sitting, and standing.
  • Keeps your back stabilized through out your various movements.
  • Has a potential to improve your overall posture, which could help relieve back pain.


Other Back Pain Treatment Alternatives

In addition to trying a back brace, you may want to give foam rolling a try. I like foam rolling because it helps you loosen the muscles all over your body and isn’t specific to just your back. It’s also a natural healing method that can be good at complementing the use of a back brace like the decompression belt.

Foam rolling can be considered as kind of a deep, somewhat painful tissue massage for the muscles in your back and whichever muscles you decide to foam roll. In addition, you may have knots in your body unaware of that can be released by placing a sustained pressure on them with a theracane.

These may be all good and potentially helpful methods for pain reduction and relief. Using a back brace might also be a good tool while being solitary like when sitting in front of the tv, eating dinner, or performing movements where better back support is needed.

Some Benefits Of Foam Rolling

  • Can re-educate your muscles and help posture, by means of massage.
  • Can help to stabilize and strengthen your core and allows you to work and knead muscles surrounding the back.
  • Could help in straightening the alignment of your back by reducing muscle knots.
  • Allows you to massage your muscles and relieve tension without the use of a masseuse.

So while using a decompression belt might be a good idea, using it in conjunction with other treatments (as recommended by your health care professional) could also be effective.

Foam rolling and using a theracane are just two natural and potentially helpful and effective ways that can help you re-educate muscles and relieve those painful knots and tensions. Using these along with the proper exercises and stretches (as recommended by a trainer) could make the difference you need.

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