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Gold’s Gym XR55 Home Gym Review

Product: Gold’s Gym XR55xr55 home gym

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Equipment Type: Home Gyms/Strength Training

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Golds Gym XR55 Intro

There is no doubt that Gold Gym has one of the most renowned gym franchises in the world. So depending on your experience as a weight lifter, the Gold Gym XR55 model could be a good fit for you. But for those looking for a little more variety, the XR55 might not be as impressive.

There is no doubt however, that the Golds Gym XR55 comes in at a deep bargain. So if you’re on a budget and are looking for an above average home gym, the XR55 could make sense. This review will cover what exactly the Golds Gym XR55 entails and what you can expect.

The Golds Gym XR55 is without a doubt, most similar to both the Marcy and Powerline home gyms. While the Golds Gym XR55 is somewhat limited in what it offers, there are some attractive features worth noting. One of those is the fact it offers over 35 exercises, which is a great amount given its medium size. Another attractive feature is the users ability to achieve 330 pounds in max weight resistance, depending on the workout.

Here are the additional specs of the XR55.


Dimensions & Specifications Of The XR55

The maximum user capacity on the Gold Gym XR 55 is about 300 pounds. Its dimensions when assembled are 77″ in length, 43″ in width, and 82.5″ in height. It has a shipping weight of 132 pounds and the warranty on the Golds Gym XR55 on both parts and labor is 90 days. Many users also found assembling the cable pulleys on the XR55 to be a bit difficult and recommend devoting an entire day to assembling the XR55.

The design of the Gold Gym XR55 is very reminiscent of the typical resistance machine we’d see at the gym, but with a whole lot more exercises built into it. What’s most interesting  is that despite its medium size, the Gold Gym XR55 is still capable of allowing you to perform over 35 exercises. This is somewhat impressive given the attractive price on the XR55 home gym.


Workout Stations On The XR55:

  • Chest Press/Butterfly Arms
  • Preacher Pad Station (curl bar must be bought separately!)
  • High Pulley Station With a Lat Bar
  • Lower Pulley Station
  • Leg Developer


Most of these exercises focus on:

  • Curl variations with the preacher pad.
  • Basic leg workouts – curls, pulldowns, extensions, hip abduction, and adductions.
  • Tricep exercises – pressdowns, extensions, and kickbacks.
  • Ab pulldowns and low pulley trunk rotations.
  • Chest press variations
  • Squats with the low-pulley station
  • And More..


There is no doubt that the Golds Gym XR55 offers plenty of exercises to choose from to get in that full-body workout. There is a nice emphasis on upper body workouts due to its inclusion of butterfly arms, a preacher pad station, and lat bar. There are some limitations to Golds Gym XR55 though.

For example, we have no mid-pulley station and no option for a leg press attachment. Squats on the other hand can be done by utilizing the low pulley station. One thing you’re also going to need that is not included with the XR55 is a curl bar. The idea of adding a preacher pad was nevertheless, a smart choice.


Pro’s Of Gold’s Gym XR 55:

  • 330-pounds of maximum resistance.
  • Great gym for beginners.
  • Has a sturdy build.
  • Inclusion of a high and low pulley system.
  • 4-roll leg developer to work out hamstrings and quads.
  • Combo chest press with butterfly arms.
  • Bicep/Preacher curl pad station.
  • Includes an attachable lat bar for better back development.
  • Includes an exercise chart as well.


Cons Of Golds Gym XR55:

  • Difficult to assemble.
  • Doesn’t include a mid-pulley system.


Gold Gym XR55 Overview

The Gold Gym XR55 home gym can be considered to be an average, sturdy and durably built gym admired for getting the job done. The Gold Gym XR55 gets the job done by including several types of exercises and variations into one medium-sized built machine that is an excellent choice for beginner to medium weight-lifters.

Since there is no upgradeable weight stack or option to include a leg press, the XR55 is best-suited for individuals looking for something a bit more basic, but functional to add to their home. One of the XR55’s most attractive features is its price, making it one of the most affordable home gyms of its kind. Its 125 pound weight stack and 330 pounds of max resistance, should be sufficient for most, but not all users.


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  • Looks exactly what I need. Last time I checked the assembly service costs over $100. By my mind, it is a bit overpriced service fee. Even if it takes half a day and ask for help, your neighbour better spend this money for good sports clothing. I re-checked dimensions of Golds Gym XR55 and it perfectly fit in my room.

  • Hi Andre, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree. I don’t think the assembly service is overpriced at all and in-fact I think is highly recommended. Nothing is more important than getting your gym setup right on your first go. Last thing you want is to spend an entire day or week, trying to assemble a gym your completely unfamiliar with. In my mind, I feel like getting your gym assembled for you can save you both the hassle and time, in which you could be doing other things. Thanks for the comment and I appreciate the input!

  • Hello,

    Thank you for sharing a very interesting article about Golds Gym XR55. I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything we need to know about this exercise machine. It definitely looks like a great exercise machine and I think it’s a great way to perform various workouts from home.

    Have a great day!

  • Greetings Pete,

    I really appreciate the clarity of your review. I’m not much into equipment and such, but if I was, this would definitely peak my interest. As I was reading, I wondered if this would be suitable for beginners such as myself; even before I could finish my thought, I read your list of “pros” which states “great for beginners”. I had no idea that this machine could allow people to do 35 different types of exercises! I would agree with you that it would definitely be worth the cost, knowing that you could workout in the comfort of your home.

    Great stuff Pete, Thanks!

  • Most definitely Veronica. The Gold’s Gym XR55 model is perfect for beginners. Unlike gyms such as the Marcy MD9010G, I would have to say that the XR55 is much more simple and straight-forward, in terms of both its setup and usability!

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