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Healthy Sleep: How to Sleep in the Recliner

How To Sleep In The Recliner

Let’s start with the fact that it has to be a ​comfortable a​nd s​pacious ​lounger that is fully suitable for your body. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get any health benefits from it while sleeping, and, in fact, will hardly be able to fall asleep in it at all. Moreover, it is likely that back, neck, leg and arm pains will occur.

When you have found a comfortable (in every respect) recliner, make sure that its mechanism ​will allow you to get healthy sleep. Your weight should be fully distributed on the chair.

● Test the recliner as much as possible by reclining its ​backrest ​at the appropriate angle and having a sit in it.

● Lift the adjustable ​footrest ​and place your feet on it, align it with your bottom level. Feel comfort?

● Since we don’t know what kind of movement our body makes when during sleep, pay attention to the ​armrests​. Consider those if you want to stay in your lounger during sleep and care for your arms proper relaxation.

How To Sleep In It

● Your muscles should be totally relaxed. Make sure that your back is fully supported by the cushioned part of the recliner. Sit in the chair for as long as you like, making sure you spend a comfortable time in it. You can even try to fall asleep.

● If your advertiser does not have proper lumbar support, for better sleep you can put a special eco-friendly memory cushion (e.g. SPRY) which can be shaped any way you want and put under your lower back to maximize the correct position of your body. These cushions are great for relaxing and keeping their shape. This way you get comfort and support at the same time. You can use it not only for your recliner or for the back (head and neck also in the case).

● You can also try breathing exercises to hum yourself to sleep. Controlled breathing allows you to focus on the moment and clear your head. There are many different techniques. For example, you can count to 4, inhaling slowly through your nose, then hold the air, counting to 7, and exhale through your mouth, counting to 8. Do it 3 times and after that, you are supposed to feel sleepy. Your nervous system, which is always happy with a good dose of oxygen before bedtime, will be grateful to you.

● Take a blanket with you. Tuck it around your body and under your feet, feel completely comfortable.

● Feel free to roll over in your recliner as long as you need, until you find the perfect position.

● Make sure you are not disturbed, your room is dark, it’s not hot or cold, and there is an air vent.

● Set yourself an alarm clock, as if you have found the perfect chair, your sleep may take a bit too long.

● Do not consume large amounts of alcohol and spicy foods before bedtime, avoid intensive training and use of various stimulants.

● If your recliner has built-in speakers, you can play relaxing music (or lullabies). But you can also use your phone for that.

● If the chair has a side table, make sure there is nothing on it if you don’t want to hit in your sleep.

This type of modern upholstered furniture piece may be more useful than you can think. Recliners made of genuine leather and high-quality breathing fabric, with a reclining mechanism can benefit your body in different ways.

Now that manufacturers are offering an increasing variety of models, you have a great opportunity to choose the most suitable recliner both for yourself and your family. Especially, if you have any health problems such as back pain (the main advantage of advertisers is great lumbar support).

I will tell you about a few main advantages of recliners that will benefit your body and ensure a healthy sleep.

Now let’s take a look at some ​health benefits​ that a quality recliner provides.


Benefit #1 – Stress Relief

Stress can wait for you anywhere – at work, in a public place or at home. As a preventive measure, it is necessary to let your body relax in a recliner, to keep your body from suffering due to negative emotions’ impact.

Studies show that a wide range of health problems are caused directly by stress. From headaches and depression to heart disease and asthma. Stress has a negative impact on the heart and brain which are affected by various negative factors in everyday life. It not only makes you feel terrible emotionally but can also exacerbate illness and cause pathologies.

Many doctors recommend at least 1 hour of rest every day outside the bedroom. Recliners allow you to rest without sleeping so that the impact of stress on the body is reduced and the mood is improved. Raising your feet to the appropriate level, a recliner thereby improves blood circulation, relieves back pain, and helps you breathe more freely.

Your nerves are constantly busy with your body, they allow it to move and perform various actions. When you are relaxing in your recliner, giving your body a break, you also allow your nerves to rest, cleaning your mind and recharging it.

Benefit #2 – Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Bloated ankles, narrow fingers, unhealthy joints, and uncomfortable ribs – all of these problems surely do not affect the body of expectant mothers in the best way. Although many pregnant women spend a lot of time lying down, some of them may feel isolated if they spend time in their bedrooms all the time.

The optimal angle of a recliner with a transformation mechanism allows redistributing the weight of the pregnant woman’s body in an optimal way, transferring the main load from organs and joints to the chair. Due to its convenience and ability to relieve pain, a recliner may even be preferred instead of a regular bed.

Benefit #3 – Better Blood Circulation

Those who suffer from poor circulation know about discomfort in swollen joints and heavy legs. If you have a job where you stand or sit for a long time, your body suffers from the effects of constant gravity on the circulatory system. Over time, the blood that settles in the area of your shins, ankles, and feet will cause them to swell which can sometimes cause veins to become clogged.

Avoid swollen legs as often as possible by relaxing in your recliner which, in turn, also contributes to good digestion. Being in a semi-residential position in the advertiser is your digestive system processes your food in a proper way. Even if you are not going to sleep in it, let your food be digested correctly before going to bed. This way, your sleep will be healthier.

Benefit #4 – Relieves Joint pain

Genuine leather-upholstered recliners can help people with arthritis by reducing the load on the joints, positioning them in the right way. Some doctors even recommend that people with arthritis sleep in an armchair instead of a bed to ensure better circulation and keep their muscles relaxed.

It is never too early to start using the advantages of the design and functionality of a recliner. Here are a few more things that sleeping in a recliner may prevent your from:

● Spinal stenosis;
● Heartburn;
● Back pain;
● Osteoarthritis pain.

Bed Or Recliner?

According to this article about ​la z boy recliner for sleeping,​ this solely depends on your position during sleep. Some people find it difficult to get into/out of large bulky recliners and could benefit from automated reclining mechanisms. Those who are used to sleep on their backs may find recliners comfortable, while side sleepers and people who prefer to sleep on their stomachs (which is, by the way, the worst position for your spine) will find them less convenient. Back sleepers with obstructive breathing disorders (e.g. snoring, shallow breathing, sleep apnea, GERD) should opt for sleeping in recliners, as these loungers provide good head support and open the airway.