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High Intensity Interval Training Workouts For Weight Loss

HIIT Training For Weight Loss


One of the best methods for losing weight is by incorporating some kind of HIIT routine into your workout. Unlike steady state cardio, where you’re simply running at the same pace throughout, a HIIT routine will allow you to reach new heights in your metabolism leading to weight loss long after you’ve completed your workout.. and that should be the goal, correct?

There is a catch when it comes to HIIT training however. While we can almost view it as this “magical” way of losing weight so much more easily, the fact is that HIIT training is hard, which is what makes it so effective. Unlike steady state cardio, where you’d need to run miles just lose a sufficient number of calories, a HIIT training workout might only take up to 20 minutes and allow you to lose more calories and get you into better shape than almost any other form of workout.

It’s no wonder that HIIT training became the biggest growing fitness fad in 2014. Since then, all kinds of fitness trainers and professionals have literally praised it due to its effectiveness. HIIT training puts you into a state where you’re working at nearly 70% of your max capacity constantly requiring you to take in as much breath as possible. Having to get your body to endure through these short periods of an intense workout results in much stronger physical stamina and endurance.

When it comes to actually incorporating a HIIT routine into your daily schedule, you can choose exactly how you want to customize it. There is no limit to the way we can begin to apply HIIT training into our routines. One of the simplest HIIT training workouts you might ever come across is sprinting your hardest on the treadmill for 1 minute and then slowly walking the next. You can add some variation to that by adding an incline to your sprints. But, trust me, it is hard no matter who you are because your max speed limit might not be the same as another person. The whole objective is to sprint your fastest, which is why HIIT training has become such a universal phenomenon.

Below I’ve listed some of my own favorite HIIT workouts that in a way, substitutes a lot of the cardio with other bodyweight exercises. These were simply made for your convenience and can be done from home or wherever you are. So make sure to save or bookmark this page to come back to it for reference.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of things, you can always create your own HIIT routines as well, by implementing some of your personal favorite workouts. The key to making your workout successful is by simply ensuring that you’re working at full capacity.

Have fun and if you have any questions, just let me know down below! ๐Ÿ™‚

HIIT Training Workout #1.

In the our first HIIT training workout for weight loss, we’re going to start off by incorporating a 30 second sprint at the beginning of each round. When doing this workout, you want to aim to complete it about 5 times, which should only take you about 20 minutes. I find it to be effective at losing calories because of the combined sprinting, lower body strengthening, and overall core conditioning.

Sprint For 30 Seconds

Do 50 Crunches

Do 20 Calf Raises

Do 15 Lunges

Rest 1 minute, then repeat 4-5 times.


HIIT Training Workout #2.

Rather than sprinting, this workout involves a jump rope. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend going with the Survival and Cross brand. With this workout, you want to make sure you’re jump roping at an above average pace for 45 seconds than hop right into the pushup position. After completing your first set of push-ups, remain in position and hold a front plank for 1 minute. Afterwards try and finish off the set with 25 sit ups. Honestly, it’s a tough workout, but you’ll find it to be amazing for working your entire core. You should definitely feel the burn in your chests and abdomen. Substituting the jump rope for the sprint also helps to ease the workout a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jump Ropeย at an above average pace for 45 seconds

Complete 25 pushups

Hold a front plank for 1 minute

Do 25 situps

Rest 1 minute, and repeat 4-5 times.


HIIT Training Workout #3.

As you’ll probably be able to tell, this HIIT workout really focuses on working the lower body. You’re first starting with 50 mountain climbers, which is amazing for working out those front hip flexors. The high knee reps will help keep your heart rate up, while really putting your lower body into motion. The calf raises and lunges are a great way to workout the lower body while helping to accelerate your weight loss and metabolism. If you find you have a fairly weak lower body and are trying to lose weight, I definitely recommend incorporating this workout.

Start with 50 mountain climbers

30 High knee reps for each knee

45 Calf raises

20 Lunges with each leg


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Best Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss



  • I suggest doing however much you feel you can handle. I would start with 1 a day and gradually work your way up to 3!

  • Lots of good information on this post. I am having flash backs to my youth and being a personal trainer and fitness fiend. Back in my day we called it cross-training. Not sure if that is still a term used today or not, or how much that term may have changed over the years. Alternating weight training every other day rotating upper and lower body conditioning, then working in cardio between the off days of weight training. Always switching things up, never letting your body get used to any one thing you did to avoid hitting plateau.

    Now I’m older and a little out of shape… should get back into it. This post motivates me.

  • Amazing comment TD. Cross-training is another effective method for working out. HIIT training seems to be a more modern approach to working out by doing the opposite of what you might do in a traditional workout (e.g. spending hours on a treadmill). You spend much less time exercising while working at your highest capacity and doing so in intervals. That’s what I think is really great about it. Many prefer the higher intensity, but shorter and more effective workout.

  • Love this article. I incorporate 2 minutes of speed jump rope or duble unders into each round of my circuit training days, and in days when I’m focusing on my power lifting. Its a great way to raise your heart rate, without having to spend time getting a cardio machine up to speed. These are great HIIT cicuits that I can easily add the other movements to my lifting days, or while I’m at home. Active recovery is what is use to “bulk and cut” simultaneously. Keep putting out great articles like this. These are exercises ANYONE can do ANYWHERE with very minimal equipment (no jump rope, just pretend ?)

  • Do moderate weights (muscles burn calories) and count your calories. Trust me it works. The alternative is do nothing and still have your problems.

  • I agree, that these HIIT training workouts offer an excellent alternative to the use of cardio machines. Thanks for the wonderful comment Lindsay. Glad you enjoyed this article!

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