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Doing Yoga either in our home or at a gym is a great way to tone up and slim down. There are very few, yet simple and effective pieces of equipment we need to properly perform our Yoga. Since most of Yoga requires use of our own bodyweight and not much outside resistance, it doesn’t take much to start practicing Yoga in our daily lives.

Essentially, there are three main qualities to look out for when purchasing our Yoga equipment & accessories – durability, convenience & portability. Whether we’re new to the Yoga scene or have been practicing Yoga for quite awhile, these Yoga gym accessories will certainly encourage us to practice more continually.

Let’s start with the essentials!


#1. Exercise Yoga Mat By GoYogaYoga Mat by GoYoga

This particular Yoga Mat by GoYoga is an all-around perfect Yoga accessory. Its 1/2 inch of extra thick high-density material will keep this Yoga Mat from tearing up.

The high-density also has another use as well in that it helps, cushions, & supports every aspect of our body from the hard-wood floor beneath us. We also benefit from the carrying strap it includes for easy conveniency & portability.

If you’re looking for a yoga mat with all-around resiliency and is made of exceptional quality, the GoYoga Mat is one of the best I’ve seen being offered. It’s thick supported cushion and carrying straps are all we need from this high-quality mat.


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#2. Gaiam Yoga BlockGaiam Yoga Block

In addition, we’ll definitely need a yoga block to support many of our deeper movements and postures. I personally bought mine from a company called Gaiam, which is a industry leader in the world of yoga gym equipment.

Yoga blocks are a critical and important yoga tool for us because of the stability and balance they provide, especially in awkward movements and stretches.

The yoga block should be considered as an absolute essential to any Yoga fitness program or routine. Perhaps one of the most important features of having a yoga block is the fact it allows us to become accustomed to our own poses overtime, in a way that is best suited to our own limits & flexibility.


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#3. Premium Balance Pad By Clever YogaClever Yoga Balance Pad

In addition to our Yoga Block, the multi-purpose balance pad by Clever Yoga will be an excellent tool for challenging our core. Having a balance pad in our Yoga routine and in our home gym, will really help challenge and improve coordination, motor skills, and balance.

If we really want to deepen our practice and have better awareness of our body and positioning, than having some kind of balance pad is a must.

In summary, the balance pad by Clever Yoga can even protect our joints, help us build our core, and give us a much deeper stretch. Balance pads are also widely used in conjunction with recovery and physical rehabilitation.


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#4. Hot Yoga Towel By Euphoria YogaHot Yoga Towel

It’s always nice to mix up our yoga every now and then. Jumping into a hot yoga session can be a very demanding but beneficial way of practicing yoga, and to do that, there is nothing more essential than having a hot yoga towel on hand. This hot yoga towel by Euphoria Yoga is placed right on top of our yoga mat, which will help to improve our grip, while soaking up our sweat.

Since we definitely don’t want to be coming home with our new yoga mat covered in sweat, having a hot yoga towel is another essential tool. For those of us who take pleasure in doing hot yoga, the Euphoria Yoga towel will extend the life of our yoga mat and reduce any risk of bacteria. This non-slip, skid-less towel is an essential must-have for any hot yoga practice.


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#5. Clever Yoga Strap (8 or 10 Ft.)Clever Yoga Strap

If we want to be “clever,” than the Clever Yoga Strap is the perfect tool to help us increase our flexibility and hold us into positions we might have trouble with otherwise.

Whether we’re in the comfort of our own home or traveling to our nearest yoga studio, the Clever Yoga Strap will completely aid us in those difficult poses, positions and stretches.

Now, instead of having to skip our next pose, the Yoga Strap will help us to achieve those benefits and more. This is literally the perfect tool to deepen our stretches as much as possible, as well as in helping us regain any lost flexibility. The yoga strap is another accessory that is widely used in the aid of rehabilitation.


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#6. ALTERNATIVE: Sivan Health & Fitness Yoga Set 6-PieceSivan Health & Fitness 6-piece Yoga Set

Now for my favorite piece of all! One really amazing alternative to some of the listed pieces of equipment above is this 6-piece yoga set made by Sivan Health & Fitness and comes very close to including everything we need to do yoga in one awesome package.

Similar to our exercise mat by Go Yoga, it includes a 1/2 inch thick mat branded with the sleek looking Sivan logo. It has two durable foam yoga blocks, as well as a 6.5 foot yoga strap, which is a bit smaller in length than our Clever Yoga Strap, but will workout great nonetheless.

It even includes our hot yoga towels, designed with microfiber and absorbent technology to be used on top of our Sivan Yoga Mat. The one thing that is not included in the Sivan Health & Fitness Yoga Set is our premium balance pad, which I recommend getting from Clever Yoga. This amazing 6-set piece along with the Clever Yoga Balance Pad, will truly make for the ultimate yoga home gym package. 🙂


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Yoga Home Gym Equipment & Accessories Summary:

  1. Exercise Yoga Mat By Go Yoga
  2. Gaiam Yoga Block
  3. Premium Balance Pad By Clever Yoga
  4. Hot Yoga Towel By Euphoria Yoga
  5. Clever Yoga Strap
  6. Alternative: Sivan Health & Fitness Yoga Set 6-Piece & Clever Yoga Balance Pad (Highly Recommended!)


I hope this list helped present absolutely every kind of yoga equipment & accessory needed to make the most out of our yoga sessions. If there’s anything you’d like to add to the list, please leave so in the comments below. Namaste!

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