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How To Build Muscle Without a Single Supplement

How to build muscle without supplements

Building Muscle Without Supplements Is Achievable

Attempting to build muscle without any supplements is so much more achievable than you think. Building muscle or adding strength to your body does not require supplements and the same thing also goes for weight loss. We tend to see so many things being advertised in stores and on tv, and while they may give you a nice energy boost, they most certainly aren’t your answer to gaining strength.

Building muscle requires discipline and a consistent effort on your part. It also requires a sufficient amount of knowledge. Going blindly into the gym, attempting to workout with whatever machine closest to you won’t be as efficient as having a proper and well thought out plan.


Compound Exercises

In order to build muscle, working on your compound exercises are a must. This refers to exercises that work multiple body parts and muscles simultaneously. The most important thing to keep in mind, whenever you perform a compound exercise is proper form and being aware of how you perform those movements. (avoid deadlifts, unless you know proper form)

Compound exercises include squats, lunges, overhead press, and much more. But these are the primary ones that will do an amazing job at building overall core strength. The best thing when it comes to compound exercises is their ability to build the most amount of muscle, in the least amount of time possible.

If you were to simply work on isolation exercises such as bicep curls, which only work the biceps (and maybe forearms), there is only a limit to how much you can grow. That’s because those muscles aren’t able to grow in sync with the rest of your body. Instead what you’re doing is simply toning those muscles. Having a stronger core will go a long way in how fast you can build muscle and can allow you to attain some surprising results.

Instead of taking supplements, concentrate on eating a lot of great foods and protein. Eat things like cottage cheese and drink milk before bedtime for casein protein in-take, which is a slowly digesting protein that will  gradually release itself in your body overnight and eat eggs in the morning.


The only supplements I’m really ever in favor of are the ones that are natural and contribute to great overall health!

Things like:

And that’s it! These four guys can contribute to some amazing overall health that even help with weight loss, while contributing to your muscle building efforts. More importantly, they keep your diet, immune system, and digestive health all in check. 

In other words, the best thing you can do for your body is allow it to take its natural course. Supplements only interfere with your bodily processes and aren’t very healthy. While they may attribute to some short-term muscle gains, they’ll be so minimal that they won’t allow you to achieve the long-term and healthy results brought on by great healthy choices.


What else can you do to build muscle (without supplements)?

You could incorporate HIIT training workouts. Even in the cardio sense, HIIT training is your best way of achieving record time weight loss, increased stamina, and a higher level of endurance. This all leads to a much better physique and higher energy levels through out the day. It’s the toughness that it takes to complete a HIIT training workout that makes it such an effective technique.

Learning proper rest and not over-doing it can not be overlooked by any means. Never go two days in a row working on compound exercises. You should always take a day off in between to let those muscles recover as the amount of progress you make with these kind of workouts tend to be more than you think.



Lastly, you need to motivate yourself to actually hit the gym! Just like anything else in life, plan your goals and work hard to achieve them. Have great home gym equipment besides you like a set of resistance bands, a stability ball, and a foam roller to help further your progress, and allow you to work that core and perform exercises that you aren’t always able to do at the gym.

A foam roller will help to release muscle tension, keep you flexible, reduce recovery time, and improve the blood flowing to those muscles. A stability ball will allow you to work out your core in ways that other pieces of equipment do not allow. Rather than simply sitting on the ab machine doing the same crunches all day long, stability balls give you flexibility in how you perform your exercises. Same thing goes with resistance bands, which are the perfect tool for improving range of motion.

Last thing you can do to further your muscle building progress is by doing some kind of yoga or pilates that allow you to work only with your bodyweight, which is another efficient means for core building. This attributes to greater long-term health that is especially great for improving joint health, flexibility, and so many more benefits that go beyond the realm of this post.

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how to build muscle without supplements

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