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How To Fight Off Mid-Day Fatigue & Exhaustion For Good

How to fight fatigue

One problem that has plagued me for many years of my life is mid-day tiredness. It’s something I had to learn to cope with, but was something I eventually resolved after working towards a healthier lifestyle. Stress used to play a big part in how I felt through out the day so that was something I knew I had to improve upon.

If you’ve ever felt like you just needed to take a nap too early in the day or are simply looking for ways to re-energize your day, this post is for you. You’ll find tips and tricks that you might have never known about. It’s something I’ve spent a lot of time researching because of how serious of an issue it became as I got older.



Lifting weights played a very integral aspect in feeling motivated and ready to take on my day. While it didn’t totally solve my problem of feeling mid-day fatigue, it definitely helped in leading to a healthier lifestyle. Improving core strength was another vital aspect to making me feel like I had more control over my day. I highly recommend checking out Sean Nalewanyj’s Body Transformation Blueprint if you’re looking for a great workout program and nutrition plan to follow. It’s a lengthy read, but has helped me make some tremendous progress in my physique.



Diet was the second most important aspect to leading a more energized day. While you might not think that’s the case, eliminating a lot of processed foods and McDonald’s for lunch will be a huge step forward in the right decision. More importantly, was learning about various superfoods and health supplements like apple cider vinegar (my favorite) for getting both that instant & long-term energy boost.

Other things you can try:

  • taking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for keeping your body in balance (try the Bragg brand.. it’s the best!)
  • eating organically (highly recommend Thrive Market if you’re looking for great organic food at wholesale prices)
  • eating coconut oil (yum!), which promotes muscle recovery, hormonal balance, burns fat, and just overall healthy.
  • oil pulling for its amazing health benefits and detoxing the body.
  • taking a fish or krill oil supplement for its cardiovascular benefits.



I didn’t just stop at lifting weights, cutting out McDonald’s, and substituting it for a great diet, but kept trying to find more and more ways to energize my days as much as possible. This next tip really added a nice touch to how my body was feeling in general. Making sure to stretch out my muscles every morning and foam rolling out the kinks has been an integral part in getting rid of mid-day exhaustion. It’s also improved my posture, muscle co-ordination, and has been great at relieving muscle soreness. I highly recommend going with a TriggerGRID Point foam roller if you don’t already have one.



What better way then to push your body into releasing its own endorphins than some high intensity interval training; benefits that remain long-after your HIIT training session and is known to heighten your rate of metabolism, while increasing strength and endurance. Need some HIIT training workouts to implement into your workout routine? Don’t worry, I got you! (enjoy the benefits)



Do you smoke? If so, you should try and quit or maybe look at vaping as a substitute. Eliminating bad habits from daily life is another big step forward you can take to re-energize your day. This means, no more late night snacking, sleeping and waking up at the same time, and having a routine schedule to follow. Even if that means reducing or eliminating alcohol intake, it’s totally worth doing.



In addition to HIIT training, cardio, and lifting, you’ll definitely want to implement some yoga in there, which will increase blood flow to all the right places and get you feeling more relaxed and confident than you could have imagined. It will increase flexibility, range of motion, but more importantly, will keep you sharp mentally. If you’ve been feeling lots of mid-day exhaustion lately, yoga (and pilates) is something you should definitely try and make some room for. I always bring my own bundle of yoga accessories whenever I’m hitting up a yoga class.



Believe it or not, but one thing I found to greatly alleviate mid-day fatigue was fixing my posture and sitting as upright as possible whenever doing work. I found that the more I slouched through out the day, the more tired I would get (so odd!). By fixing my posture, especially when sitting in front of my laptop, made an enormous difference in not just how I was feeling, but the amount of work I’d get done and even the quality of that work. My next step is to try sitting on a stability ball to see if that could help even further.



I know this might sound bad, but one thing I could just never get rid of was my morning coffee. Some health professionals will tell you that eliminating coffee (or substituting that for tea) is beneficial to your health and it’s probably true. But for some, it might not be a very reasonable solution. There’s another side to the debate that there many health benefits to coffee as well. Some say that it could be the healthiest beverage on the planet. The one thing I always like to stick to is limiting my cup of coffee to just one per day in the morning and that’s it. I always find that to work best for me. Moderation for the win.



Meditation is something I used to do, but just couldn’t keep up with it. I did notice some benefits though like an increase in mental clarity and a feeling of energy immediately after doing so. One alternative to mediation you could definitely try is listening to binaural (or isochronic) beats. If you youtube it you’ll find plenty of awesome playlists with binaural beats for sleep, energy, anxiety, and a lot more. They can be pretty uplifting actually.


How to fight off mid-day fatigue

Anyway, these are my nine tips to help you reduce or eliminate mid-day exhaustion and fatigue. If you have anything else you’d like to suggest, please leave them in the comments below!



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