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Top 5 JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Reviews

Are you looking for a new exercise routine? Perhaps, one that allows you to bounce up and down, while allowing you to simultaneously work on cardio, strength training, and more? Then consider adding one of the following trampoline systems to your home.

These amazing home fitness tools will give you a renewed sense of motivation and encouragement when it comes to working out. There is no doubt that JumpSport has created some of the best fitness trampolines to make your fitness goals come to life.

These JumpSport exercise trampolines, which have been specifically designed for better fitness can help in areas like rehabilitation, plyometrics, agility work, balance, core strengthening, cardio, and the list goes on.

In addition, JumpSport trampolines are a great choice for working in groups or on your own. The fact they don’t weigh much also means you can travel with them fairly easily.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Jumpsport fitness & exercise trampolines you can buy in 2018!

5. JumpSport 200 Fitness Trampoline

The JumpSport 200 is a perfect in-home trampoline that provides outstanding value. Even though it’s the least expensive model of the 5, you’ll still perform exceptional workouts with the JumpSport 200.

With the JumpSport 200, you’ll be able to perform over 400,000 bounces, before the trampoline wears out. Six durable legs on the trampoline further hold you up as you jump. But unlike the other models JumpSport has to offer, legs on this model are straight instead of arched, providing a bit less stability.

You’ll still find that the JumpSport 200 is a perfectly good and smooth rebounder that doesn’t emit much noise. In regards to the trampolines bounce area, you have 485 square inches of room to spread yourself out on. Unlike some other models, there is 1 level of firmness, which most should find sufficient.

The JumpSport 200 exercise trampoline comes with a lifetime warranty on the frames and legs, while the mat and cords come with a 2-year warranty. It also comes with a Workout DVD so you have some exercises to work with upon arrival!

Those looking for a similar model that can fold in half should go with the JumpSport 230F.

JumpSport 200 Trampoline Review


4. JumpSport 350 Exercise Trampoline

Next up is the JumpSport 350, which essentially widens the bounce area from 485 to 510 square inches. It also doubles the amount of bounce cycles until it wears out to 800,000, giving the trampoline a much longer life-cycle.

Also, with the JumpSport 350, we start to see legs that are arched rather than straight, providing an excellent sense of stability when working out. Even its weight limit capacity is increased from 225-pounds to 275-pounds, being able to sustain more weight at a time.

Rather than a single firmness level as seen in the JumpSport 200, the 350 model gives you 3 firmness levels to choose from, allowing you to work at higher levels of resistance.

The warranty on the frame and legs of the JumpSport 350 last for a lifetime, while warranty on its mat and cords last for 3-years. With the JumpSport 350 fitness trampoline, you’ll also be given 4 videos on DVD to start exercising with!

JumpSport 350 Trampoline Review


 3. JumpSport 350 Pro Fitness Trampoline

Similar in choice to the JumpSport 350, there are a couple of differences to note with the JumpSport 350 Pro. The first is the fact that the lifecycle on the JumpSport 350 Pro is increased by a third by offering 1.2 million bounce cycles. This perhaps makes it a better fit for a commercial area, but still a great choice for home use as well.

The shelf-life of the JumpSport 350 and its ability to offer over a million bounce cycles is a result of its addition of 6 more cords, providing great durability to the trampoline. What’s more is that the trampoline provides virtually no sound, allowing you to jump and workout at any time of the day.

Thanks to the extra durability provided by the JumpSport 350 Pro, the maximum user weight limit is increased from a 275-pound to 300-pound capacity. The frame and legs on the 350 Pro are given a lifetime warranty, while its mat and cords offer a warranty up to 4-years. The outer frame is further protected by a 3-coated charcoal gold finish.

JumpSport 350 Pro Review


2. JumpSport 550f Pro Fitness Trampoline

Do you need a fitness trampoline that is more portable than the rest? Perhaps, you need a trampoline that could easily fit right under the bed or stored in the closet. In that case, try the JumpSport 550f, which you’ll love for the quality and durability it has to offer.

The first thing we’d like to note about the JumpSport 550f is you have a considerably larger space to workout with, given its 729 square inch bounce space. With the skirt on, the total trampoline area is 1203 square inches, allowing you to really utilize the space around you.

The other thing the JumpSport 550F is appreciated for is its very high number of bounce cycles, which reaches 1.6 million bounces on the trampoline before wearing out. This is all thanks to its 6 additional cords giving it plenty of durability and stability, also enhanced by its arched legs.

The other aspect that makes the JumpSport 550F one of their best models is the fact it offers up to 7 firmness levels, allowing you to customize your workouts the way you want. This model also offers one of their highest user weight limits handling up to 325-pounds at a time.

Similar to the other models, the exercise trampoline comes with a 4 in 1 DVD workout set and offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and legs, while warranty on the mat & cords last for 5-years. If you want a trampoline that’s even larger, but doesn’t fold in half, try the 570 series.

JumpSport 550f Trampoline Review


1. JumpSport 570 Pro Exercise Trampoline

If you’re looking for the biggest and perhaps most durable fitness trampoline, then try going with the JumpSport 570 PRO, which also offers one of the widest workout areas of all their models.

With the JumpSport 570 Pro, you’ll a bounce area of 729 square inches and a 1334 square inch workout area with the skirt on. As expected, the JumpSport 570 Pro also has a nice range of 7 firmness levels to choose from and a 325-pound user weight capacity.

Similar to JumpSport’s 550f Pro, you also have an extremely long life-cycle when it comes to wear and tear. The trampoline can withstand up to 1.6 million bounces before it’s time to buy a new one.

The frame diameter comes in large at 44 inches, but unlike the 550f pro, the model is unable to fold in half. If you need something a bit more portable, we would thus suggest going with the 550f.

The frame and legs come with a lifetime warranty, while the mat and cords include a 5-year warranty. A 4-in-1 workout DVD by JumpSport is also included with purchase.

JumpSport 570 Pro Review

Thanks for checking out some of the best fitness and exercise trampolines JumpSport has to offer. These trampolines are undoubtedly some awesome quality products and of a very durable nature. If you have questions, comments, or need more information, please leave a comment below!


  • Hi Chris, the trampoline you’re looking at on the other site are regular trampolines made for outdoor/backyard use. They are much larger and used recreationally. The JumpSport Fitness trampolines on the other hand are much smaller and used indoors for fitness use. If you’re looking for a trampoline to help you do your cardio, you probably want to go with a smaller JumpSport Fitness trampoline. Unless that is, you are interested in having a larger outdoor trampoline in your backyard. You can also checkout videos on youtube to see how they differ.

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