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Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage (MD-9010G) Review

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

Product: Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

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Equipment Type: Strength Training

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The MD-9010G Smith Machine

The two biggest considerations before purchasing the Marcy Elite 9010G is knowing you’ll have to purchase your own set of Olympic weights and your affinity for the Smith Bar.

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is a perfect example of an all-in-one home gym setup.

The Marcy Elite Cage offers an amazing, straight-forward home gym solution with many pros and benefits to consider. In this review, we’ll be looking at all the wonderful specs of this home gym and the many ways it can be used in your home. Hopefully this review, we’ll give you some of the necessary information you’ve been looking for.

Some things to consider before purchasing the Marcy Elite 9010G include:

  1. Whether you’ll be purchasing a set of Olympic weights.
  2. How often you’ll use the Smith Bar.
  3. Buying gym floor mats to place underneath.

With over 100+ exercises that can be done from home, the Marcy Elite could be considered a bargain to some. Check this post, to see all the benefits of owning a home gym.

Now let’s continue and see what the Marcy Elite home gym has to offer.

Stand Out Features Of The Marcy Elite Smith Cage

MD-9010G Review

The Marcy Elite Smith Cage is a highly intricate home gym and workout machine with a number of beneficial workout stations and number of exercises that can be performed.

What really adds to Marcy features are the majority of workouts that are supplemented by the use of free weights over resistance, with one notable and important exception – the smith bar.

Here are all the other functions and stations you need to know about.

#1. Dual Function Leg Developer – The leg developer is an equivocal piece to the Marcy Elite Smith Cage that allows us to work out our hamstrings, quads, and glutes. The developer works by use of a pivot point, which properly isolates the muscle and allows us to target certain areas of our legs. While the leg developer does not allow us to perform leg presses, the smith machine will allow us to perform more exercises of interest like the squat.

#2. Preacher Curl – One attached station to the leg developer you’ll really love is the preacher curl for performing workouts like the bicep curl. The multi-use of the leg developer allowing you to work with bicep workouts makes more efficient space and use of the gym. One reason you might prefer the Marcy Elite Cage to other gyms is because the entirety of workouts are done with plates vs. other resistance. Even the cable cross-overs themselves utilize free weights over tension rods.

#3. Cable Cross-Overs – Directly above our leg developer is where our two cable pulleys lie on either side, allowing us to complete a full pectoral workout by performing cable cross-overs, among others. (Making use of both pulleys will require you re-locate the bench before/after each use.)

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

#4. Smith Machine – The smith machine is easily of this gyms main attractions offering a sense of convenience and versatility.

This essential piece of the Marcy Smith Cage allows us to perform our  compound exercises such as our bench press, overhead press, and squats.

The main advantage to having the smith bar vs. a traditional bench & olympic bar is the fact you don’t always need a spotter; a reason why many find the Marcy Smith Cage to be so ideal for the home.

#5. Included Attachments – One of the benefits of having a Marcy Smith Cage is the fact it comes with all the attachments your gym will need. Here are the following list of attachments that come with the Marcy Smith Home Gym:

  • Lat Bar
  • Tricep Rope
  • Shiver Bar
  • Ankle Strap
  • Chrome Row Handle
  • 2 Single Row Handles

In addition to some of our favorite workout tools, the gym also comes with a diamond plated foot brace for our seated row exercises.

#6. Material & Construction – The quality of the Marcy Elite Smith Cage is definitely made of top-notch quality and many have loved the linear bearings that’s constructed into this machine. Its general build consists of 1-inch chrome guide rods, a commercial grade bar, safety catch, pulley and seal balled bearings, along with an easily adjustable sliding track on our bench chair for easy movement and mobility.

Pros Of The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

  • Very superior to many other home gyms seen at this price range.
  • Founded and built upon the use of free weights instead of resistance machines.
  • Use of linear bearings allows for a better pulley system.
  • Comes with many essential and useful attachments (such as the Lat Bar, Tricep Rope, Shiver Bar, Ankle Strap, and Handles)
  • Multi-Use Bench incorporates an all-in-one leg developer and preacher bicep curl, which uses a convenient pivot point.
  • Cable cross-overs are another great addition allowing for a full-range pectorial workout.
  • Able to perform over 100+ exercises with this single machine, thus mimicking much of the equipment seen at the gym.
  • Smith Machine can actually be safer in some situations by allowing us to lock the bar into place, at any point in our workout.

Our Verdict On The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

Speaking for the general majority, I think most people will find The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage to be worth its weight in gold, even with the included smith bar. Despite being less than optimal, some people actually do love using the smith bar and in that case, there is no way you can go wrong with The Marcy Diamond Elite Cage. But for those, who much prefer having a free weight bench, I can’t say whether this is the right machine for you.

One more important thing to note regarding the Smith Bar is the fact it can be seen as a big safety feature by allowing us to lock the bar in the middle of any routine. The thing about using a smith bar is that it won’t properly prepare us for lifting on a regular free weight bench in the future.

So only you know best whether The Marcy Smith Cage is truly for you. But all in all, it is definitely a solid piece of equipment that meets all our basic needs, and then some, when it comes to our workout necessities. With cable pulleys, a leg developer, preacher curl, and more, the Elite Cage might just be calling out for your attention.

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  • Oh wow that is a serious piece of equipment there baby!!! I do not like going to gyms. A home gym is more what I like. So I can decide when I want to do my work out.
    I used to have a Total Gym. It gave me a pretty good workout. But I did not use it alot because I found the moves clunky.
    Well I did not give it a good try I didn’t.
    But I like this better because it has more traditional weight lifting apparatuses. Thanks for the review

  • Yeah Total Gyms can definitely be a hit or miss. I think you would really enjoy having the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage in your home, especially if you’re into exercises like benching and squats. Definitely has more of an appeal to individuals who enjoy working out with free weights and cable pulleys. Glad you enjoyed the review!

  • Thanks for the great review on the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage. My husband and I have been looking at different work out machines to get for our home. Now with all this great information we can decide which one to Buy! That’s great how it has over 100 different exercises and it’s backed by a 100% customer satisfaction Guarantee! All the attachments are great to Use! We have our own free weights so that won’t be a problem either!

    Thanks again


  • This seems to be quite a sophisticated machine! And reviews on Amazon seem to be quite good, as well.

    Gym at home – sounds very convenient, especially for those who can’t plan their day or can’t find time for going to the gym. But how big of a place does it need?

  • No problem at all Melissa. Glad this information on the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage could help. If you ever have questions or need help, feel free to get in touch. Glad to hear you have your own free weights as well. That will definitely be helpful when deciding on your home gym! 🙂

  • Hi Arta! The exact dimensions of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is 95″ L x 79″ W x 86″ H and weighs 237 pounds. So you’ll definitely need a good sized room or space in your house to comfortably use it!

  • Hello Pete G.
    Thank you for this exhaustive article about MARCY DIAMOND equipment. I am really in need of this gym setup. I am in a phase where I’m managing my weight (after I shed some extra pounds). Maintaining or losing weight takes time, which I don’t have right now, so this will be of great help for me.

  • Thanks for the review. Like others Gym equipment, sometimes it is very stressing to set up these kind of machines. Not because it is difficult but that little parts, screwdrivers, etc. You have to join together very smalls parts. You have to enjoy it like a puzzle. Can you imagine the size of this monster with large and small parts to set up. So I rather to buy one in a store so they manage the shipping and the setting up of the machine. They are specialist and time is very value. If I need the machine, I would like to try it right now and not spend time in setting up.

  • Great review! I love these kind of machines and to find out that it could be brought home is great news. Do you know how robust the machine is compared the your typical gym machine? Do you know of any other machines that are like this? I just want to shop around before i purchase! Many Thanks

  • No problem at all Lee, glad you liked the review! I also love the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage and you can bet that this is a very robust machine, especially with its use of linear bearings, which should keep the resistance and weights in good health.

    Not only does the Marcy Diamond Elite have excellent features, but an extra amount of care and precision put into its overall construction. For gyms similar to the MD-9010G, I would check out many of the Powerline and Body-Solid home gyms. I would say they’re overall setups are most similar to the Marcy Diamond Elite!

  • Hi Lorpor! You bring up an excellent point. It’s definitely no breeze trying to assemble the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage on your own and purchasing it from a store over an online retailer, might be more convenient for most people. I agree there are a lot of details to be aware of when buying a machine like this and being able to discuss the shipping and setup with an in-store associate could be better. But for those who are interested in buying the MD-9010G online, it’s also important to note that there is that option of having a professional come in and assemble it for you as well, at extra cost.

  • I have never seen a machine which provides so many possibilities for different exercises. Someday I might just go and buy one. I like the leg developer features and the preacher curl. I do not like the smith bar because it eases your workouts and I miss a pull ups bar which I think they could have incorporated easily. Thank you for the review. I will give it a thought.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more Sam. Overall, I love the versatility of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage. But you’re on point with the fact that they could have easily incorporated a pull up bar. I also like the preacher curl, leg developer, as well as the cable pulley system which is nice. But the smith bar doesn’t fit the bill for me personally, but I’m sure it does for others. Either way, the MD-9010G is still an amazing all in one home gym solution!

  • This looks like a good piece of kit. There a lot of functions in a relatively small foot print and it looks very sturdy. As some have mentioned a pull up bar would be a nice addition but I suppose depending on your height, you could set the smith bar to its highest setting and do chins/pullups on that.

  • That’s interesting, the fact that this can be all accomplished basically in one piece. Total workout gyms are a serious investment. With the ease of use and setup, I don’t see why anyone who has it in their home would not personally use it most days. Shipping must be something else for delivery on these machines, I suppose obviously in pieces for delivery.

  • Yes Andrew, I agree they are a big investment, especially when purchasing a home gym like the MD-9010G. I always recommend checking it out in-store first if possible and making your decision there. The shipment of the Marcy Diamond Elite comes in 3 fairly large boxes, which require at-least two people. You also have the option to get the gym assembled and setup by professionals at extra cost. Shipping is also free with prime, which is a plus!

  • That’s a great idea Karim. Not sure why I didn’t think of that. The gym is definitely very sturdy and the footprint isn’t too bad at all. As long as you have the space for it, the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage will definitely make for an all around professional and top-notch quality home gym!

  • Thanks for the review. I like exercising, but I can’t say I love public gyms. Always waiting on machines and all that, not to mention the “aromas”. As a result, I’ve been looking into home gym equipment on and off for a bit. This seems pretty good and I really like the fact that it has a Smith bar. I hurt my shoulder a while back while swimming. It can’t bear as much weight so having the added reassurance of being able to lock the bar while exercising is a big plus for me. I’ll add this into my list for consideration!

  • No problem at all Joshua and I’m glad to see your comment. It’s great to see how the smith bar can actually be advantageous and more preferable for individuals like yourself. In your scenario, I would say that being able to lock the bar would definitely come in handy. Hope the shoulder gets better in due time!

  • Thanks for all the info and insights from both author and comments. I can’t see the downside to the smith bar at all really given you can still use the frame /bench with the addition of a barbell and dumbells. Almost the best of both worlds. I agree a pull up bar off the front of the A frame would have been easy and a cool addition. I’ve just set mine up and will see how it goes. Space is important as having to move the bench in and out is inevitable and be able to safely get round the sides and back without too much bother.

  • Good points Simon. I actually agree that the gym does offer the best of both worlds!

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