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Power Press Pushup Review – A Unique Training System

Power Press Pushup By Maximum Fitness Gear

Power Press Push-Up

I recently came across a very interesting and rather unique product on Amazon called the Power Press Pushup and I just had to review it.

Despite its simplicity, this product almost revolutionizes the way we do push-ups.

The Power Press Pushup is a complete and sophisticated push-up training system that can be compared to products like the rotating push-up bar or Perfect Pushup V2.

The main difference here being that there is no wrist rotation involved with the Power Press Pushup board. All the exercises done with the Power Press keeps our wrists firmly into place.

But what makes the Power Press Pushup really stand out is how it allows us to do our push-ups from all different stances and angles so that we hit as many muscles as possible in our front upper body.

In fact, some of the angles don’t only target our chest and triceps, but even concentrate on our back as well.

Combine this tool with an ab roller like the ZMG and you have yourself a full upper body workout that you can do right from home.

If you love doing push-ups, you’re going to love this new board system and to add icing on the cake, the board is both portable and very easy to assemble.

Whether or not, you already have a home gym, the Power Press Pushup will make for a perfect addition to your workout routine.

The Power Press Pushup comes at a fair price, given the equipment’s effectiveness and the ability to perform multiple push-up variations.

Contains 14 Different Pre-Set Positions

Fourteen positions is quite the number of various angles, given that this is all being used for one kind of exercise only. Question is, whether this board can truly help to promote real upper strength and the answer to that is simple.

There is no question about it that the Power Press Pushup can help develop our upper body in ways other workouts can’t. One reason for this is doing the push-up alone is considered to be a compound exercise, which is known to be highly effective for our upper body and chest muscles alone.

Add 14 different variations to this one exercise, and we have ourselves a beast! 🙂

Targeted Muscles

Keep in mind that the Power Press Pushup targets more than just our chests and triceps, but also develops strength in our shoulders and back due to the many angles these exercises involve.

One of the best aspects of this training system, in my opinion, is the fact that the board color codes each angle so you know exactly what muscles you’re working out.

From some very narrow stances to the widest stances imaginable, the Power Press Push-Up System is truly an effective strength training system for our upper body.

I have yet to come across a product that has as much potential in helping us perfect your pushup and form than this simple color-coded board.

My favorite exercise when it comes to the board has to be the shoulder grips, which really allow you to squeeze both your shoulders and triceps for incredible gains.

Color Coding System: Red For Shoulders, Blue For Chests, Yellow For Back, & Green For Triceps.

Power Press Push-Up


Extras – 10 Week Workout Calendar & Poster Included

The Power Press Push-Up also includes a complete fitness routine over a 10-week course to help us make the best use of this equipment as possible.

The program contains 3 different phases from Start Up, Rev Up, and Explosion. T

hese phases, however, consist of more than just our push-ups, but also implements routines with cardio, plyometric, and core exercises, which can be done in under 30-minutes a day. Perfect!


  • 14 Different angles to target muscles.Power Press Push-Up Manual
  • Works out chest, back, triceps, & shoulders.
  • Includes training, poster, & DVD.
  • Users notice huge improvements.
  • Can improve posture.
  • Uses color coding system for different targeted muscles.
  • Grips are soft & easy on the wrists.
  • Workout charts accessible from computers & smartphones.
  • Relatively cheap price point.
  • 5-Star Amazon Rating.


  • People found the board to be bigger than expected.
  • A little heavy, but very durable.
  • Finding space for storage can be a bit difficult.
  • Carrying Bag must be purchased separately.
  • Price could be lowered.


Power Press Push-Up Overview & Conclusion

Not only does the Power Press Push-Up seem to help with building strength and upper body muscle, but even seems to have an influence on our posture, which really doesn’t come as a surprise.

Seeing the endless amount of angles that can be done with this single board must have an amazing effect on your very fibers.

The very large majority of reviews dealing with the Power Press Push-Up should not only give us major confidence in this product but, serve as proof of its true efficiency.

Overall I highly recommend the Power Press Push-up System as a way to gain strength conveniently and efficiently. Anyone here tried the Push-Up System yet and how’s it working out for you so far? Please leave your insight down below 🙂


  • Thanks for the review. Push-ups are a big part of my workout. I usually do standard ones mixed with diamond and wide. Sometimes I use a set of dumbbells as grips. So when i see an article or post about push-ups I get very curious.

    Sp that power press push-up thing is basically like a board that you can customize to do different kind of push-ups in different positions? Looks pretty cool I must admit.

  • Hello and thanks for sharing, this tool that you are sharing is very great for workouts. I believe that with this machine you can get more out of your workout and that is what a lot of people is working towards, getting more out of your work out. Takes for also sharing the pros and the cons. I am sure that your readers will find this post very helpful.

  • Yeah Guy, it’s really cool actually. The whole purpose of the board was to give you as many angles and variations with your push-up as possible. What I like most about the Power Press Pushup is that it allows you to target so many upper body muscles at once.

    I don’t think there is anything as simple yet effective as the Power Press Pushup for doing bodyweight exercises. Compared to some of the $100+ Power Towers out there, this is an easy & excellent alternative to have. Great way for people to completely master their pushup!

  • Completely agree with you on that point Norman. It’s so important to make the most out of our workouts by using equipment that is effective and convenient to use. I think the Power Press Pushup goes a long way in giving people what they want and need to help them master their push-up. I’m more than glad to have weighed out the pros and cons of this board Norman. Thanks for commenting!

  • Being a big fitness fan you think you have seen it all but the innovation within the industry keeps surprising us. Great review and a really interesting product. Who thought someone could actually bring fun into push ups. This sort of thing would be great for people wishing to join the military. Something i am going to keep my eye on.
    Many Thanks

  • Very interesting post. I had never seen the Power Press before. I own two other pushup devices, But this one is very interesting. It would take up a bit of space, but it might be worth it due to the obvious stability of the unit.
    One of things I don’t like about mine is a wobbly kind of feeling at times. This unit looks rock solid.

  • Yeah, the stability of the Power Press Pushup is definitely a huge benefit when using the board overall 🙂

  • I know Lee, right! I can’t believe how innovative some of these products are becoming and it’s not only the products that are getting more innovative, but everyday workouts as well. I agree, that this kind of board can be useful for people in the military, where push-ups play such a vital role and aspect in improving their levels of fitness. Glad to hear you’ll be on the lookout for this and other products like it!

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