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Powerline PCC096X Cable Crossover Review

If you have a lot of space in your basement or garage and you need a piece of equipment that is as flexible and versatile as ever, then you’ve come to the right spot. Today we’ll be looking at PowerLine’s latest PCCO90X Cable Crossover. Perfect for building the entire upper body, the cable crossover is one effective way to begin working out with its permissible 180-degree range of motion.

Unlike resistance machines, where you’re truly limited in your workouts, the cable crossover offers some of today’s most favorite and respectable exercises. With PowerLine’s cable crossover machine, you’ll be able to perform a nearly never-ending variety of exercises, which you can view here and bookmark for future use.



The size and the specs of PowerLine’s Cable Crossover might be one reason to hesitate buying the PCC090X and it makes sense. This is no small piece of machinery, but for those looking to build and establish a home gym of their own, this equipment can fulfill many needs.

More importantly, the Cable Crossover offers many succinct advantages to other pieces of equipment offered at the same price and is possibly one of today’s most versatile machines you can buy for your money. Of course, size will always be one thing to consider when purchasing PowerLine’s Cable Crossover. Exact dimensions are 112″ in length x 29″ in width x 82″ in height. If you have the space for it, this machine will not disappoint.

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The Powerline Cable Crossover features a number of essential features that makes it the high-quality of machinery it is today. The machine is built with both high-resin top and low bottom pulley’s, so that there’s a never-ending variety in ways you can work out. The machine is furthermore, capable of using both standard and Olympic weight sets.

The frame, as we already know, is tall and wide, but extremely durable. The frame also has eight large diameter, sealed ball-bearings for a smooth and reliable workout. Similar to other cable crossover gym machines, you’ll find that the both the top and bottom pulleys can swivel in 180 degree motions to give you that amazing sense of flexibility when working out.

Powerline Cable Crossover Review


  • Excellent construction – very sturdy.
  • Can be used with both standard and Olympic weight sets.
  • Includes both top and bottom pulley’s.
  • 180-Degree swivels on all pulleys.
  • 8 Large, sealed ball bearings for better quality.
  • Great piece of equipment to add-on to a home gym.
  • Large number of exercises/workouts that can be performed.
  • Lot of potential accessories & attachments that can be used.
  • Workout bench can be used in conjunction as well.
  • Cable workouts could be more effective than other methods of exercise.
  • Excellent value for the money.


  • Assembly can be complicated if instructions aren’t properly followed.
  • Doesn’t include weight sets.
  • Doesn’t come with a large assortment of attachments or accessories.
  • Space & room is required to properly fit the Powerline Cable Crossover.



If you plan on purchasing the Powerline Cable Crossover, we recommend various accessories to make your new cable crossover gym feel at home. First, it’s highly recommended you purchase a set of floor mats to keep your floors and ground safe. Even if you don’t plan on dropping weights onto the ground, it’s still a good idea to have some protective mats under the Cable Crossover itself so you don’t scratch or mark the ground. You’ll also want some kind of plates to go with the machine, if you don’t have a set already. Otherwise, you won’t be getting any workouts in with this new piece of equipment.

As mentioned, the PCC090X is perfectly usable with both standard and olympic weight sets, so you can choose to go with a lower quality weight set, if necessary. We also recommend checking out our post on the top 10 home gym attachments because of the versatility allowed by this machine, giving you the ability to workout with a wide number of tools. This will definitely enhance and improve your time with the Cable Crossover machine.

While the PowerLine Cable Crossover does come with a couple its own accessories, you may want to make room for more depending on your goals when strength training. The accessories that come with the machine only include two cable handles and one ankle strap. Having some additional accessories will allow you to do so many more kinds of workouts with this machine. You also have the option to purchase chin-up handles, weight plates, and collars from Powerline separately so that’s another (and maybe more preferred) option as well.

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