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Pro Indoor Cycling Bike (Sunny Health & Fitness) Review

Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Product: Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

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Pro Indoor Cycling Bike ReviewSunny Health & Fitness has made a name for itself in recent years by selling medium to high quality fitness products that are for the most part, priced very reasonably. The Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is no exception to this fact and has become one of Amazon’s best-selling stationary bikes.

It’s not only priced very reasonably, but is a great option for individuals looking for a bike on a budget that is extremely reliable. Out of all its buyers, the number of problems and complaints remain at a minimum.

Perhaps the best aspect to the Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is its actual quality. Despite an absence of more high-end features seen in more expensive bikes, this bike has a lot going for it given its price and other bikes in this range.

Bikes like the Ironman Fitness H-Class (approximately double in price) tend to include an LCD window and a way to track your calories and distance. If the LCD option isn’t at the top of your list and you need a bike that is solid, reliable, and great for the home, the Pro Indoor Cycling Bike might be a great choice.


Specs Of The Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

The Pro Indoor Cycling Bike truly has some noticeable features. For one, its measurements come at a good size, which you should find won’t take up much space in your living room or basement. Measurements come in at 20″ in width, 46.5″ in height, and 48.5″ in depth.

Unfortunately, the Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is only capable of handling up to 275 in maximum user weight capacity. Bikes like the Pinty Upright Indoor Bike (measuring very closely to the Pro Indoor) has a 400-pound weight capacity.

The Pro Indoor Cycling Bike has a fairly heavy shipment with the box weighing close to 120-pounds. The actual bike itself weighs in at 97.2 pounds, which isn’t too bad, but also doesn’t allow for the easiest storage. Thankfully the bike comes with transport wheel to ease mobility.

The weight is also important to consider, given that todays average stationary bikes weigh anywhere between 60 and 80 pounds. This additional weight is most-likely a result of its 40-pound flywheel and heavy duty crank, which is an equipped feature to help smoothen the ride.

Depending on the features you’re looking for, the actual specs of the Pro Indoor Cycling Bike aren’t bad. A lighter bike and higher weight capacity would have been nice, but the 40-pound flywheel is also a nicely added feature.

Stand-Out Features Of The Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

40-pound flywheel40-Pound Flywheel – Recently we discussed the overall weight of the Pro Indoor Cycler. Much of this is due to its heavier flywheel, which is actually considered to be a good thing.

A heavier flywheel gives the bike that extra momentum and is what gives to the difference between a standard stationary and a spin bike.

The 40-pound weight on the flywheel thus, increases the difficulty it takes to get the spin bike going, allowing the bike to gain even more momentum and spin longer. It also takes longer for the bike to slow down. This in-turn provides a much more fluid motion, which is one of the biggest attractive features of the Pro Indoor Cycling Bike.


Extremely Sturdy – The second notable feature of the Pro Indoor is its build, which in this case, is superior to most other cyclers on the market and is what really adds to the heavier weight as well. The spin bike consists primarily of medal with a very minimal amount of plastic used to create the bike. The welding of commercial grade steel should be considered an attributing factor to the bike lasting much longer and capable of handling more wear and tear through the years.


Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Additional Features:

  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars for comfort.
  • Adjustable resistance.
  • Transport wheels.
  • Smooth chain drive mechanism.


Drawbacks Of The Pro Indoor Cycler:

  • Doesn’t include an LCD panel.


Pro Indoor Cycler Overview

Even with the Pro Indoor Cycler’s lack of an LCD panel, this bike fairs out quite a bit and is outstanding in many ways with its most important features being its 40-pound flywheel and sturdiness. The sleekness and overall craftsmanship and beauty of the bike itself only adds to the attraction.

While the Pro Indoor Cycler is held back a bit by its lower user capacity weight limit and heavier weight of the bike itself, the Pro Indoor Cycler provides for a very smooth ride. Equally as important is its manufactured steel frame, which should keep this bike in solid condition for many years to come.


Have any questions regarding the Pro Indoor Cycler or other bikes in this price range? Please leave them down below.

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