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Rep 1000 lb. Rated Flat Weight Bench

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Product: Rep 1000 lb. Rated Flat Bench

Type: Strength training, free weights, home gym equipment

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Overall Rating: 9.8/10


If you’re looking for a very simple, but extremely stable, durable, and reliable weight bench, look no further than the one made by Rep Fitness. Located out of Colorado, Rep Fitness has created a bench that is perfect for the home and will allow you to complete your workouts without experiencing any shakiness.

Its 1000-pound test rating will just come to show how much weight this bench can carry. Despite not having any incline or decline capabilities, the Rep 1000 lb. rated flat weight bench serves its purpose and serves it well. It’s a firm, but comfortable bench that is perfect for both beginner and advanced weight lifters alike. Here’s a quick look at the specs and dimensions of Rep Fitness’ flat weight bench.


Specs & Dimensions

  • Measurements are 47″ L x 12″ W x 17.5″ H
  • Shipping weight is 47 pounds.
  • Weight of actual bench is 45 pounds.
  • Heavy-duty 2.5″ thick pad.
  • Warranty



Build & Quality

What really makes the Rep 1000 lb. rated flat weight bench stand out is the construction and materials this bench is made out of. Its heavy duty frame not only comes with a 10-year warranty, but is made of a 2×2″, 11-guage steel hardware that has been test-rated at 1,000 pounds. Attached to the heavy duty frame are grooved rubber feet to give your floors the protection they need.



To further protect your flooring, we would also recommend you consider using a floor mat as well. Even if you’re using this in a garage or basement, it’s always better to have a floor mat for better floor protection and to give you a more improved weight-lifting experience.

One of the best features of the Rep 1000 lb. rated flat weight bench is its 2.5-inch thick pad, which is made of a firm, but highly comfortable and durable vinyl material. The pad’s comfort really comes from its constructed three-piece layer. Its base layer is made with a thick plywood base for better durability.

On-top of that is a dense foam core layer, topped by soft top layer for a perfect combination of comfort and support. The vinyl of the pad itself has a very professional stitching to it and is slip-resistant. The pad itself only comes with a 30-day warranty however, so it’s vital you try and keep this in the best condition possible.



In terms of size, the Rep 1000 lb. rated flat bench is excellent. It stands over a foot above the ground, at 17.5″ giving you just enough height to conveniently lift and place weights off the ground, without being too low to the floor. It has a modest 12″ width as well to accompany bodies of all sizes and a length that extends to 47″. Its 1,000-pound test rating will further allow the bench to hold up to anyone of any weight & size.



  • 1000 Lb. test rating
  • Great size & measurements.
  • Both durable & comfortable.
  • Pad is thick – 2.5″ thick.
  • Pad is made of non-slip vinyl material.
  • Use of grooved rubber feet for flooring protection.
  • Frame made of 2×2″ heavy-duty steel hardware.
  • Great combination of comfort & support.



  • No transport wheels.
  • No decline or incline capabilities.


Rep 1000 Lb. Rated Flat Weight Bench

If you’re looking for a flat weight bench that won’t give you any problems, then this might just be your perfect solution. This rock solid, but comfortable and sturdy bench offers all the convenience and comfort you could ask for.

It is made with precision and care as evident by its 1000 lb. rating, professional stitching on the pad, use of non-slip vinyl, and grooved rubber feet. For the price, the Rep 1000 lb. rated flat bench really over-delivers. You won’t find any cheap material being used here as you might with other similarly priced benches and the weight capacity of this bench is simply astounding.

One thing we maybe would have liked to see are transport wheels. But the bench’s 45-pounds in weight makes transport fairly easy enough as it is. There are no decline or incline capabilities here either, which shouldn’t be an issue for those who need nothing more than a flat bench. I think it’s safe to say that the Rep Fitness bench is more than a solid choice – hence, we’ve given it a 9.8/10 rating for excellent comfort, support, and design with almost an absence of any drawbacks!




  • It is very important to find the best weight bench when performing a perfect workout. Without the proper fitness instrument and equipment, working out from home can be very difficult. But, the Rep. 1000 lb. rated weight bench has proved to be one of the best weight benches to invest in. Thanks for a great review on the product!

  • No problem at all Jayed. This is also one of my favorite benches for working out. I just love the build and quality of this particular bench, more than anything else. You can tell these guys really placed their focus on the details that matter – 2.5″ thick pad, grooved rubber feet, vinyl padding for comfort, and a heavy duty frame usually makes for the perfect weight bench. The only thing missing is the incline and decline functions, but if all you need is a flat bench, the Rep 1000 is the way to go!

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