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Best Resistance Bands For Legs

One simple and effective tool for improving lower body strength and endurance is a resistance band set for legs. Many times we see and hear mostly about resistance bands used for upper body strength training and not enough for our glutes, quads, and hamstrings. In this post, I’m going to take you through 8 or so resistant band sets that you can immediately begin using to build that lower body strength.

These lower body resistance band sets are so convenient, you’ll hopefully find yourself working out more often then not. They’ll allow you to perform quick sets in the morning, daytime, or night and can even serve as its own gym replacement (on legs day, that is!) What’s better is the fact they don’t only need to be used during workouts, but can even be worn and used while performing daily tasks, errands, or simply walking around, strengthening you without even realizing. 

The most important attribute to any resistance band set, given the hundreds of sets out there today is their durability and making sure they don’t tear. You also want to find a set with different levels of tension and resistance, while keeping an eye out for any important accessories as well. In this post, we go over the best leg resistance band sets for you!



Fit Simplify Resistance Bands

One of today’s top-selling, most popular leg resistance band sets is this set by Fit Simplify. The reason for that is likely the result of the quality offered by these bands and the accessories that come with the bands.

The set comes with 5 leg bands in total, all varying in terms of resistance. Depending on how you’re feeling for the day you may decide to go for an extra-heavy or extra-light set, or somewhere in between.

The five resistance levels offered by Fit Simplify include X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, X-Heavy. Why not simplify your life today with Fit Simplify? In addition to the bands, you get your own pouch to carry your bands, an instruction guide, online video guide access, and a 41-page guide workout ebook. If you’re looking for high-quality, heavy duty resistance bands, made of 100% natural latex then try this wonderful set.

What’s Included: 5 Resistance Bands, 41-Page eBook, Video Access, and Carrying Pouch.

Resistance Levels: X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, and X-Heavy.

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InMaker Resistance Band Set

InMaker offers two high-quality sets of resistance bands for legs. Each also comes with a few helpful accessories as well. The first set offered by InMaker is their Funda pack, which comes with a lighter 10 to 40-pound range in resistance.

The strength of each resistance band comes in 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40. Or you may decide to go for their more challenging Pro V. pack, which comes in a higher 20 to 60-pound range in resistance. Strength of each resistance band is 20, 30, 40, 45, and 60.

Each set comes with 5 bands in total measuring 12″ long by 2″ in width. They are described as durable and perfect for any strength training or weight loss routine. Accessories with each pack include a complete resistance loop-band workout instruction guide, travel carrying pouch, and an instruction manual.

Each band includes a nicely printed label of the resistance for each band and is color-coded by weight. Whether you’re looking to stretch, perform rehabilitation exercises, or strengthen those hamstrings and quads, InMakers resistance bands for legs have been known to come in handy.. once or twice!

What’s Included: 5 Resistance Bands, 40-page eBook, Drawstring Bag, & Instruction Sheet.

Resistance Levels: Funda (10 to 40-pounds) includes 10, 15, 20, 30, & 40 pounds. Pro V. (20 to 60-pounds) includes 20, 30, 30, 45, & 60 pounds of resistance.

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Limm Resistance Bands

Limms workout bands for legs come in a set of 5 resistance bands. Perfect for both beginner and advanced weight-lifters,Limm resistance bands are 12″ long allowing for greater stretch and durability. Each band comes in a different color, respective to their resistance.

The first is an extra-light, yellow resistance band, which gives 4 to 10 pounds in resistance. Next is a light, green resistance band, offering 6 to 15 pounds in resistance. The medium resistance band is blue, offering 15 to 20 pounds in resistance. The heavy red band offers 20 to 25 pounds of resistance and the extra-heavy black band, for the most advanced lifter offers 35 to 40 pounds in resistance.

Limm’s resistance bands are highly popular because of their great quality, durability, and their ability to hold up for a long-time. The bands also come with an instruction sheet, travel bag, and a home workouts eBook. Definitely check these leg bands out by Limm!

What’s Included: 5 Resistance Leg Bands, Instruction Sheet, Travel Bag, & Home Workouts eBook.

Resistance Levels: Yellow Band (4 to 10 pounds), Green (6 to 15 pounds), Blue (15 to 20 pounds), Red (20 to 25 pounds), Black (35 to 40 pounds).

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ZOKEA Resistance Bands

ZOKEA’s five premium-quality resistance bands are perfect for the beginner and intermediate lifter. This is especially true for those looking for leg bands that are on the heavier side. ZOKEA’s resistance bands are said to be up to 40% stronger, offering more durability and snap resistance than the average band. Made of 100% pure natural latex, the material of the bands are excellent.

The first band in the pack is a green, x-light loop band that is 0.35 mm thick and offers 10 to 15 pounds in resistance. The second band is a blue, light loop band that is 0.5mm thick and offers 20 to 35 pounds in resistance. The third band is a yellow, medium loop band that is 0.7mm thick and offers 30 to 45 pounds in resistance.

The fourth red, heavy loop band is 0.9mm thick and offers 40 to 60 pounds in resistance. Last but not least, the heaviest black band in the pack is 1.1mm thick and has a great 50 to 70 pounds of resistance. ZOKEA’s bands are a great option for sports, improving balance, weight loss, physical therapy, and more. It also comes with your own travel pouch.

What’s Included: 5 Lower-Body Resistance Bands and Travel Pouch.

Resistance Levels: Green (10 to 15 pounds), Blue (20 to 35 pounds), Yellow (30 to 45 pounds), Red (40 to 60 pounds), Black (50 to 70 pounds).

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Synergee Resistance Bands

Synergee’s multi-functional bands are a perfect tool for exercising the lower body. The bands are 12″ by 2″ long and come in a set of 5 professional grade bands. The set offers a resistance range of 5 to 50-pounds, allowing you to choose your own workout intensity.

First band in the pack is a yellow loop that gives 5 to 20 pounds in resistance. This is followed by a green loop that offers 20 to 35 pounds in resistance.

The blue band offers 35 to 40 pounds of resistance, followed by a 40 to 45 pound resistant black band. The last is a 45 to 50 pound red resistance band, great for more advanced lifters.

The rubber material on the Synergee bands are of high-quality and have been known to last. Synergee resistant leg band accessories include a carrying case and workout instruction manual.

What’s Included: 5 Color-coded Resistance Bands, Carrying Case, and Instruction Manual.

Resistance Levels: Yellow (5 to 20 pounds), Green (20 to 35 pounds), Blue (35 to 40 pounds), Black (40 to 45 pounds), and Red (45 to 50 pounds).

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Victorem Resistance Bands

Last but not least, we have Victorem’s amazing leg resistance bands. These bands are a bit different because they use ironconnecting clips between each band for stronger durability. Victorem comes with six bands in total and are perfect for HIIT workouts, strength training, and speed training.

They can also be used while running, jumping, or when performing any kind of physical or athletic activity. The ultimate goal of Victorem’s resistance band set is to help you increase speed, strength, and mobility. What’s wonderful about this set is the fact it also offers a high resistance level ranging from 5 to 130 pounds.

Each iron connecting clip is used to connect two padded connecting straps that can go around your legs or ankles. The set is a good option for those who want to quickly and easily change the level of resistance or are simply looking for a set with added durability.

What’s Included: Two Soft Velcro Attachment Straps, Two 5-Pound Yellow Resistance Bands, Two 20-Pound Blue Resistance Bands, Two 40-Pound Black Resistance Bands, and a Body Workout Guide.

Resistance Levels: Yellow (5 pounds), Blue (20 pounds), and Black (40 pounds).

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SmarterLife Resistance Bands

If you’re looking for a stronger, more durable grip on your resistance bands, try the resistant band set by SmarterLife. These high-quality bands do a great job at locking onto your legs, thanks to its 3.25-inch height. The lovely portable bands come in a set of 5, each one color-coded and labeled based on the resistance of each band.

The resistance on the bands are as follows: the first light band is green and offers up to 8-pounds of resistance. Second band is blue and offers up to 15-pounds of resistance. Third band is a medium to heavy, yellow band that offers up to 20-pounds in resistance. Fourth band is a heavy, red that gives up to 25-pounds in resistance. The heaviest band is a purple band that offers 30-pounds in resistance.

SmarterLife bands can either be used individually or in pairs, for added tension. One reason SmarterLife’s bands are beneficial is because of their increased width, which does an exceptional job at securing a grip onto your lower body. Accessories include a workout guide and SmarterLife eBook.

What’s Included: Set of Five Extra-Wide Resistance Bands, Top 10 Best Exercise Resistant Band Workout Guide, and 7 Secrets To Your Ideal Body eBook.

Resistance Levels: Green (up to 8 pounds), Blue (8 to 15 pounds), Yellow (15 to 20 pounds), Red (20 to 25 pounds), and Purple (25 to 30 pounds).

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Best Resistance Bands

Another great resistant band set you should be made aware of is this top-selling set by Sport2People. The reason these bandsare great is because they are sturdy, flexible, and don’t roll up on your legs as often. They are also said to be 42% stronger than the average resistance band. Perfect for both exercise and rehabilitation, the set comes with 5 resistance bands.

Two of the bands are for beginners, one is an intermediary exercise band, and another two advanced bands. Resistance on the first yellow band is 2 to 4 pounds and is 0.4mm thick. The second red band offers 4 to 6 pounds and is 0.6mm thick. The third is a green 0.8mm band, which offers 10 to 12 pounds in resistance. The last two bands are 1mm and 1.2mm thick and offer 15 to 20 and 25 to 30 pounds in resistance.

All in all, Sport2People offers a great set to people looking for a wide range in resistance levels. It also comes with a great 63-page eBook, carrying bag, and more.

What’s Included: Set of 5 Lower Body Resistance Bands, 63-page Exercise eBook, Online Exercise Manual, and Carrying Case.

Resistance Levels: Yellow (2 to 4 pounds), Red (4 to 6 pounds), Green (10 to 12 pounds), Blue (15 to 20 pounds), and Black (25 to 30 pounds).

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