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Best Running Hydration Belt Reviews

There are many hydration belts you can choose from in 2018. Your preference as a runner or sprinter all comes down to style and what you intend on holding in your waist belt. It’s important to find a hydration belt that is able to fit your smartphone, belongings, and adequate water, while sitting comfortably around the waist.

While some running hydration belts are thin and sleek in appearance, others are more bulky. Waterproof and tear-resistant material is an attribute to be on the look out for adding to the hydration belts durability. Some running hydration belts even come with their own accessories like water bottles to go with, while others offer a touchscreen window for your phone.

Needless to say, choosing the best running hydration belt for your personal needs is an important choice and decision that this post aims to help you achieve. Below we’ll find, many of 2018’s most preferred running hydration belts.

We list all the accessories, features, materials, and benefits of each to give you a clear picture of each belt and what it offers. Without further or due, this is The Lifevest’s best running hydration belt reviews for 2018!

Camden Gear’s Running Hydration Belt

One wonderfully crafted running belt, worn and preferred by many is Camden Gear’s running hydration belt. It’s thin, simple, and easy to use. The belt comes with three pockets in total. Two meant for your water bottles and a third 6.5″ pocket in the middle for your iPhone and any other accessory you would care to add.

The Camden Gear waist belt is adjustable and able to fit up to a 43″ waist size. The pockets on each side fit up to two 6oz water bottles and should be able to last you a few miles or so, depending on your water intake. Smartphones that you can expect to fit in the middle pocket include the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8, HTC, and more.

Camden Gears Running Belt Review


X Fit Factor Running Hydration Belt

The X Fit Factor hydration belt has a very genuine design and quality build to it. Instead of using velcro straps, the X Fit Factor belt uses a simple one-click belt buckle. Not only is this belt stylish, but is lightweight and spacious.

Pockets include two water bottles on each side and a 7.2″ pocket in front capable of holding many things. The front pocket also is enclosed with a secondary pocket to fit other belongings like your keys, wallet, or ID cards. Phones that can fit in the X Fit include the iPhone 7+, HTC One M10, Samsung Galaxy S8+, LG G6, and others.

Water bottles on each side are 10oz allowing for a good deal of water on each run. Overall, the X Fit Factor is a comfortable, lightweight fit that can hold many accessories at once. The X Fit Belt comes in three color variations: black & blue, black & green, and black & orange.

X Fit Factor Hydration Belt Review

Runtasty Running Hydration Belt

One great belt ideal for casual runners that offers plenty of comfort is the Runtasty hydration belt. It was also awarded the top hydration running belt in Europe’s Running Magazine. Designed to fit both your water and smartphone, the Runtasty offers some notable features.

The first is the belt’s neoprene material, which is waterproof and great for protecting all your belongings. The belt also has a touch-screen compatible cover, which is essential for anyone looking to use their phone on the run. This for example, can make changing music easy and straight-forward.

The two side pockets further include 2 BPA free 8.5oz water bottles. In the middle pocket, you have three inner pockets, allowing you to store and hold more than just your phone. In addition, to keeping your belongings safe, the belt offers comfort and ease of use with its one-click belt buckle.Runtasty Hydration Belt Review


Nathan Trail Running Hydration Belt

One of the more uniquely designed, ergo-shaped belts is the popular running hydration belt by Nathan Trail. This soft, sleek-looking belt will allow you to holster two 10oz water bottles and a smartphone enclosure, big enough to hold an iPhone 7.

What people love most about the Nathan Trail hydration belt is the minimal bouncing of the water, belts, and waist band while running. The steadiness of the belt around your waist makes it one that exudes a sense of comfort and stability. The Nathan Trail belt is also perfect for those on long-runs who need easy access to their water bottles.

Thanks to its two SpeedFit holsters, the belt was specifically designed to give you on the fly, single handed access to hydration. The bottles push & pull caps further makes drinking on the run easy. Nathans hydration insulated belts are also available and will keep your bottle nice and cold through out your long-distant run!

Nathan Trail Hydration Belt


CyberDyer Running Hydration Belt

For a belt that is simple, convenient, and light-weight, the CyberDyer’s hydration belt is one that aims to please. The belt’s most noticeable standout feature is its ability to hold just about any-sized water bottle, comfortably around your waste. You also have a 6″ pocket, capable of fitting many-sized smartphones as well.

The water bottle pocket uses a very elastic, mesh material that allows the runner to easily add and remove the water bottle as they please. It also helps give way to larger-sized bottles, rather than a one-size fits all. Its phone pocket also has a convenient ear phone outlet, keeping your headphones snug and secure.

Material on the Cyber Dyer hydration belt offers excellent quality and breath-ability. The belt, which is easily fastened by velcro along the waist band, allows you to effortlessly wear and remove the hydration belt. Runners looking something easy, small, and lightweight will surely love this CyberDyer hydration belt!

CyberDyer Hydration Belt Review


Peak Gear Running Hydration Belt

One of the biggest issues runners have when it comes to hydration belts are the actual bottles that come with it. Many are designed to fit just one size and often these sizes are too small. What Peak Gear has done is created an amazing belt meant to hold bottles of any size. Most importantly, this running hydration belt is made of excellent quality.

On the back of the belt is a rubber-made backing, which ensures that the belt stays tight around your waist without bouncing around. Its high-quality stretchable strap further ensures a very comfortable fit around your waist line. These are just a few of the features offered in Peak’s Gear hydration belt.

Its middle-pouch allows you to hold and store most phones, while its headphone slot makes listening to music easy and comfortable. Inside the pocket there is a key ring to secure your keys. Multi-function straps also allow you to hold other accessories. The belts reflective strips also improves night-time safety of the runner. All in all, it’s a very high-quality belt that fits waists between 24″ and 49″.

Peak Gear Hydration Belt


MyCarbon Running Hydration Belt

If you need a hydration belt suitable for holding just about any smartphone including the iPhone X and 8 Plus, then try fanny pack by MyCarbon. This running belt is a perfect tool for a variety of fitness activities including running, jogging, and working out.

The belt has a large capacity front pack suitable for holding your phone, keys, and wallet. There is also a back pocket that can be used to any other belongings you have. At the front of a belt is a place to hold your water bottle, along with an elastic loop for securing your bottle.

The MyCarb hydration belt is fully adjustable to fit waist sizes between 27.5″ and 49.2″. Other features of the belt include a key ring holder, headphone hole, and even a place to put a flashlight if you happen to be going on the late night jog. This is in addition to the belt’s nighttime reflection effect, enhancing the safety of your nighttime runs.

MyCarbon Hydration Belt Review

Which running hydration belt in this list was your favorite and why? Please let us know your favorite 2018 hydration belt in the comments down below. We hope you enjoy the many selections available to you!

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