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Top Ten Best Home Gym Attachments

best gym attachments

In this post, we’ll be going over ten of the best and most useful attachments for your home gym. If you’ve recently invested into a Bowflex, Marcy, or any other home gym brand, than you may be interested in getting some spare attachments for your gym. It’ll make life easier and more convenient knowing that you’ve now acquired some of the best tools to begin working out from home. From locking clamps to the tricep rope, this post gives you what you need to have every home gym accessory at your disposal!


10. Solid ABS Locking Clamps

These locking clamps are one of the most important tools you can have for a free weight gym. Important for both safety and efficiency, these solid ABS locking clamps have a grip that is ten times stronger than your average spring lock collar. If your home gym setup consists of a free weight bench, olympic bar, and plates, then these clamps are definitely worth the investment. They are professional in every sense and its ABS locking system will allow you to place and remove plates with ease. These ABS locking clamps are an appropriate fit for any 2-inch thick olympic barbell.

Ritfit Pro ABS Locking


9. Steel Spring Snaps

Having some extra spring snaps lying around could come in handy for quickly connecting and disconnecting one of your many home gym accessories. These particular snaps come in a set of 4 carabiner hooks that are 8 x 80 mm. So make sure you measure the snaps on your home gym before making any purchase to see if they’re a good fit.

Mydio Spring Snap Hooks


8. Ankle Straps For Cable Machine & Resistance Exercises

Not all home gyms come with ankle straps and yet these attachments are useful for a number of reasons. If your home gym has a lower pulley station, than having a pair of these velcro adjustable ankle straps is a great addition for further leg development. These particular ankle straps are 5 mm thick and use soft neoprene shock absorbing padding to make your lifts as easy and comfortable as possible. Their strong welded D rings have been further tested to withstand up to 130-pounds of resistance machine weights at a time.

Cable Machine Ankle Straps


7. Barbell Pad Squat Pad

Whether you’re working with a smith machine or free weight gym setup capable of squats, the barbell pad squat pad is a wonderful attachment for performing those heavy compound lifts. Designed to fit any 2″ Olympic sized barbell, this squat pad is the perfect accessory for giving your neck and shoulders the necessary comfort and proper support. Its 3/4″-thick foam material and a lifetime of guaranteed replacements will give your squat pad the chance to last forever. With three wonderfully creative logos to choose from, this particular pad could add some extra flare to your home gym!

Barbell Squat Pad


6. Fat Gripz Arm Builder

There’s nothing as efficient and convenient as using a pair of fat gripz to work that upper body. Fat gripz are known to have many benefits when it comes to strength training, such as making better use of your grip for making bigger and faster gains at the gym. Now that you have your own home gym or free weight setup, it could be time to invest in a pair of fat gripz. These amazingly useful and versatile attachments can be wrapped around barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments, and other exercise machine handles. By increasing the diameter of your grip, you could see faster and improved gains along with your strength training regimen.

Fat Gripz Arm Builder


5. Deluxe Tricep V-Bar With Rubber Handgrips

Some people simply love using the tricep v-bar for working those triceps and there’s no doubt that this particular attachment can come in handy with your home gym. Maybe you already have a tricep v-bar, but you don’t like the way it feels. Or, maybe you’re looking for a spare attachment. Whatever the case may be, these deluxe tricep v-bars have been wonderfully crafter with its rubber handgrips and end caps and are thus, a perfect attachment to add to your home gym or smith machine.

CAP Barbell Tricep V-Bar


4. Tricep Rope

There’s nothing like ensuring your tricep rope is made of the utmost high-quality material. Tricep ropes are very important for working with resistance machines and for working your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. This specific rope is extremely durable and is constructed with a heavy duty nylon rope material to give you one of the strongest and most secure grips. It’s interweaving of black and red rope material makes it one of the most appealing tricep ropes you can buy. Use of a heavy-duty aluminum receiver will further allow you to attach it to any universal home gym cable.

Harbinger Tricep Rope


3. Triangle Double D Rubber Grip Handle

Perfect for working out your arms, lats, and middle back, the triangle double D handle is an essential home gym attachment that can be used in replace of a lat bar attachment or used for seated row exercises. Bringing even more versatility into your workouts, this double D rubber grip handle has a high-polished chrome finish and wonderfully designed ergonomic rubber handles for the ultimate grip and comfort.

MESHA Rubber Grip Handle


2. Closed Handle Cable Attachment

This single cable grip home gym attachment is popular for a number of reasons. For one, it allows you to work a single arm at a time and second, they’re just so simple and convenient to use. This handle is chrome plated and made of a non-slip handle material. If you’re home gym didn’t come with one of these and you love performing one arm workouts, you may be interested in getting a pair of these.

Closed Handle Attachment


1. Rubber Grip Handles

These specific handles, made for gyms like Marcy and Bowflex, are a great and versatile attachment to have. They are especially perfect for cable pulleys that require an attachment on both sides and can allow you to work on exercises like the chest fly and so much more. I personally love using these handles for my bicep workouts, attaching them to the lower pulley of my home gym. Serving as the perfect non-steel replacement handle, these softly textured rubber grips will give you the secure and comfortable grip, you’ve been looking for all along.

Rubber Grip Handles

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