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The ZMG Foldable Ab Roller & Its Sleek, Beautiful Design

Product Description

Brand: ZMG

Model: Foldable Ab Roller

Type: Abs & Core Training

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, & Yellow

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Having an ab roller around is a perfect way to get those abs growing. Ab rollers, while not always effective, are great due to their convenience, size, and portability. The ZMG ab roller isn’t only a small and reliable piece of ab equipment, but is also foldable.

It’s one of the most unique-looking ab rollers I’ve seen to date and looks like something you’d buy out of Brookstone or Skymall. It’s sleek, innovative, and beautifully designed. Most importantly, it is also one of the most affordable pieces of ab equipment you can buy.



  • Weight – 3.3 pounds
  • User Weight Capacity – 500 pounds
  • Shipping Weight – approx. 3 pounds
  • Folded Measurements – 7.9″ L x 5.5″ W
  • Unfolded Measurements – 13.2″ L x 5.5″ W

The specs on the ZMG ab roller are simply amazing. Despite the size of the ab roller, this small piece of equipment can handle up to 500 pounds in user weight capacity.

It’s a very light-weight machine as well measuring in at just 3.3 pounds. When unfolded, the measurements of the ab roller is just an inch over a foot long and half a foot wide. Folding the ZMG ab roller is extremely simple and only requires detaching the two handles off either side.



The ZMG foldable ab roller includes one ab wheel with two detachable handles and a knee pad. Its two wheels are made of a non-skid, TPR material with thin lines going across for added stability and a smoother roll. Its two wheel system is also used for added support and to accommodate a much higher than average user weight capacity. The biggest standout feature is by far the design of the ZMG foldable ab roller. Even though it is constructed out of plastic, the ab roller is extremely sturdy and its grip handling is great.


Does The ZMG Foldable Ab Roller Work?

Now onto the real question.. Can the ZMG Foldable Ab Roller really strengthen those abs? Without question, this little device is more than capable of achieving stronger abs and a stronger core. It’s one of the reasons we’ve seen ab rollers become so popular over the past decade.

While they’re not the best or most effective means of achieving a six-pack, they’re far from the worse. There are two important things to focus on when strengthening those abs. The first is by focusing on and implementing variety.

Even if you do intend to work with the ZMG Foldable Ab Roller everyday, it’s important you implement exercises that target the abs in different ways. One of the best ways of doing this is by focusing on compound exercises and movements.. Or, you could keep things simple, and invest into something like the Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment. That way, you’re allowing your abs to experience something different while not becoming accustomed to the same everyday movements.

In addition to using an ab roller, it’s a good idea to work out different parts of your upper and lower body, allowing your body to grow in sync. Working on your chest, shoulders, and arms, can help increase muscular endurance and stamina so you can work out those abs at even higher reps and grow them in sync with the rest of your body. One of my favorite tools for working out the entire upper body – chest, back, shoulders, and arms is with the Power Press Pushup.


ZMG Foldable Ab Roller Vs. Other Ab Rollers

The ZMG Foldable Ab Roller has one of the sleekest and most innovative designs I’ve seen to date. It is indicative of the kind of innovation enjoined in today’s world of strength training and fitness. The ZMG Foldable Ab Roller however, is not the only one of its kind. Brands such as, Faswin, Sportneer, MaxKare, and VIM have all taken unique approaches in their design. Here’s a quick look of some of today’s most interesting and appealing ab rollers.


But, in terms of price, specs, reliability, and convenience, we love the ZMG Foldable Ab Roller just as much. The ability to simply remove the handles and take this with you wherever you go is an amazing attribute of the ZMG Foldable Ab Roller. Its use of one wheel at the front and back allows for a greater feel and sense for stability not seen nor felt in many of today’s ab rollers.

In this case, its simplicity for the win and depending on what you’re looking for, the ZMG Foldable Ab Roller might become your “Abs” new best friend!

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