Top 10 Abdominal Core Workouts For Beginners To Advanced

Keeping the core strong is the key to staying fit and healthy. Simple chores like pushing a cart in the supermarket involve the use of one’s core or abdominal muscles. Core not only makes our body tougher but it also affects our posture and balance. Apart from the abdominal muscles, the core also includes muscles around the pelvis and back muscles.

What Workouts can help you Strengthen you Core?

If you are a beginner, you can try performing these following exercises to strengthen your core:

  • Plank: This is one of the most effective full-body workouts targeting the core. It will strengthen the shoulders, arms and legs, glutes and back.
  • Bridge: Doing the bridge pose can strengthen your glutes because these help you to lift up the hips. So, your core gets a proper workout while your things and butt can get toned.
  • Crunches: These are classic abdominal core workouts which you can do both at home and in the gym. In this, you lift up your body using the core muscles. For people experiencing pains in their lower back, it is recommended that you do these slowly. To do these you must lie on the back, bend the knees and firmly plant the feet hip-width. You need to tighten the core and relax the shoulders and neck.
  • Supine Toe Tap: This Pilates workout engages the core and strengthens the hips, leg, and glutes. Toe taps put less pressure one one’s spine and may be right for people with back pain issues.

If you are at the intermediate stage, you can choose from these workouts:

  • Mountain climber: This is a combination of the plank and knee movements. It is perfect for strengthening the core and improving balance.
  • Bird dog: This will involve both the back and abdominal muscles making it perfect for core-strengthening. It will challenge your stability, balance, and coordination.
  • Warrior crunch: This is a great workout for the lower body and core, and strengthens the glutes, thigh, and quads.

For those who have moved onto the advanced stage, here are some effective workouts you can do:

  • Side plank rotation: This is an advanced type of basic plank which can make your shoulders, obliques, and arms stronger. It combines the regular plan with rotating arm movements.
  • Bird dog (elbow to knee): This variation is to introduce fluid movements for engaging the abdominal muscles and back muscles. This helps to make core muscles more mobile and flexible.
  • Bicycle crunch: This classic workout is for ab-strengthening by putting them under continuous tension.

So, whether you wish to jump-start your regular workout routine or introduce an extra punch to the one you are doing every day, these core strengthening workouts can be perfect. However, these workouts will be exerting quite a bit of pressure on your back and spinal cord. In case you already have injuries in this area, it is best to consult a doctor before starting with core exercises. You need to perform only those workouts which can tone your abdominal muscles and strengthen the core safely.

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