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Top 10 Foam Rollers To Consider For Your Home


There are so many different kinds, shapes, and sizes when it comes to foam rollers. These handy little tools can be an important component of any workout routine and have been observed as a great way to relieve the stress and tension out of our muscles. When shopping for a foam roller, we really want to invest in one that isn’t going to lose its shape or density over time. Usually, the ones we see with the lines or grids embedded in them will allow for the best foam rolling experience possible.

Other, more smooth rolled foam rollers can work out just as fine as well, but you might find them to be a bit easier on the muscles. Foam rollers are definitely a worthwhile investment and a good way to keep our muscles loose and healthy. They’ll also be a great addition to add to our home gym. I’ve seen many gyms in my day without any available foam rollers. This can be an inconvenience to many so to be able to come home to a foam roller after a hard workout is a great feeling, to say the least.

Top 10 Foam Rollers!

#1. TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

My favorite and most popular foam roller by far is made by TriggerPoint, which comes with its own instructional video so we know how to properly work and assess the tightness within our muscles. The roller is available in 3-different sizes, but I almost always recommend getting the Original Grid version, which happens to be the largest one measuring in at 36 x 6 inches and able to handle up to 500 pounds of body weight at a time.

The construction of the Grid is very sophisticated and uses a hollow core opening, unlike most other traditional foam rollers we’ve seen that are either filled with cheap plastic or foam. The TriggerPoint Grid Formula happens to be one of the most trusted foam rollers by fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike. 🙂

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller


#2. Foam Roller For Muscle Massage By Athren

If you’re looking for a very high-density foam roller, you may want to a look at the one made by Athren. It’s possibly one of the strongest foam rollers on the market and also has the hollow inner core as seen in the Grid roller. It uses the FingerZone, TipZone, and PalmZone technology to make it feel as though you’re being massaged by an actual person. This foam roller also only comes in the standard 13″ x 5″ size, so if you’re looking for something bigger to better fit your needs, go with the Grid. One of the best pros we found with the foam roller by

One of the best pros we found with the foam roller by Athren was its relatively low price point, which is another thing to consider. As we can see in the image below, there are some major differences between the foam roller made by Athren and the one by TriggerPoint. We don’t see as many smooth spots with the one by Athren and is actually filled with bumps and lining. This might in-turn make it tougher on the muscles, which depending on you could be seen as a good or bad thing. The two foam rollers are definitely comparable to one another.

Foam Roller By Athren

#3. Foam Roller By Holistic Athletics

One reason you may like this foam roller is because of its design that allows us to choose between a deep tissue, medium intensity, or mild massage. Those are some awesome preferences to have because trying to last by doing a deep tissue massage on the same foam roller every time may not be as easy as we think. Sometimes you just want to be able to relax on it which is exactly what the roller by Holistic Athletics allows you to do. It also comes with a travel bag, massage ball, and a removable inner core, which is nice. You also get a free e-book titled “Foam Roller 101: A Guide To Better Living.” If you’re looking for total value, consider this one made by Holistic Athletics.

Foam Roller By Holistic Athletics


#4. BEST Foam Roller By Master Of Muscle

Similar to the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller, the one made by Master Of Muscle also uses engraved lines and markings on the outside of the roller, known as fingertip and palm pressure zones. Unlike TriggerPoint the solid core is hollow and it only comes in one standard 13″ size. The dual pressure zones however, is what makes this foam roller unique and stand out the most by giving you full control of where to place pressure on each muscle. It even comes with a free book and manual called “Muscle Mauler” showing us what the best trigger point foam rolling exercises are that can be done.

Master Of Muscle Foam Roller


#5. Yes4All Deep Tissue Massage AccuPoint Roller

The Yes4All foam roller is a great product to consider due to its relatively cheap price point and its specialty design capable of massaging your muscle in all different kinds of directions. This is a result of its ridged surface, which like many other of the best foam rollers, work to imitate the massaging effects of the palms, fingers, and thumbs. Nothing besides the foam roller itself comes with it and it is only available in 11.75″ x 4″ wide.

Yes4All Blue Foam Roller

#6. Exercise Foam Roller By Product Stop Inc.

This foam roller by Product Stop Inc. is great value for your money because of the fact it comes with an additional foam roller massage stick. The only downside to the Product Stop foam roller is the fact that it uses a smooth surface so it might not be as tough on the muscles as some of the foam rollers listed above. It’s also only available in 13″ x 6″ but has gotten a ton of positive ratings over the years. The reason we love it is due to the massage roller stick that comes with it making for the perfect muscle relaxing combo.

Foam Roller By Product Stop Inc.



#7. iFlying Foam Roller

Besides its catchy name, the iFlying Foam Roller uses outer groovings to help make your massage more effective and is made out of an EVA-filled hollow core for long-lasting durability. This foam roller is only available in 13″ x 5″, but holds up to 400 lbs. at once.

iFlying Foam Roller

#8. NewCell Integrate Foam Roller

The NewCell Integrate Foam Roller is probably the most interesting look foam rollers of them all with its uniquely designed trigger point zone for great massage and accupoint therapy. The foam is made of very pointy material in order to dig deep into those muscles. If you’re not a fan of poking and prodding, you may want to stay away from this one. Otherwise, this foam roller was definitely made to get the job done.

New Cell Foam Roller

#9. AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller

Very simple, but very effective, while measuring in at 36″ x 6″ long. This foam roller by AmazonBasics is made of high-density material and molded polypropylene to maintain its sturdiness and density. If all you’re looking for is a basic foam roller to add to your home that happens to be larger in size than most, and is affordable, consider going with the one from AmazonBasics. They also have a set that includes a yoga mat, in case your interested.

Foam roller By AmazonBasics


#10. PhysioPhit Foam Roller

This foam roller by PhysioPhit uses consistent lining across the entire foam roller. Its highly durable nature will keep this one from losing its shape anytime soon. Some have even claimed the roller to be “extra-rigid,” and that it feels a little more like hard plastic than actual foam. Depending on how you view it, this may or may not be to your liking.


PhysioPhit Foam Roller



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