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Top 10 Best Massage Tools For Hands And Feet

The number of tools that we can use today for a self-massage is astounding. From foam rollers to Theracanes to automated back massages, there is no end to the supply of self-massaging tools. But what about our hands and feet? These type of tools are overlooked all the time, but can come in handy, relieving both stress and tension in our joints. This post goes over 10 of the most popular and easy to use massaging tools for our hands and feet and can make for a great addition to our everyday home gym accessories.


#1.  Theracane Massager by Thera Cane

The Theracane Massager includes 6 strategically placed knobs that are designed to ease muscle aches and pains in hard to reach areas of our body. There isn’t a simpler tool that allows us to target whichever muscles in our hand and feet than the Theracane. Unlike most other massage tools, the Theracane Massage is unique in that the knobs will allow us to easily apply pressure to those specific muscles.

It can also be used in either a seated or standing position. Its highly affordable price, effectiveness, and top-notch quality is what makes this a go to choice as a self-body massage tool. There is quite the variety of Theracane tools on the market, many of which we’ll see even contain more knobs. The majority of Theracane tools should serve our purposes just fine.

Theracane Massage Tool

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#2. Trevida Therapy Massage Balls

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of these Trevida Therapy Massage Balls. Working our muscles on a massage ball can go a long way in releasing tightness and stress. These two massage balls from Trevida allow us to target hard to reach tissue areas and due to its small size is also great for working our hands and feet. The massage balls made by Trevida come with a carrying case and are the most portable and convenient out of any self-massage tool. If you’ve ever seen a lacrosse ball, that’s what we could compare the Trevida Therapy Massage Balls with.

Trevida Massage Therapy Balls

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#3. BodyBack Trigger Point Self Massage Tool

The BodyBack trigger point self massage tool is similar to the previously mentioned Theracane Massage with a few noticeable and distinguished features. The first is that it contains 11 knobs rather than 6 allowing you to work more muscles in your body at different angles. It also comes with a muscle stick allowing you to roll the stress and tension out of your muscles. The second major difference between this and the Thera Cane Massager is its S-shaped design potentially give you more control and a better handle on the amount of pressure that can be placed, especially on our hands and feet.

BodyBack Theracane Tool

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#4. Jacknobber Muscle Massage Tool 

The Jacknobber is a very unique and elegantly designed tool that can be used to apply pressure not only to our hands and feet, but to nearly any and every muscle within our body. It uses 4 different sized knobs allowing for an easy grip and handle when going to work on those muscles. The reason for the multiple knobs isn’t only there for easier handling, but for better efficiency when targeting the muscles along your back and spine.

Jacknobber massage tool

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#5. Stronger Premium Grade Spiky Massage Tool

This extra strong and durable Spiky Massage Tool is an excellent tool for a self-induced deep tissue massage. It is constructed out of hard rubber and the spikes on the outside of the ball make it perfect for massaging the hands and feet. This tool can be used either between your back and the wall or simply against the ground. Some may find the spikes to be a little rough on the muscles, but overall is a very effective tool that helps get the job done.

Spiky Massage Tool


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#6. TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller Massage

Looking for something that specifically targets and massages the feet? Well look no further. The TriggerPoint NANO is a miniature, light weight, and portable device that allows you to foam roll your feet. Its dense foam surface will give your feet the massage of a lifetime. While this can also be done with the previously mentioned spiky massage ball above, the NANO foot roller is an optimal solution due to the wheels on each side of the roller making it easier to self-massage your feet than ever before.

TriggerPoint Foot Roller

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#7. HEAT-WAVE Hot Stone Massage Tool

This uniquely designed tool by Synergy Stone provides relief to the muscles in our hand and feet by allowing us to allow warm pressure to those muscles. Using the Hot Stone massage tool is as easy as putting it in the microwave for 1-minute and then putting the tool to work on our muscles. Its long wavy design makes this a perfect solution for targeting our hands and feet and will allow us to apply a slow, yet gentle and deep massage to those muscles. The Synergy Stone company also has a host of other hot stone massage tools as well, but its the specific the shape of the HEAT-WAVE that makes this the most optimally designed tool for our purposes.

HEAT-WAVE By Synergy Stone

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#8. Foot and Hand Massage Roller From LURE Home Spa

This 2-in-1 massage roller is perfect for rolling your hands, wrists, legs, and feet. Its design makes this an optimal tool as well and uses two wooden handles on either side as well as pointed knobs in the middle of the roller for a better sense of pressure. Whether you’re at home or at the office, this foot and hand massage roller can be taken anywhere and used at any place or time.

roller by lure home spa

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#9. Foot Stretcher By Vibe

This amazing tool by Vibe allows us to stretch and strengthen the arch of our feet. Its used by simply locking the heels of our feet into the device allowing us to maximize our foot stretch and straightening of our ankles. This highly affordable piece of equipment is a great supplementary tool to many of the hand and foot rollers on the market and will allow us to experience an even stretch throughout our feet by being able to gradually rock the stretcher back and forth. The Vibe foot stretcher uses an angled foot plate for a maximum stretch, as well as an anti-slip rubber plate at the bottom of the device to prevent slipping.

Vive Foot Stretch

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#10. Go Fit Polar Roller

The Go Fit Polar Roller is an effective multi-use tool for massaging our hands and feet. Unlike the NANO foot roller massage, this design utilizes a handle so that we can directly apply pressure to the muscles of our choosing. The ball itself is made of stainless steel, which will allow us to apply a good amount of pressure and even allow you to refrigerate it so it stays cold. It normally takes around 2 hours for the device to get cold, but the advantage of this is that it retains its cold temperature for quite awhile.

Go Fit Polar Roller

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