Top 10 Best Push-Up Bars & Equipment


When it comes to performing our push-ups, there is an endless variety to the number of tools and equipment that we can choose from. Using various push-up tools can truly allow us to target all kinds of different muscles. As we’ll see in our list below, there have been some really awesome innovations in the world of push-ups that can be considered adding to our home gym.  From push-up tools that rotate to boards that allow us to workout nearly ever muscle in our upper-body, there are no limits to how we can do our push-ups on a daily basis. This list was compiled to present some of the most popular tools and equipment being used in our present day.


#10. Push-Up Bars With Rotating Handles By Perfect Fitness

These rotating push-up bars by Perfect Fitness are an ideal solution to mixing up our workout routines at home. They have a very stable base that includes steel bearings underneath for a very smooth rotation on any flat surface. They are light-weight, portable, compact, and come with a black speed jumping rope. I would also say that these push-up bars are a bit smaller and flatter than usual and might not come as highly recommended as other rotating push-up tools on the market.

Perfect Fitness Push Up Bars

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#9. Perfect Fitness Perfect Push-Up

These awesomely designed and looking tools were created by Perfect Fitness, which if you don’t know, are a very popular company when it comes to fitness equipment. Their Perfect Fitness pull-up bar especially is very famous for those looking to add to their home gym.

When it comes to the Perfect Push-Up, there are no shortages of quality here. They can be used for nearly any fitness level and work through a simple rotation of the push-up handles. Some individuals however, have complained of a lacking grip, which is why this product hasn’t exactly made it to the top of the list. But if you’re looking an affordable push-up tool, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Perfect Fitness Push-Up

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#8. Push-Up Bars With Bonus 4K E-Book By 321 Strong

These simple but greatly designed push-up bars by 321 Strong are perfect for allowing us to perform our push-ups at a slight incline. The bars use an outer foam handle to allow for a more secure grip. This very light weight piece of equipment can allow us to perform our push-ups with greater versatility and even includes a 100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee 🙂

Push Up Bars By 321 Strong

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#7. Push-Up Bars By JuFit

These stylish pair of push-up bars bring something both new yet simple to the world of home gym equipment. Made out of steel and a foam grip handle, these bars were created in an S shape to give us a strong yet comfortable ergonomic design. The whole intention behind the push-up bars design was to help us in straightening our wrists with every performing push-up, while giving us a bit of an incline to work with. The JuFit Push-Up Bar Set requires no assembly whatsoever and can be used straight out of the box.

Push Up Bars By JuFit

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#6. Elite Perfect Push-Up Bars

We could consider the Elite Perfect Push-Up Bar to be almost perfect. They well-built, stable, and very comfortable on the wrists. It is the perfect example of how any rotating push-up bar should be. Their bases are tightly gripped so they don’t move around on smooth surfaces and the handles and the way they rotate allow for the fullest possible range of motion. The handles are also designed to fit our hand as best as possible.

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#5. Legend Push-Up: Pushup Bars + Stability Trainer

On a similar note to the Pushup Bars made by JuFit, we have the awesome Legend Push-Up, which completes two purposes in one. Unlike the JuFit model, the Legend Push-Up gives us two options to choose from. The first option allows us to increase muscle activation with its unique rocking mode, while the second allows us to use it like any regular push-up bar in stable mode. We can additionally use the Legend Push-Up Bar to perform our exercises in narrow grip, wide grip, and/or neutral grip.

Legend Push Up Bars


#4. CAP Barbell Pair Of Push Up Bars

CAP Barbell is another leader in the fitness industry that for the most part, usually delivers top-notch home gym products at a bargain. This specific push up bar is made with a chrome plated finish for maximum durability. Its slip resistant padding and foam handles truly allow for better comfort and wrist positioning and hard rubber padding underneath to keep them from slipping. What really makes CAP Barbells Push Up Bar stand-out however, is the chrome plated metal instead of being made from plastic like many other bars on the market today. They are also, extremely affordable!

CAP Barbell Push Up Bars

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#3. PushX3

The PushX3 is a push-up bar truly designed to increase our range of motion. They are extremely lightweight, portable, and compact, and can be used in any home gym. They aren’t exactly the most “stable” push-up bars on the market, but that’s how they were designed. They were meant to feel unstable to toughen up those push-ups and help you focus on doing them without a whole lot of stability.


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#2. Perfect Fitness 31001 V2 Elite Perfect Push-Up

If you’re literally looking for the “perfect push-up,” look no further. Here we have another model made by Perfect Fitness, but this time, it comes in at the #2 spot. Formally called by its former name, the Perfect V2 Pushup, this product was designed extremely well offering a steel bearing system for the smoothest rotation possible.

It also uses a spiral gripping rubber pattern underneath each handle to keep it from slipping and sliding on the floor below us. The handles were made to provide an excellent range of motion for your chests and arms and we can even change our wrist position without having to move any of the handles themselves. I’d give the Perfect V2 Pushup an A++ for design and ergonomic comfort.

Perfect V2 Pushup

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#1. Power Press Push-Up By Maximum Fitness Gear

Coming in at the top spot happens to be one of the most innovate push-up tools I’ve tried in my lifetime and a highly effective one to say the least. The Power Press Pushup is capable of not only giving us an amazing workout for our triceps and chests, but even our shoulders, back, and biceps. The way it does this is with a “Plug & Press” push-up board system that allows us to move the handles in 16 different angles and positions to target nearly every muscle in our upper body.

Each angle and position are color-coded so we know exactly which muscles were targeting with every exercise. There are some drawbacks to the board however, such as the fact that people found the board to be a bit bigger and more heavy duty than they initially thought. But in terms of effectiveness, use, and versatility, this board takes the top spot in my book, followed by the Perfect V2 Pushup, which I also highly recommend. 🙂

Power Press Push-Up

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