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Top 10 Best Theracanes Of 2017

One of today’s most innovative and useful tools for the alleviation of muscle knots and spasms is the theracane. For those of you who haven’t heard, this is a tool that allows you to place pressure and massage various points on your body.

Similar in many ways to the foam roller, the theracane allows you to massage hard-to-reach points like areas on your back, shoulders, and neck. It makes the whole process of self-massage comfortable and in essence, more efficient.

There is nothing more self-reliant than simply being able to massage your neck or back as you sit on your couch watching your favorite t.v. station. That’s exactly what the theracane allows you to do. The strategic placement of knobs on the theracane gives you the opportunity to massage practically every trigger point in your body with ease and convenience.

Simply said, it’s a feeling of stress-relief that has made the theracane popular and perhaps, one of today’s most under-rated tool for self-massage and therapy. As a result, we wanted to make more users aware of this amazing and helpful tool by creating our top ten favorite theracanes for 2017. Enjoy!


10. Pulsmate Body & Back Massager Pro

This well-built theracane includes 11 strategically placed knobs to help you reach those hard-to-reach areas.

Its got the same ‘S’-curve we see in the majority of today’s theracanes, giving you an excellent grip and handle while massaging those trigger points.

This particular theracane is light-weight, easy to use, and comfortable for massaging the neck, back, shoulders, and legs. The tool further allows you place as much or as little pressure on your muscles, as you see fit.

Pulsmate Theracane


9. Remedy Cane 2

This theracane has everything you could ask for. With 14 strategically placed knobs, there’s no shortage of what you can massage with the Remedy Cane 2. The theracane has your typical ‘S’-shape giving you that firm and solid grip as you go to work on your myofascial release.

Included with the theracane is a step-by-step manual so you’re never lost along the way. More importantly, you’ll know and learn exactly how each knob operates. The theracane is easy to control and is designed to give you some of the best alleviating massages your muscles will love.

Remedy Cane 2 Theracane


8. ChiroDoc Trigger Point Massager

This theracane by ChiroDoc utilizes three different kinds of knobs, with rounded and pointed shapes allowing you to place various pressure on different points through out your body.

In total, the theracane has 11 strategic knob placements, so you can reach nearly ever trigger point and area in your body. The rounded knob is used to massage a more general area, while the pointed knobs are used for placing pressure on specific trigger points.

The theracane stands tall at nearly 27″ and is one of today’s trusted options when it comes to theracanes. Included with the Trigger Point Massager is an instruction manual, showing you exactly how to use the various knobs for the best therapeutic massage.

ChiroDoc Theracane


7. Theracane Blue Max: Trigger Point Massager

This theracane has to be one of today’s most convenient and easy to use options, allowing for storage and transport that many theracane’s don’t offer. With the Blue Max Theracane, you’ll be able to detach the top from bottom so you can carry it with you anywhere.

While the theracane does not use the ‘S’-shape curve, the design is very similar and should give you a good grip and sense of handling, regardless. If transporting is key, then the Theracane Blue Max is a great choice.

Included with the theracane is an interactive DVD for instructions and proper use, as well as an owner’s manual.

Thera Cane Blue Max


6. LiBa Back & Neck Massager Tool

One reason you’ll love the LiBa Theracane is because of the handle and grip it gives you. It uses a design most theracanes haven’t thought of, which makes the Liba unique in its own way.

At one end of the theracane, you have a handle that curves the same way a cane wood. This can allow you to hold the cane more firmly and give you better control of the pressure you want to place on various trigger points.

In total, the LiBa massage tool contains only 6 knobs, which you may find to be more preferable. After all, it’s not always the number of knobs that indicates better quality, but the placement of those knobs and handling of the theracane as a whole; something the LiBa does an excellent job at.

LiBa Theracane


5. Pain Point Self Massager Stick

The Pain Point theracane is admired for its portability, durability, and multi-functional use. The theracane can be easily detached into two pieces whenever you need to store it or take it with you on travel.

The two pieces can even be adjusted to change shape to help you reach different pressure points and give you more flexibility when using your theracane.

The theracane is further loved for its rigidity, as well as its 10 strategically located massage knobs. With a 90-day money back guarantee, there is no reason you won’t love this sleek looking theracane for your daily therapeutic relief.Pain Point Theracane


4. The Original Backnobber 2

The Original Backnobber is a classic when it comes to theracanes and is loved for its minimalist and simple style. The Backnobber 2 further serves as proof that you don’t require 20 different knobs to get the massage of a lifetime.

This theracane instead effectively uses one strategically placed knob at each end of the device, and is shaped in such a way that gives you some of the best grip, handling, and control.

What’s even more unique with the Backnobber is its ability to detach into two for easy storage and transportation. If what you’re looking for is simplicity, style, and convenience, the Backnobber two remains to be an excellent option to this day.

Original Backnobber II


3. Nayoya Back Hook Massager

This theracane by Nayoya is a feast for the eyes. Using one of the most intricate and intelligent designs on the market, the theracane offers an unparalleled grip and sense of handling.

Its wide curve and strategic knob placement, allows you to reach some of the hardest to reach areas like the back of your neck, back area, and shoulder blades. But the Nayoya can be used for practically any part of the body.

In total, there are 9 knobs that are placed 2″ apart for precise trigger point targeting. The Nayoya also comes with a nylon storage carry bag for easy transportation and storage.

Nayoya Theracane


2. Body Back Buddy Self Massage Tool

This theracane has been manufactured in the USA since 1995 and stands as one of the most popular theracanes on the market. The theracane meets all US Health and Safety Standards, using high-quality polyethylene material that is also hypoallergenic.

The design of the Body Back Buddy is its most outstanding factor with a design that makes it up to three times stronger than many other theracanes.

The theracane further uses 11 strategically placed knobs for pin-pointing those hard-to-reach areas and includes a 12-page instructional manual for detailed steps and instructions.

Body Back Buddy Theracane


1. Theracane Massager

A couple reasons why the Theracane Massager is so good is because of it’s simplistic, but efficient design and handling. It’s also found to be one of the most comfortable theracanes to use, as a result of its round and smooth contours.

As such, the Theracane Massager uses two very well, strategically placed knobs that extend from the theracane to give you one of the best and easiest to use grips I’ve ever tried.

Generally speaking, the Theracane Massager is a classic when it comes to theracanes and sometimes its overall simplicity that truly makes a product so great.

Thera Cane Massager


Which theracane in this list is your favorite and why? Please leave your thoughts and comments in the section down below.


  • Hiya. I’m not sure exactly how you use this product? Do you just place the end on the muscle that is tight and massage it that way?

  • Hi Peter, the Body Back Buddy looks like a great tool for back pain suffers as a do it yourself massager to give relief at home. I also like the Theracane Massage tool. I know all the Theracanes have their benefits, but the Body back buddy or the Theracane Massage look like the ones for me!

  • That’s great to hear Cosmus, and I couldn’t agree more that the theracane is a great tool to both prevent and relieve muscle tension, in the back as well as other parts of the body too 🙂

  • Yes, that’s exactly how you use the theracane Nyssa. It can look confusing when starting out, but once you have that theracane in your hands, knowing what to do and how to use it becomes second nature. It’s all about how you hold and position the theracane and the amount of pressure you decide to place on each pressure point. For more thorough instructions on how to use a theracane, you can try checking out this video on Youtube. I may also dedicate an entire post on how to use the theracane in the near future, so you can get a better understanding. Thanks for stopping by!

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