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Top 3 Stability Ball Chairs For a Stronger Core and Improved Posture

A Product Inspired By The Stability Ball

Today I want to go over a unique product and idea inspired by the amazing stability ball. The stability ball chair is one that’s been picking up a lot of traction and popularity lately due to its capability in being able to strengthen our core and improve our posture.

The stability ball chair is something that can take awhile to get accustomed to, but is unique in the fact that the chair forces you to use your back muscles in order to sit upright.

When you sit, you’re in a better position because your hips are higher, you’re more aligned, and are in more of a neutral posture. This in-turn can strengthen the back muscles, the core, and improve overall posture as a result.


Stability Ball Chair Benefits

Unlike your typical office chair, the stability ball does not allow you to lean backwards and there’s not a whole lot supporting your back other than your bodyweight. That’s what makes the stability chair effective for improving your spinal alignment. Given how much we sit all day at our laptops and desktops, investing into a high-quality stability chair can be worth the investment and help keep your hip flexors from tightening up.

The benefits of stability ball chairs don’t just end there and are even being used in schools across the world as a way to increase learning. It’s ability to improve our posture can actually strengthen our focus, attention, and concentration as a result, which tends to improve overall well-being. Great for adults and children alike, I highly recommend a stability ball chair for just about any use that relates to sitting.


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Stability Ball Chair Drawbacks

There are some disadvantages to the stability ball chair however. For example, sitting on one can actually look a bit funny and less professional. They also definitely take awhile to get accustomed to and you may find it to be less comfortable initially than sitting at a regular desk chair.

People also tend to get a bit of an onset in back pain after their first week of using the stability ball chair because of all the back and core muscles that the stability ball chair regularly activates. While these disadvantages aren’t necessarily a bad thing and can actually benefit us physically and mentally in the long-run, they’re still cons worth considering.


Our Top 5 Stability Ball Chairs

Without further or due, let’s take a look at the best stability ball chairs we recommend buying and the kind of features that make them stand out. Whether you’re in your home office or in your college dorm cranking out your next paper, the stability ball chair will benefit you in a number of ways. From a heightened sense of focus and motivation to building a stronger back and core, owning a stability ball chair simply makes sense.

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Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair

Despite the lack of a back rest, many will find the Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair to be a great choice. Included is a 52-centimeter balance ball, air pump for easy inflation, and easy gliding caster wheels. Sitting on the Backless Balance Ball Chair by Gaiam is known to activate the proper back muscles, improve spinal alignment, and help ease your back of pain.

One of the drawbacks to this balance chair is that it’s only been designed for users who are between 5 feet and 5 feet 11 inches with a 300 pound weight limit. If this could be an issue, check out these recommended stability balls instead, which you could also use as a chair if you prefer.

The Gaiam uses a nice and sturdy plastic base with attached wheels underneath. The wheels also include a caster lock so you can keep it from rolling around. The Gaiam Backless Chair also comes in 6 convenient colors: Purple, Charcoal, Blue, Green, Glossy Black, and Nectarine. All in all, we’d say the Gaiam balance ball chair comes in at a great bargain!

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair


Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is easily one of our top recommended choices and possibly the best-selling balance ball chair of all-time. The Gaiam Chair comes available in a huge array of colors to match just about any interior: Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Ocean, Wasabi, Cool Grey, Forrest, and Fuchsia. We found this to be a huge plus of the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair and one of the main distinguished features between this and the LuxFit Premium. Included is an adjustable support bar, air pump, easy glide casters, and a home office guide.

One thing to note about Gaiam is that they have been an industry leader in yoga and other health-related equipment since 1988. They have some of the best stability balls on the market and their stability ball chair should provide us with all the ergonomic back support we need.

While some people did have some problems with the stability ball being too small or with the base breaking down, I personally believe most of them simply didn’t give the ball a full 24 hours to inflate as you’d need to with any stability ball in order for it to stretch and inflate to its maximum level. I’d recommend taking a look at the consumer images here however, and using your best judgment call. Otherwise, check out the stability ball chair by LuxFit, which seems to be like the next perfect choice.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair


LuxFit Premium Fitness Stability Ball Chair

The stability ball chair by LuxFit is one of the best balance ball chairs out there. Personally I would say you’d do great to go LuxFit and is most-likely your best choice. There is a huge lack of complaints with this ball and nothing but praise.

While the LuxFit ball chair may be one of the best designed chairs, it suffers from the fact that it only comes in black. This could be a bit of a bummer, but if that’s not an issue, this should be a top contender on your list.

The office chair, designed by health experts comes with an included 3-year warranty, and 2.5 foot back rest that tilts forward for some great base support. It has a solid plastic base with good sized caster wheels allowing for easy mobility and holds the 52″ stability ball in its place. Overall, the LuxFit stability ball chair is a perfect choice for sitting and working out many of your postural muscles!




Question For Thought

What are your thoughts on owning a stability ball chair and do you think they’ll benefit you in the way you sit? Please leave your insights, thoughts, and comments down below!

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