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Top 5 Best Home Gym Flooring Reviews

If you’ve been deciding on your newest home gym and are in the market for a set of floor mats that will keep your floors safe and sound, this following post is for you. Adding an exercise mat to your fitness area in the garage or basement is a great way to protect your floors and get the proper floor support and cushion you need. There are many kinds of floor mats on the market today, all of which, provide a different level of thickness and comfort with some being more reliable than others.

The best aspect to many of these floor mats is that they’re fairly lightweight and use interlocking tiles that makes them so easy to install. They’ll also help in reducing most noise that is emitted from your garage gym.

We’ve further gathered information on the top 5 home gym flooring mats for you here to help you decide on the best home gym flooring material with your situation in mind. Traits we looked out for include an anti-slip and resistant texture, thickness, ease of assembly, durability, and price; many of which we found to come at a solid bargain. Here’s our top 5!


#5. We Sell Mats Home Gym Flooring

We Sell Mats can provide you with above average flooring mats for your home gym with a durable design and a nice texture that covers up to 48 square feet in space. While this can be a great solution for most light-weight home gym equipment, it’s 3/8″ thickness is a little less thick than some other mats we found.

Available in a charcoal grey color, the mats have a very nice appeal and will work perfectly for any gym equipment you have. While they also don’t have the anti-slip factor that many other home gym mats tend to have, they remain a good buy, nonetheless.


We Sell Mats Rubber Flooring

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#4. Xmark Fitness Xmat Ultra Thick Gym Flooring

Unlike most home gym flooring mats that come in interlocking tiles, the Xmark Fitness Xmats comes in one solid 4″ x 5″ x .5″ mat. What’s great about Xmark Fitness Xmats is the rough texture it provides, making it an optimal solution for those who need something placed under a heavy piece of equipment.

This heavy-duty comes in weighing at 75-pounds and are so durable, they’ll last you for years to come. The biggest drawback to the Xmark Fitness Xmats are that they’re not an appropriate fit for individuals looking to use the floor itself as a workout space. But for those who need a very strong and durable floor mat, the Xmark Fitness Xmat is one you’ll want to consider.


Xmark Fitness Xmat

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#3. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat With EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

These BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mats should definitely meet your expectations by providing you with a perfectly durable, non-skid surface. Providing you with an equal amount of support and cushion, the BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise mat is perfectly suitable for your garage or basement and is very easy to install.

One set covers 24 square feet with each tile measuring in at 24″ x 24″ x 1/2″-thick. The BalanceFrom mats are available in black, blue, or grey, so you can customize the looks of your home gym to your liking. This excellent color set option coupled with its amazing support, cushion, and durability, makes the BalanceFrom Exercise Mats a highly recommended option.


BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

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#2. IncStores MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles

Whether you’re looking to use IncStores Foam Tile Mats to workout on or used as a protective flooring for your home gym, these 1″-thick foam tiles are a perfect solution. While they are pricier than other options, their extra thickness and shock-absorbing nature make them very ideal to have. Each tile is measured at 24″ x 24″ x 1.”

Available in a black/grey or blue/red combo, the IncStores is backed by a 1-year warranty. The only con we could find with IncStores MMA Foam Tiles is that they don’t interlock as well as other sets, due to some tiles being a fraction thicker than others. If you’re looking for a more uniform look, we recommend going with a different set. Otherwise, these foam tiles are great for protecting your floors and giving you a nice sturdy surface to workout on.


IncStores Foam Tiles

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#1. ProSource Puzzle Exercising Mat

The ProSource Puzzle Exercising Mat with foam interlocking tiles is one of the best set of exercising mats you can buy. They’re great, since they don’t cost as much as other floor matting materials, yet provide you with all the traits needed to protect your floors.

They’re durable, easy to clean, and can be easily disassembled. More importantly, they are water resistant, noise reducing, and can be a perfect fit for just about any room in your home. Each ProSource Puzzle set comes in a set of six 24-square foot measured mats with exact dimensions being 24″ x 24″ x 1/2″-thick.


ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat

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