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Top 5 Best Neoprene Dumbbell Sets

Using neoprene dumbbells are an awesome way to get in a light set of workouts done. With so many great brands to choose from, it can be hard on deciding the right set.

Ones that come with a small dumbbell rack are usually recommended and offer additional convenience so your dumbbells aren’t taking up much floor space. Choosing a set that also has a special hexagon shape to prevent rolling on the ground is also a wise idea.

In this post, we’ve compiled what we found to be our top 5 neoprene dumbbell sets for your home so you can get in a quick workout without having to use any heavy equipment. Neoprene dumbbells are normally color-coded by weight, are convenient, portable, and most of all, look great.

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If there is one thing CAP barbell is known for, it has to be its manufacturing of high-quality weights. This is one of the most popular brands you’ll find in the weight-lifting industry and their quality shows in this particular neoprene dumbbell set. This is the kind of set that is perfect for both males and females.

It doesn’t stand out in terms of bright colors as with other neoprene dumbbell sets, making it a great set in a neutral black color for both genders. It’s a small and convenient set that stands out for its hex shape, which prevents rolling, and a uniquely designed stand. CAP offers two weight sets with this package; a 20-pound set that comes with a pair of 2, 3 and 5-pound weights, as well as a 32-pound set that includes a pair of 3, 5, and 8-pound weights. There is no warranty with this product.


CAP Barbell Neoprene Dumbbell Set



Made of cast iron and coated with neoprene, the Yes4All dumbbell set is an ideal neoprene weight set. What really makes this set stand out are the stylish and endless number of vibrant colored sets you can choose from. With 38 available sets, it’s easy to see why Yes4All’s neoprene dumbbell sets is one of the most popular and best-selling options.

While there is no dumbbell rack included with this set, Yes4All’s dumbbells uses a very special shape to prevent rolling. You’ll also notice that these have a very soft, but stable grip with a handle that some find to be a bit too large. Each weight set includes a 1-year limited warranty against breakage and a mixed set of colors you’re bound to fall in love with.

Yes4All Neoprene Dumbbells



Similar to CAP Barbell’s neoprene set, this dumbbell set by Jfit is perfect for both men and women. These dumbbells are available in 4 different sets. Its 18 pound set includes 2, 3, and 4 pound dumbbells. Their 20 pound set comes with 2, 3, and 4 pound dumbbells. Their 24 pound set includes 2, 4, and 6 pound dumbbells. And lastly, their 32 pound set comes with 3, 5, and 8 pound weighted dumbbells.

Each set also includes its own stand, which is made from plastic and isn’t always the most sturdy, but gets the job done of holding your neoprene weights in place. With non-slip handles, a double neoprene coating to prevent chipping, durable solid steel iron construction, and a 5-year warranty, it’s easy to see why the Jfit dumbbell makes the top 5.

JFIT Neoprene Dumbbells



Offering some of the highest weight sets of any neoprene dumbbell sets out there, it only makes sense to add Fitness Republic’s neoprene dumbbells to the list. This is an awesome set of neoprene dumbbells because you can choose exactly the number of weights and number of dumbbells you want to choose from. The first combo is a set of 3 dumbbells that come in 2, 3, and 4-pounds. The second combo is a set of 4 dumbbells that come in 2, 3, 4, and 5-pounds.

The next two combos include a set of 5 neoprene dumbbells. One of which comes with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 pound weights and the second combo including 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 pound weights. Lastly, Fitness Republic also offers a convenient and practical 16 dumbbell weight set with weights ranging from 2 to 20 pounds for the person who needs a great neoprene dumbbell set addition to their home gym. Best of all, the weights look and perform beautifully. It uses a superior cast iron interior instead of sand, include a very comfortable grip, and will provide you with a completely roll-free workout session.

Fitness Republic Neoprene Dumbbells



Coming in at first for style, convenience, and affordability is AmazonBasics 20-pound neoprene dumbbell set. It’s one of the best bargains you can find right now and includes 3 pairs of dumbbells in 2, 3, and 5-pound weights, as well as its own unique and stylish stand. The weights also include a hexagon shape to prevent rolling and a very comfortable grip for each exercise you perform. Even though the stand it comes in is made of plastic, it’s sturdy and does a fantastic job of holding and securing the weights in place. If you’re looking for a neoprene dumbbell weight set on a budget, than you’ll love this set made by AmazonBasics!

AmazonBasics 20-pound dumbbell set

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  • This is great advice for someone starting out with their own workouts at home. I like how you have given us a choice from 5 so we can really see what suits the individual best.

    I really do feel like the quality of the dumbells are very important to your progress. More than anything, I think its comfort.

    Great post!


  • Hi, so glad to have come across this review as my wife has been looking for this type of equipment for sometime. They seem easy to handle unlike traditional metal ones. Perfect addition to floor exercises.

    Do you know how the durability of these dumbells stack up with time? I hate replacing items that wear a way quickly.

  • Neoprene dumbbells are generally very durable, more likely to last you longer, and less likely to experience cracks than say vinyl. If you’re looking for reliable dumbbells, I can’t think of a better choice than a neoprene set for long-term use. Thanks for the comment, and you’re right in the fact that neoprene dumbbell sets can provide both better handling and comfort than other types of dumbbells!

  • Yes, comfort and handling are really what sets apart neoprene dumbbells from other types of sets. The quality of your neoprene dumbbells are also always very important. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • This is really good info Pete. My wife is just getting back into exercising but she doesn’t like my Everlast set, none of which are coated. Fitness Republic looks like a good fit for her so I’m going to look into that one. The granularity of the combo sets makes it very attractive. Thanks again for the review!

  • Awesome Joshua. I’m glad you found one you liked. I’m sure your wife will definitely appreciate these and hopefully will motivate her to continue exercising. Thanks and stop by again at any time 🙂

  • I usually go the gym and use the dumbells there, but have been losing more time due to my work, I might start investing in dumbells to keep at home in case I can’t go to the gym anymore. Thanks for sharing.

  • No problem at all Deep. There really is nothing like having your own set of dumbbells to work out with at home 🙂

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