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Top 5 Best Strength Training Books Of All Time

Reading up on the latest strength training techniques can make all the difference in your progress. These books can also show you methods for improving general form, and ways to help you prevent and avoid injury. Strength training books can further show you how to use your time more efficiently and wisely, so you’re making the absolute most out of your time at the gym. Thus, it can result in a small investment for bigger and more long-term payoffs.

It is especially important for beginners to learn everything they can, before jumping into the ring. Having better awareness and knowledge while in the gym can allow you to make progress and gains in a faster time period. They can also give you a better idea of the type of workouts to implement and allow you to create a schedule you’ll actually stick to this time around.

It is without further or due, we present to you our top 5 favorite strength training books of 2017. These books are jam-packed and filled to the brim with new and interesting content that solely relates to strength training and ways to make you stronger. These books are meant to motivate you and fill you with better of knowledge of how to approach each and every workout from here on out.


5. Jim Stoppani’s Encyclopedia Of Muscle & Strength, 2nd Edition

Jim Stopannis EncyclopediaIf you need a book that is simply packed with information on strength training, then this is a book to add to the collection. Reaching nearly 600-pages, in nothing but the most high-quality information, Jim Stoppani outlines and details the proper form and technique of 381 exercises.

Within the encyclopedia, you will find 116 workout programs to choose from, which are rated in terms of effectiveness based on workout duration, time frame, and difficulty level. It doesn’t end there however. The Encyclopedia further covers all the key terms and definitions you need to know when it comes to strength training.

It covers less known strength training activities like kettlebell exersises, BOSU, and TRX. It even covers dieting and nutrition information for optimum muscle mass and weight loss results. All in all, this book truly has it all and if you need a guide with a ton of variety and workout programs to choose from, this is an encyclopedia worth having around.



4. Starting Strength, 3rd Edition

Starting Strength, 3rd EditionStarting Strength by Mark Rippetoe and illustrator Jason Kelly, heavily focuses on the benefits of barbell training and is touted as one of the best recent books in strength training.

Selling more than 80,000 copies to date, the third edition of Starting Strength takes us through all the most effective compound exercises, you need to know about; squat, bench press, dead lifts, power cleans, shoulder press, and more.

Its inclusion of high-quality photographs and illustrations makes the book geared and adaptable towards beginning to advanced weight lifters. This book is crucial for those looking to learn more about compound exercising, their benefits, and how they are to be properly performed.

The books primary objective is to give you a better understanding of these basic, but highly effective exercises. Its focus on these few exercises is what has made the three editions of this book stand out over recent years and has become proven to be one of the most effective means to increased productivity in the gym.


3. The Strength Training Anatomy Workout

The Strength Training Anatomy WorkoutDespite its earlier 2011 publication, The Strength Training Anatomy Workout by Frederic Delavier will provide you with one of the best exercising references you’ll come back to, over and over again.

With over a million copies sold, the Strength Training Anatomy Workout delves into some very advanced, but important topics such as, the theory of absolute strength, forced repetitions, intensity techniques, continuous tension and so much more.

What’s truly great about this books however, is its use of illustrations in just about every chapter and in its ability in helping you quantify your objectives and turn that into your own customized workout program.

With over 150 full-color illustrations, 200 exercises, and 50 workout plans to choose from, it’s easy to see how this 256-page book has had such an impact in the fitness community over the years. It’s a great book that is still as applicable today as it was when it first came out.


2. Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science Of Building The Ultimate Male Body

Bigger, Leaner, Stronger - Michael Matthews

Having sold nearly a quarter million copies to date, this book written and published in 2014 by Michael Matthews shows you how to build muscle, weight train, and lose fat without taking any supplements. More importantly, you’ll learn of some of the most critical muscle building mistakes to avoid.

The books entire methodology rests on minimal time spent in the gym – usually 5 to 6 hours a week for achieving a much more sculpted chest, bigger arms, and stronger legs. The books focus on diet and exemplifying the type of foods you should be eating before and after the gym further enhances its overall effectiveness.

In the book, you’ll also find a ton of high-quality information that extends beyond simple weight training. Flexibility and mobility are two big topics covered by Michael Matthews, which he delves into using techniques like stretching, foam rolling, and other pressure point relieving methods.

This 357-page book is thorough to say the least and a highly recommended read for those looking to implement new strategies into the routine. You’ll even find some information related to diets and topics like intermittent fasting and carb reducing diets.


1. The New Encyclopedia Of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible Of Bodybuilding (updated & revised)

Encyclopedia by Arnold SchwarzeneggerOtherwise coined as today’s “bodybuilding bible,” anyone looking to learn from the best, needs to have this book in their collection. Published in the year 1999, Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals many of his methods for achieving some of the most effective workouts and results.

This book is fantastic for both beginning and advanced weight-lifters alike, giving you nothing but the most expert advice related to body sculpting, strength training, and most importantly, sport-related injury prevention. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of today’s biggest icons in the fitness industry and 7-time winner of the Mr. Olympia title.

In this book, you’ll get a taste of Arnold’s most effective training techniques, health, nutrition, and weight-loss. It’s one of the most thoroughly written strength training books, reaching nearly 800-pages in length by one of our generations leading fitness experts, making this encyclopedia, a definite must-have in your strength-training book collection.


Which book on strength training are you most interested in reading and why? Have your say in the comment section below!

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