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Top 6 Bowflex Machines For The Ultimate Home Gym

In today’s post, we’ll go over the top 6 best Bowflex machines you could incorporate into your own home gym.. Excited? Me too!

There are many advantages to having a Bowflex as these machines allow you to exercise every muscle group in your body giving you the convenience of performing full-body workouts from home. If you’re looking for a ‘gym substitute,’ then the Bowflex machine is a great choice.

But which Bowflex machine do you go with and what separates one machine from the next? That’s exactly what this Bowflex review covers. In it, we will find every Bowflex machine they have to offer. Whether you’re looking to make an addition to your home gym, or find a complete gym replacement, the Bowflex should not disappoint.

While the Bowflex machine abstains from the use of free weights, that can easily be remedied with their very popular pair of the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, which we think go great with the following Bowflex gyms. That way you have both a resistance machine and set of free weights to work with.

The ability to perform compound exercises and movements are another advantage of having a Bowflex machine from home. That’s because the Bowflex allows you to perform exercises that truly matter. Exercises like the lat pull-down, bench press, and pull up, are just a few of what each Bowflex has to offer.

Given their importance and significance, it’s so important to have a high-quality home gym you can depend on. This is exactly what the Bowflex brand has to offer with their latest on-going innovation and technology. Everything from the ease and simplicity of the machine, to their power rod resistance technology makes each one of these machines awe-inspiring.

The Bowflex’ allowance of complete workout versatility and even aerobic activity puts the Bowflex at the top of the line in our book. It’s a machine of close and near-perfection that is worth your attention. Another alternative to Bowflex is Marcy Impex. But since we’re here and we’ve arrived at our favorite Bowflex post, let’s just see what great things Bowflex has to offer!


#6. Bowflex BodyTower

One reason we love the Bowflex BodyTower is because of its great workout versatility and because of the fact every workout is done using your own body-weight. If you’ve ever wanted to build muscle, by performing rigorous compound movements, then the Bowflex BodyTower is your best chance.

With the Bowflex BodyTower, you’ll be given the opportunity to perform the best sets of abdominal sit-ups and crunches, wide and narrow-grip pull-ups & chin-ups, various push-ups, squats, planks, chest dips, and the list goes on. If you’re looking to build the body of Superman, the BodyTower will definitely get those pecs showing.

But most importantly is the fact that the BodyTower is made of great quality material and offers much in the way of a power tower. It’s also a simple gym to have in your home and can be placed anywhere from your basement, to your garage, provided your ceiling is adequately high enough.

If you’ve been contemplating on an affordable, high-quality, body-weight power tower, then most surely the Bowflex BodyTower will suffice!Bowflex BodyTower - Top 10

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#5. Bowflex PR 1000

Now when it comes to real resistant weight gyms, the PR1000 does not disappoint. Not only is it a machine capable of letting you perform over 30 strength training exercises, but offers anywhere from 5 to 210 total pounds of resistance that allows you to perform the most highly sought out exercises.

Such exercises include the horizontal and incline bench press, lat pull-downs, bicep curls, tricep pull-downs, and much more. It even has its own built-in rowing station, used for both strength training and cardio.

One benefit when it comes to the making of the Bowflex PR1000 is the compactness of the machine in general. The Bowflex PR1000 is so suitable for the home that it allows you to actually fold up the rowing machine rail part to allow for more space.

Similar to higher-end Bowflex models, the machine also uses its very smooth Power Rod resistance technology, which will only improve the way your workout. Made of nothing less than top quality material, it is recommended that you have a minimum 100″ x 79″ space area to work out in. The machine also has a max. 300-pound user weight capacity. : Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym : Sports & Outdoors 2016-08-05 12-29-07

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#4. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

The Bowflex Blaze is another high-quality Bowflex home gym that belongs in between the PR1000 and PR3000. It’s a very advanced gym that offers an abundance of exercises… Over 60 exercises can be done with the Bowflex Blaze in total, which is actually more than what both the PR1000 and PR3000 offer.

Similar to the PR1000, the Blaze also has its own rowing machine section, which can also be folded horizontally to save space. It even has one of the highest upgradeable power rod resistance of all Bowflex gyms. Unlike the PR1000 which is not even upgradeable, the Bowflex Blaze can be upgraded to both 310 and 410 total pounds of resistance. (some have mentioned issues with the 410 pound upgrade)

Those really looking to lift heavy, will want to consider the Blaze or Xtreme 2SE by Bowflex. Another benefit to the Blaze is its higher placed emphasis on horizontal-based workouts instead of vertical (e.g. the bench press). The PR3000 for example, can be better for workouts like the squat and workouts while remaining in a seated position.

Bowflex Blaze vs. PR3000

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#3. Bowflex PR 3000 Home Gym

Followed up by the PR1000 is the Bowflex PR3000, which is similar but better in its own respects. That’s because as opposed to the 30 exercises offered by the PR1000, the PR3000 offers 50 strength training and aerobic exercises.

Does that mean the Bowflex PR3000 is more preferable? Not quite. More doesn’t always mean greater or better, but it does give way to more workout flexibility. Another advantage is to that of the competitive lifter who decides to upgrade his or her Bowflex Power Rods from 210 total pounds in resistance to 310 pounds.

Not only are there more exercises to be performed, but there is the potential for more weight to be added as well. Similar to the PR1000 though, the PR3000 is still capable of a 300-pound user weight capacity and requires the same workout space area of 100″ x 78″.

There is one other major difference to note between the R 3000 and PR1000 and Blaze, and that is the fact that it does not come with the rowing station found in the PR1000 and Blaze, given the PR3000’s more vertical slant.

Bowflex PR 3000

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#2. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

Extreme it is! The Xtreme 2SE offers an astounding 70 exercises that can all be done from a single machine. Can you imagine? Just about every major muscle is targeted here with exercises that aim for bigger chests, bigger shoulders, a stronger back, more tightened ab section, and stronger arms and legs.

It is one of Bowflex’s most ultimate home gyms that allow you to work with both compound and isolation movements. One of the gym’s major advantages, which we also mentioned was available with the Bowflex Blaze is its upgradeable resistance to 310 or 410 pounds. This is simply done by purchasing extra rods.

Similar to the PR3000 however, the Xtreme 2SE is considered to be more vertical with exercises done in a more seated position (rather than horizontal). This isn’t bad or disadvantageous but works to cater different needs. Chest flies for example can still be done as your seated, as well as many other beneficial chest exercises.

One of the biggest advantages is that no cable changes are ever needed. Instead, you’ll flawlessly find yourself moving from one station to the next. From developing strong, muscular leg workouts, to its squat station, then lat tower, you’ll truly feel at home, or should we say GYM when it comes to the amazing and most Xtreme 2SE home gym!

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

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#1. Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

There are very few pieces of equipments that can top the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym, and that’s because it truly is revolutionary in all of its capabilities. Not only does it offer the most workout versatility of almost every home gym imagined, but features a new different kind of resistance technology.

This technology is called SpiraFlex, which adds to the ultra-smoothness of the Bowflex gyms in general, offering a continuous feel of resistance through out your entire range of motion. But whether its SpiraFlex or the gym’s incredible versatility that makes this home gym so great is up for debate.

With the Bowflex Revolution, you are given an absolute abundance of exercises to perform – over 100+ can be performed, all targeting every area of your body. It even offers interchangeable leg press place for working out the lower body, while offering a much more extensive core and ab workout regime, than any other Bowflex machine provides.

While the Bowflex Revolution might not necessarily be the best option for everyone, it is one to consider. It’s also at a much higher price point, making it all the more important to weigh your options. There is no doubt than any one of the above gyms will workout in your favor – whether you’re deciding on the PR1000, Blaze, PR 3000, or Xtreme 2SE I can’t see how you would go wrong.

Instead, see what you prefer using most and see if you prefer doing workouts in the Seated position or Horizontal position and that should greatly help in your decision. One thing that stands out about the Bowflex Revolution and makes it different from the rest is the fact you can lay the bench down completely horizontally or vertical.

If you need the most complete gym in your home, then perhaps, the Bowflex Revolution is right for you.


Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

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Bowflex Home Gym Overview

No matter which Bowflex machine you go with, you really can’t go wrong. There is no piece of equipment I could recommend more highly when building your own home gym or to supplement your time at the gym with. Each one of these machines is highly rated for good reason. They are sturdy, durable, and they offer a highly effective workout with more variety than any other one single machine can offer.

I believe that Bowflex has done nearly everything possible to help imitate your experience at the gym by offering convenience, the latest resistance technology, and as many upper and lower body workouts, a single machine can manage. The only thing missing are some free weights on the side, but that and the addition of some Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells would truly make a for a complete and ultimate home gym!

Thanks for reading. Have any suggestions of which Bowflex machine you love more? Feel free to leave so in the comments below!


  • I personally prefer number 6, the Bowflex BodyTower. I’ve been looking for one like that everywhere. That’s all that is really missing in my home gym. A machine where I can do pull-up, chin-up, dip and even like that guy is doing (don’t remember how they call it). But so far I haven’t seen any in any store here. Maybe I’ll have to order one online.

  • Hello and thanks for sharing, now these are what I call a real home gym, these machine are so awesome and the work out that you get from them are just great. No longer do people have to go to a gym, you can bring the gym to you and get a great workout. I love these machines because of the many workout position that you have to choose from. The Bowflex is top of the line, thanks again for sharing.

  • Yeah, I think the Bowflex BodyTower is an awesome choice. Great way to do all your bodyweight exercises from home. You may want to try Sears, but if there aren’t any stores with Bowflex gym equipment near you, you could definitely order one from Amazon. They also tend to sell everything for cheaper – almost $100 less (w/ free shipping) than when I last checked the price on Sears!

  • I completely agree with you Norman and I especially enjoyed the point you made on being able to bring the gym to you. That’s such a great way of putting it and I also concur that Bowflex offers some of the best and top of the line home gyms out there. They really do offer some of the most versatility and exercises. Just take a look at the Bowflex Revolution home gym, which offers over 100+ exercises with a single machine!

  • Great Article on Bowflex Gyms Pete!

    The idea of working out at home is actually not too bad these days because most gyms close to cities can be rather crowded. I think the Bowflex Blaze would be an ideal one to go with. With over 60 exercises you can achieve a lot of fitness goals without having to buy too much equipment.



  • I love the Bowflex Blaze, as well, Chris! The fact it offers 60+ exercises makes it a perfect gym substitute for anyone looking to workout from home. Incorporating a gym into your home is just so convenient for people like myself who can’t make time to hit the gym or prefers working out from home. Not only that, but it’s such an impressive piece of machinery that allows you to do so much at once!

  • Hello,
    thanks for sharing very informative article about Bowflex machines. What I love the most about those machines is that you can use them in comfort of your home. I won’t have to go to gym anymore. I also like that with Bowflex machines I can train almost every part of my body. I will definitely consider this machine

  • I actually have a bowflex machine at home and I used to use it a long time ago. However, after a long time of use, I didn’t feel like the machine helped me as much. But now looking at these NEW Bowflex machines, I really feel that these machines are way more upgraded and would give me a better workout, especially the first ones. Definitely worth a look!

  • I’ve been looking for a home gym machine which allows me to do (most) of what I’d do in a commercial gym, but so many of them just seem to take up so much space.
    The Bowflex Extreme seems to fit the bill quite nicely – it’s not absolutely huge but it gives a large variety of exercises in a fairly compact space.
    Does assembling it require an engineering degree or can someone do it themselves quite easily?
    Great article about the different Bowflex machines, I’d had no idea there were so many!

  • It’d be great to get one of these instead of trying to put together all this fitness equipment for a home gym. I still don’t really know which one I would want though.

    I guess the Bowflex Revolution is your most recommended one right? Since it comes up as #1 in your countdown? I like how you mention there’s over 100 exercises you can do with this one machine.

  • Yeah, the Bowflex Revolution is an unbelievable home gym, but that’s not to say that the other models aren’t either. I especially like the Bowflex Blaze and PR3000, which offer an amazing number of exercises for their price. The one Bowflex gym I’m not the biggest fan of is the Bowflex BodyTower, since I feel like there are better power towers out there for cheaper. But in regards to Bowflex’s home gyms, I think they all have some kind of great aspect to them. Your choice usually will boil down to the number of exercises you’d need to make your own home gym feel complete!

  • Yeah, the one thing I love about Bowflex home gyms is their compact size, for sure. The 70+ exercises on the Bowflex Extreme 2SE is a fantastic choice and replacement for going to the gym. Assembling the Bowflex Extreme definitely does not require an engineering degree, but is something you should definitely do with care.

    Assembly time with the Extreme 2SE can take up to a few hours as well, but everything comes neatly packaged into 4 boxes. Amazon also has a wonderful option that allows you to get your home gym assembled by professionals at an additional cost. Hope that helps Clare!

  • Bowflex Machines have definitely come a long way over the past decade. They’re a lot more convenient, the technology with the power rods and resistance are better, and they’ve been made to fit your home just perfectly. You’ve got to love how compact the Bowflex machines have become and how they’ve been able to jam pack so many awesome exercises into one awesome machine. Today’s Bowflex Gyms, are without a doubt, worth a second glance Ariel, if having an awesome all-in-one home gym solution is what you’re looking for 🙂

  • No problem at all Karlo. Glad you liked my review on the top Bowflex Machines. I also love how these gyms can be used at your own leisure. It makes working out highly convenient. The important thing is to make sure you don’t avoid working out, just because you’re at home!

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