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Top 7 Best Weight Lifting Belts For Men

Best weight lifting belts

Finding a solid weight lifting belt that will get you the best lower back and abdominal support can make all the difference in your workout form and routine. A weight lifting belt will allow you to workout in confidence by providing you with the elements of comfort and support. If you’ve been contemplating a weight lifting belt for some time now, you’re going to love the many options to choose from. From low profile weight lifting belts to more heavy duty support, there’s something for everyone out there.

Not only can a weight lifting belt help you lift and workout more efficiently, but can also help you in perfecting your form, posture, and awareness. This is especially true for many Olympic and power-lifters out there and will find that these belts definitely do come in hand when performing compound exercises like dead lifts, squats, power cleans, and more. If you’re looking for the best weight lifting belt out there, look no further. We’ve compiled all the best belts to help your gym exercises be as efficient and effective as possible.


Harbinger Weight Lifting Belt

If you need a belt with a larger width and support strap, you may find Harbinger’s weight lifting belt to be a good fit. The belt is 5″ in width and includes a 3″ support strap. The belt uses a heavy-guage steel roller buckle that can be securely fastened with the straps Velcro.

The belt itself appears very plain however, which can be good for people looking for something low-key. There are no visual design aspects to it and both the belt and strap are both black. But, if you’re looking for an effective belt to get the job done that can be easily loosened and tightened as you please, than the Harbinger weight lifting belt is definitely capable of doing that. The belt is also available in 4 sizes from small to x-large.

Harbinger Weight Lifting Belt


  • Small – 24″ – 29″
  • Medium – 29″ – 33″
  • Large – 33″ – 37″
  • X-Large – 37″ – 42″



Valeo 4-Inch VLP Performance Low Profile Belt

If you’re looking for a simple but extremely effective weight-lifting belt, you might see yourself using Valeo’s low profile belt. The belt is only 4″ wide and is made of a waterproof foam core. The outer strap is designed with an easy to use torque ring closure and has a brushed tricot lining exterior for enhanced breath-ability.

The belt itself can be hand-washed, air dried, and is available in 5 different sizes. The outside Velcro strap overlaps so the belt provides you with a very firm and supportive fit. What’s great about the 4-inch VLP is that it weighs less than half a pound, giving it a very light feel. Even though the belt might not look as heavy duty and bulky as other belts, the VLP performance low profile belt works and performs just as well. If you’re not big into leather or having a belt that stands out in terms of appearance, this could be a great fit.

Sizes:Valeo 4 inch vlp belt

  • Small – 22″ – 29″
  • Medium – 30″ – 36″
  • Large – 37″ – 43″
  • XL – 44″ – 51″
  • XXL – 52″ – 59″



Valeo 6-Inch Padded Leather Belt

If you’re looking for something thicker, leather-made, and more elaborately designed than Valeo’s 4-inch VLP, then check out Valeo’s 6-inch padded leather belt. This wonderfully designed belt will truly give you all the support and comfort needed through out your lifts. The belt itself is 6″ wide and 1/4″ thick. Unlike the 4-inch VLP, this belt uses a belt tab with buckles with double looping for added security and support. The belt itself also uses a suede lining exterior with an inner foam lumbar pad.

Its double-stitched edges further enhances the design and quality of the Valeo padded leather belt. The belt is available in 4 different sizes and weighs 1.4 pounds, making it very different from the 6 ounce 4-inch VLP belt. The added weight is great for lifters who want to add more body-weight into their routines. Depending on what you’re looking for in terms of design and construction, the Valeo 6-Inch leather belt could be the one for you.Valeo 6-inch padded belt


  • Small – 24″ – 30″
  • Medium – 31″ – 37″
  • Large – 38″ – 44″
  • XL – 45″ – 51″



Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt

If you’re looking for an awesome Velcro belt with four great colors to choose from, then the Fire Team Fit belt is for you. Similar to Valeo’s 4-inch VLP performance belt, this belt is a great choice for perfecting your form and getting that added support to your lifts. Its lightweight design will give you plenty of flexibility and mobility for any one of your core exercises.

Its mesh exterior also gives the belt plenty of breath-ability and is available in black, blue, grey, and pink. Lastly, the belt is also available in extra small, while its largest size only extends to fit a 42″ waist.

Sizes:Fire Team Fit Belt

  1. X-Small – 27″ – 32″
  2. Small – 29″ – 34″
  3. Medium – 31″ – 37″
  4. Large – 37″ – 42″



Lifting Belt By Rip Toned

The Rip Toned lifting belt is one of the better Velcro-made belts you can buy. This is a belt that will offer a very secure fit due to having a wider width in both the back and front. With this belt you have two tightening mechanisms making it one of the more secure Velcro workout belts on the market. These mechanisms include both a larger and smaller Velcro so you can better fine tune and adjust the tightness. The Rip Toned belt is great for both men and women and is offered in black, pink, red, or in a gray camo. The belt further offers more sizes than we’ve seen in any belt thus far.Rip Toned Workout Belt


  • Small – 28″ – 31″
  • Medium – 31″ – 34″
  • Large – 34″ – 39″
  • X-Large – 38″ – 43″
  • XX-Large – 43″ – 48″


 ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt

One belt you’ll absolutely love using is the one made by ProFitness. Available in a black/red and black/white combo, this genuine leather belt offers plenty of style, versatility, and comfort. The belt itself is 4″ wide and its premium-grade leather is made of a non-slip material. Its heavy-duty buckle uses a double looping feature for added security.

One thing you can be sure of with the ProFitness belt is that the leather won’t dig into your hips, as they sometimes do with other belts. The best aspect to the ProFitness workout belt is the absolute comfort and back stability it provides, even with its low 4″ width. The belt comes in 3 sizes and comes with a 60-day guarantee.ProFitness Workout Belt


  • Small – 23″ – 31″
  • Medium – 32″ – 40″
  • Large – 41″ – 49″


Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt

This is by far one of the best weight lifting belts you’ll ever come across. It isn’t too bulky, but is sturdy enough to give you all the support you need when lifting. The best aspect to this belt however, is the fact its designed with real premium leather from top-quality cowhide. It doesn’t rip or tear and the material itself does a great job at stabilizing your back giving you the best proper form and support when lifting.

This belt was designed for people into crossfit, weight lifting, and powerlifting. The belts use of a heavy-duty buckle will give you a highly adjustable, non-slip fit. With 3 available sizes, the Genuine Leather Pro Belt will be perfect in helping you accomplish your weight-lifting goals. Genuine Leather Pro Belt


  • Small – 23″ – 31″
  • Medium – 32″ – 40″
  • Large – 41″ – 49″



Which belt is your favorite and why? Do you prefer the Velcro strap or leather belt with a heavy-duty buckle? Leave your comments down below!

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