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Top 7 Best Weight Lifting Belts For Women

Best Weight Lifting Belts For Women

Are you looking for some of the best back & abdominal support, but aren’t sure which weight lifting belt to choose? In this post, we’ve compiled our 7 favorite weight lifting belts for women. Factors we took into consideration are design, material, comfort, and effectiveness. If these traits are important to you, keep reading.

It’s important to note that the fabric on some weight lifting belts offer better breath-ability than others. Some belts can be used for both genders, while others were made to provide the secure fit of women. Those are the belts we wanted to focus on today to ensure better support and form when lifting.

Whether you’re a power lifter or someone who lifts basic weights in the gym, these weight lifting belts are made to give you the best back and abdominal support, which are both important for progress and health.

More importantly, they give you the proper support when lifting and ensure the use of better form so consider one of these for a safer, more comfortable, injury-preventive workout. As described in our previous article, these small exercise tools can make all the difference in your workout results.


7. RIMSports Weight Lifting Belt

This premium-made belt, constructed for both men and women, uses a nice wide design in the back to help you maintain proper posture and support. Instead of using cowhide or leather, the RIMSports weight lifting belt uses a high-quality cotton material to make the feel much more comfortable and prevent the belt from digging into your skin.

The belt further uses a heavy-duty velcro latch for easy adjustability and is possibly one of the most soft-textured weight lifting belts today. The belt is universally available in five sizes, five great colors, and is an ideal option for both genders. RIMSports belt colors come in both camouflage colors and solid colors like pink or black. The camouflage colors come in a gray, green, or purple version.

RIMSports Weight Lifting BeltSizes:

  • XX-Small – 26″ – 29″
  • X-Small – 29″ – 32″
  • Small – 32″ – 36″
  • Medium – 36″ – 40″
  • Large – 40″ – 43″

6. Weight Lifting PRO Belt For Women

This belt uses an interesting stitching and design, distinguished by its patches on the outer strap. The 5-inch wide belt reaches its maximum width on the backside to provide extra comfort and support. Its Velcro, metal buckle, and rubber tab on the strap makes adjusting the belt easy.

The material on the weight lifting PRO belt can be described as very sturdy, functional and perfectly padded. While the belt itself might feel more padded than most, you should find that the support given by the PRO belt isn’t too much or too little. Most find the support on the belt to be just right. The belt is available in a standard black or pink and ranges in 6 sizes from X-Small to to X-Large. Weight Lifting Pro Belt


  • X-Small – 20″ – 26″
  • Small – 26″ – 29″
  • Medium – 30″ – 34″
  • Large – 34″ – 38″
  • X-Large – 38″ – 42″


#5. Meister Contoured Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt

The Meister MMA belt is perfectly designed to handle your heavy lifting. Its made of a neoprene material used to give the belt more flexibility when working out. Its widest width reaches up to 6″ making this belt wider than most others.

Its over-sized velcro belt further allows for easier adjustability and maximum back support with its easy to use roller buckle. The belt itself has a comfortable inner lining and is fully washable. Available in pink, black, or red, the Meister weight-lifting belt was designed for both men and women in mind and comes in a variety of sizes.

Sizes:Meister Weight-Lifting Belt

  • X-Small – 26″ – 29.5″
  • Small/Medium – 30″ – 34″
  • Large/X-Large – 34.5″ – 39.5″
  • XX-Large – 40″ 45″


#4. EXOUS Bodygear Weight Lifting Belt

This awesome weight-lifting belt for women uses a wonderful shape and contour to ensure the best fit possible on your hips. Providing both comfort and support, the EXOUS Bodygear belt is wider on the back  than it is on the front, providing the most maximum back support possible. The belts use of a heavy-duty strap adjustment makes it easy to put on, remove, and adjust the belt when needed.

Instead of neoprene, the belt is constructed with a firmer EVA foam material to provide more stiffness and improved compression to the belt. All in all, the EXOUS Bodygear is a beautiful looking belt that provides great firmness and support and has a nice shiny appeal from the outside. Available in 3 sizes, the belt is also backed by 12-month money back guarantee.

EXOUS Bodygear Belt


  • X-Small – 22″ – 27″
  • Small – 26″ – 31″
  • Medium – 30″ – 35″



#3. Harbinger Nylon Weight Lifting Belt

The Harbinger belt for women is made with simplicity and ease in mind. A few things stand out about this belt. The belt overall is more light-weight than most, but also provides more flexibility with its use of a foam core. The belt overall provides very strong support, padding, and Velcro all-around.

The extra 5-inch width of the belt extends more to the front than most belts, but most find that the belt still maintains a good full range of motion. The women’s nylon weight-lifting belt is available in green, pink, and purple with three appropriate sizes to choose from.Harbinger Weight Lifting Belt - Womens


  • X-Small – 24″ – 28″
  • Small – 28″ – 32″
  • Medium – 32″ – 36″



#2. Fit Girl Pink Weight Lifting Belt

As one of today’s most popular weight-lifting belts, the Fit Girl Pink has one of the most superior and best-looking designs. Similar to other belts, the circumference is around 5″ thick with a 2″ Velcro adjustable strap. Used for the gym, cross-fit, and power-lifting, this is an ideal belt for your heavier weighted workouts like the squat and deadlift.

Similar to Harbinger, the belt uses a breathable, ultra-light, nylon construction for better flexibility and support. The Fit Girl Pink weight lifting belt is only designed for women and is available in both black and pick with three available waist sizes to choose from.Fit Girl Pink Weight Lifting Belt


  • X-Small – 22″ – 30″
  • Small – 26″ – 34″
  • Medium – 30″ – 38″



#1. Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt

Today’s most popular weight lifting belt, made for both men and women is the Fire Team Fit. It’s great in the fact it provides some amazing mobility, while providing you with the necessary support. The belt itself uses a mesh that has great breath-ability and keeps the belt feeling new and fresh. Its velcro support strap further allows you to adjust the firmness and support of the belt.

All in all, we would say that the Fire Team Fit Belt provides some of the best comfort and support of any belt. Its modern and unique look further gives the belt an improved appeal and attraction. Available for both men and women, the belt comes in 4 sizes and can be bought in black, pink, metallic grey, and blue. Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt


  • X-Small – 27″ – 32″
  • Small – 29″ – 34″
  • Medium – 31″ – 37″
  • Large – 37″ – 42″


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